Tasty treats are just one of the highlights of Easter. Finding the perfect treat and accommodating a variety of diets such as a vegan diet, can be a daunting task. Rest assured, we’re here to help you with 20 easy yet delicious recipes to please yours and your guest’s sweet tooth.

1. Vegan Creme Eggs

I never thought Vegan and Creme Eggs could be seen together. But indeed, here it is. The ultimate creme egg recipe that everyone can enjoy!

Ditch all the dairy and artificial colors and make this delicious vegan version of your childhood favorite, Cadbury Creme Egg!

https://avirtualvegan.com/vegan-creme-eggs/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: A VIRTUAL VEGAN

2. Berry And Coconut Cream Cake

I don’t know about you but cheesecakes are one of the non-vegan savory desserts that I miss. This recipe is full of savory rich flavors that will cure your sweet tooth cravings.

This quick and easy recipe that only takes 35 minutes start to finish will not only impress your tastes buds but also your guests. Top it off with your favorite berries or fruit for a beautiful finish!

https://www.contentednesscooking.com/berry-coconut-cream-cake/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: CONTENTEDNESS COOKING

3. Vegan Aquafaba Macarons

Step up your table setting game with these aesthetically pleasing macarons by adding a splash of color to your table. How exciting is it that vegans don’t have to miss out on this beautiful tasty treat!

Some of you may have read the title and thought, “aquafaba, what is that?” Aquafaba is the liquid drained from a can of chickpeas and is used as an egg white substitute. Who knew that the liquid around a can of chickpeas could serve an alternate purpose, neat huh!

https://www.supergoldenbakes.com/2016/07/vegan-aquafaba-macarons.html PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: SUPER GOLDEN BAKES

4. No-Bake Carrot Cake Balls

Looking for a healthier alternative to your dessert tray this year? Look no further, these carrot cake balls are not only healthy but delicious too.

This recipe offers a vegan, gluten-free, paleo, refined sugar-free and dairy free ingredients to help cater to every kind of guest you may have at your table.

https://www.evolvingtable.com/carrot-cake-raw-balls/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: EVOLVING TABLE

5. Cake Batter Fudge

Why not add some party to your table with sprinkle-covered fudge and impress your non-vegan eaters with these delicious secretly vegan fudge squares.

What better way to celebrate some quality family time over the Easter holiday!

https://www.blissfulbasil.com/happy-100th-blissful-basil/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: BLISSFUL BASIL

6. Chocolate Dessert Hummus

Change up your dessert table from your classic cakes and pies and try out some dessert hummus that all your guest can dig into. Serve this yummy treat with a delicious wafer or cookie.

This delightful take on hummus will not only be a game changer but a conversational piece too!

http://www.forkly.com/recipes/chocolate-dessert-hummus/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORKLY

7. Chocolate Vegan Brownies

Who doesn’t love a yummy, gooey chocolate brownie? With rich moist layers, these brownies will be sure to cut your next chocolate craving.

These brownies are sweetened with pure maple syrup and use a flax egg as a regular egg substitute. The scary vegan brownie just become that much easier!

https://beamingbaker.com/best-vegan-brownies/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: BEAMING BAKER

8. Fruity Egg Baskets

Hold the phone, how is an egg vegan? Just kidding, these aren’t eggs at all! These “eggs” are indeed actually canned apricots.

This quick recipe includes only 3 ingredients, takes 5 minutes to prep and 10-15 minutes to bake! I don’t know about you but this rapid and simple recipe is on my to-do list this year!

https://www.elephantasticvegan.com/fruity-vegan-egg-baskets/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: ELEPHANTASTIC VEGAN

9. No Bake Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes

These mini cheesecakes are not your average cheesecake recipe. It does not require you to take out a second loan for a bag of raw cashews nor will it cut into your “me time” to give said cashews a soaking but instead uses a simple nut butter. These cheesecakes are made with a cashew butter and can be easily substituted for a nut-free option.

With no baking required this raw recipe uses a muffin tin to make individual sizes that are easy to pop out and serve to your friends and family!

https://www.feastingonfruit.com/no-bake-mini-blueberry-cheesecakes/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FEASTING ON FRUIT

10. Magic Cookie Bars

Is a hello dolly bar, or also known as a 7 layer cookie, one of your favorite treats? When you think of this recipe think that, but vegan! Don’t be worried, this effortless recipe won’t have you missing the heavy condensed cream and the heavenly sweet taste.

This recipe has easy substitutions and even offer an option to make grain free if you have a gluten allergy or intolerance. Enjoy making this treat and watch them disappear off of your table.

https://www.feastingonfruit.com/vegan-magic-cookie-bars/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FEASTING ON FRUIT

11. Healthy Peanut Butter Blondies

Can healthy, peanut butter and chocolate all be in the same sentence? In this recipe, it can! This peanut butter blondies recipe is so easy you can make it your blender or food processor.

