A penny can’t buy you much nowadays but that is about to change. For a limited time only, DoorDash is offering 1 million McDonald’s Big Mac burgers for just 1 cent! Keep in mind, this promotion is only offered until Friday, October 4 so be sure to claim your burger now!

Simply order a Big Mac through the DoorDash app or website and enter code “1MBIGMAC” to claim your 1 cent Big Mac burger. It’s important to note, this promotion does not cover taxes or fees and customers without a DashPass subscription are required to pay for delivery.


Additionally, customers who use the code will automatically be entered into DoorDash’s sweepstake contests for a chance to win $1 million. The promotion ends at 11:59:59 pm on Friday, October 4 and the winner will be chosen at random.

The purpose of this giveaway is to celebrate the nationwide rollout of DoorDash’s partnership with McDonald’s. By the end of the year, DoorDash plans to offer delivery from 10, 000 McDonald’s restaurant locations. We could all use more McDonald’s delivery in our lives.

Clarissa Vanner

Clarissa loves experimenting with food of all cultures to make unique healthy dishes. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for new recipe inspiration she likes to pick up a DIY project and use her creative hands to make art or crafts. In her down time you can find her watching the latest documentaries on Netflix or going for nature walks.

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