Good news plant-based friends, yet another major fast-food chain is introducing more plant-based goodness to their menu! Earlier this year, Burger King began testing a vegetarian option, using a plant-based patty from Impossible Foods. On Monday, April 29, 2019, Burger King confirmed that they will be introducing the delicious plant-based patty to all locations nationwide by the end of the year. While this is in the United States of America for now, according to Narcity, “Burger Kings New Plant-based Impossible Whopper Will Likely Come to Canada This Year“.



While The Impossible Burger has been around for a couple of years now, they have been working every year to make it better than ever. Earlier this year, in January 2019 they introduced their new recipe. According to their new statement about their new Impossible burger, it is said to be “tastier, juicier, and more nutritious — featuring 30% less sodium and 40% less saturated fat than our current recipe and just as much protein as 80/20 ground beef fr0m cows”. Read more about The NEW Impossible Burger HERE.


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Introducing The NEW NEW Impossible™ Burger. Newer, Tastier and juicier than ever. #CheatonBeef #CES2019

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Since the launch of their new Impossible Burger, they have made their way to thousands of restaurant menus. Whether you’re a plant-based dieter or not, the Impossible Whopper allows us to dive into a more balanced diet so we can eat more burgers guilt-free! Unlike other veggie burgers, The Impossible Burger is meant to mimic the texture and appearance of meat. Keep your eyes peeled for this exciting new menu item at your local BK!


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Did your New Year’s resolution, of living more sustainably, fall off the rails? Time for a spring resolution refresh. #ImpossibleBurger

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Many are taking to social media already announcing their own excitement for this launch!


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