Simply make this recipe vegan by substituting honey for pure maple syrup and enjoy the sweet, luscious flavor.

https://joyfoodsunshine.com/healthy-peanut-butter-blondies/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: JOY FOOD SUNSHINE

12. Coconut Chocolate Truffles

Are you running low on time to get your desserts ready for Easter? Then this is the perfect recipe for you! With only 5 ingredients you can pour everything into a food processor, blend and then roll into truffles and you’re ready to go!

This recipe requires zero baking time and are ready to eat instantly if you choose. The combination of dates and cacao nibs will not only enhance your mood but will supply you with the energy fiber you need in a hurry. They offer a healthier option to your dessert table but also make the perfect on the go snack!

https://rawvana.com/coconut-chocolate-truffles/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: RAWVANA

13. No Bake Chocolate Coconut Bars

These coconut bars are both savory and effortless! They are also a healthy alternative to your average sweets because they are vegan but also refined sugar-free, paleo and gluten-free.

They only take 5 ingredients to make that leaves you enough time to make these and catch up on your latest Netflix shows. Save them for your guest-or eat them all to yourself, no judging here!

https://beamingbaker.com/5-ingredient-no-bake-chocolate-coconut-bars-paleo-vegan-gluten-free-dairy-free/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: BEAMING BAKER

14. Cinnamon Bunny Cookies

What better way to celebrate Easter than with bunnies shaped cookies! Your taste buds are going to love them and the kiddies are going to snatch up their adorable shape!

You’ll simply throw all the ingredients together and use a bunny cookie cutter or stamp (find at your local craft or food store or even online). These sweet and cinnamon cookies will do just the trick to adding quality to your treat plates this year!

https://www.unconventionalbaker.com/recipes/cinnamon-bunny-cookies-gluten-free-vegan-refined-sugar-free/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: UNCONVENTIONAL BAKER

15. Chewy Vegan Raspberry Protein Brownies

If your anything like me cutting sweets out of the diet is just a no go. If there’s a brownie on the table you bet your bottom dollar I will be reaching for it. This recipe is not only vegan, gluten-free but also refined sugar-free. You can be sure that these brownies will still impress your non-vegan eaters. They’re sweetened with pure maple syrup and Medjool dates and will keep everyone, and you coming back for more!

Pair these gooey brownies with your favorite vegan ice cream to enjoy this Easter!

http://www.forkly.com/recipes/chewy-vegan-raspberry-protein-brownies/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORKLY

16. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t love a good-ol’ classic chocolate chip cookie? Finding a recipe to compete with a classic like that can be a bit intimidating. You have come to the right place, this is the perfect vegan chocolate chip cookie that even your non-vegan eaters won’t even bat an eye at!

Press extra chocolate chips into your freshly baked cookies to add an extra chocolaty taste. Serve as a pre-Easter treat or pair with your dessert table, these will not disappoint.

https://bakerbynature.com/the-most-wonderful-vegan-chocolate-chip-cookies-ever/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: BAKER BY NATURE

17. 5 Ingredient, No Bake, French Silk Pie

Having a small Easter this year? Make this mini pie to share with 2-4 friends and family or keep it all for yourself!

Don’t let the beauty of this pie scare you. The easy to follow steps will have you making this lascivious pie in no time. Its fluffy light texture paired with rich chocolate flavor will have you dreaming about it all day.

https://www.blissfulbasil.com/5-ingredient-no-bake-vegan-french-silk-pie/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: BLISSFUL BASIL

18. Salted Caramel Apple Pie

There’s nothing like a classic, Grandma’s apple pie. You know that sweet smell that fills the kitchen as it’s baking? This recipe provides the perfect vegan apple pie featuring a deliciously salted caramel drizzle.

Boost your pie presentation by adding a scoop, or two of coconut ice cream (or vegan ice cream of your choice) as a delicious pairing.

http://wallflowerkitchen.com/salted-caramel-apple-pie-vegan/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: WALLFLOWER KITCHEN

19. Healthy 4 Ingredient Reese’s Eggs

Are you a peanut butter and chocolate lover? Do you always reach for Reese’s cups when you’re waiting in line to pay for your groceries? This is the perfect Easter treat for you!

These fun egg-shaped Reese’s are not only delicious and vegan but salty and savory too! With only 4 ingredients that almost everyone has on hand in their cupboard, you can be making these in no time. Top with a sprinkle of course salt to get a balance of a sweet and salty flavor.

https://www.ambitiouskitchen.com/healthy-4-ingredient-reeses-eggs-gluten-free-vegan/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: AMBITIOUS KITCHEN

20. Vegan Gluten-Free Carrot Cake

How cute is this carrot cake? Make a simple carrot cake festive by adding little carrot cut out decorations to please all the little bunnies at your table!

This easy to follow vegan and gluten-free recipe will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth with its sweet and fragrant taste.

https://www.gimmesomeoven.com/vegan-gluten-free-carrot-cake-recipe/ Photos and Recipe HERE

Clarissa Vanner

Clarissa loves experimenting with food of all cultures to make unique healthy dishes. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for new recipe inspiration she likes to pick up a DIY project and use her creative hands to make art or crafts. In her down time you can find her watching the latest documentaries on Netflix or going for nature walks.

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