Whether you’re a vegan or vegetarian dieter or just watching your health and fat intake, bacon can be one of those things that is dearly missed. There’s no denying that bacon is delicious, but that doesn’t mean we have to eat meat in order to enjoy it. There are so many vegetarian bacon options now that you can continue to enjoy the smoky salty, crisp tastes of bacon. These bacon recipes come from a variety of options and recipes to help guide you through a meat-free bacon adventure. Try one, try them all.

1. Carrot Bacon

Starting off with an inexpensive way to crisp up some bacon in the oven, with carrots! Salty, sweet, and just the right amount of smoke. These are not only budget-friendly but super easy to make.

All 5 ingredients (and yes, there are only five) are easy to source in your own kitchen cupboard. You’ll only need about 5 minutes of prep time and the rest is done in the oven. Definitely a must-try.


2. Rice Paper Bacon

Claimed as “the best” of the vegan bacons, this recipe comes from the use of crispy rice paper. Easy enough to make and even adds some nutritional yeast and paprika for a flavor profile that might add some depth to your bacon, this recipe makes a batch of bacon in just 27 minutes.

What’s the best use for this bacon? Well, if it survives you just eating it straight from the pan, it’s a wonderful, crispy complement to a salad, wrap, sandwich, or vegan burger. It also crumbles perfectly!

3. Coconut Bacon

Coconut bacon is probably my biggest weakness for snacking, so be warned, you might eat the entire batch when you cave to a couple bites…that turn into many.

What’s amazing about coconut bacon is how easy it is to store, and to sprinkle onto a variety of things. From salads to pasta, sandwiches and whatever else you can dream up. It’s ridiculously good, and if you make it, you must (I repeat, MUST) try it on some avocado toast. Your life will be changed.

4. Tofu Bacon

The perfect choice when you need a little bit more protein and “meat” to your meal. This tofu bacon is the absolute best choice for your next BLT.

With step by step instructions and images, this recipe takes you into the world of vegan bacon with ease. Your lunchbox will thank you.

5. Tempeh Bacon

On the tail of tofu bacon, we thought we’d dive into tofu’s little sister, tempeh and how she brings a unique nuttier experience to a meatless bacon recipe.

Continuing to be easy and versatile, this recipe brings the bacon with some added ingredient players such as maple syrup to really transform the tempeh into a crispy, smoky, sweet experience for your palate to enjoy. Added bonus? Tempeh cholesterol-free!


6. Portobello Mushroom Bacon

Sure, we’ve made Portobello Mushrooms STEAKS before, but bacon? Oh, this is a first! What we love about this recipe is how it uses simple ingredients and cooking methods to make it a great recipe for even beginners.

Portobello mushroom bacon is certainly best suited for a sandwich, but if you’re into the idea of a vegan carbonara pasta, this might be a perfect addition, too.

7. Eggplant Bacon

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of eggplant. I find the texture just a little too squishy for me. However, this recipe sort of changes all that, because it makes it crispy, and makes it bacon.

The recipe makes 14 large slices of bacon, ready to enjoy after just 10 minutes of prep and a half hour in the oven, crisping up for your enjoyment. If you’ve tried the others and need something new – eggplant is the way to go!

8. TVP Bacon

Considered “strange, but good” these bacon bits are made from TVP! But what is TVP exactly? If you’re new to that term, it stands for Textured Vegetable Protein and is available in bags at your local grocer.

Where can you use these bacon bits? Easy! The answer is everywhere. Ok, well maybe on a baked potato or over your favorite salad. No matter how you use it, you will love it.

9. Seitan Bacon

If you’re gluten-free, then skip past this bacon because seitan is made from vital wheat gluten, which is basically the last thing you should be going near. For the rest, time to roll up your sleeves and make some bacon!

This bacon can be prepared in advance for you to use as needed with just 4 minutes of frying time in a pan. Perfect when you want a hot few slices of bacon. This recipe will serve 8.


9. Imitation Bacon Bits

Ok, these, you don’t have to make at all. They’re on this list because it’s one of those discoveries that just makes you happy to be alive and buying little shakers of “bacon” that contains no meat at all.

Bacon bits, the shelf-life kind are often called imitation bacon, and that’s truly because it’s meatless and in fact just made of soy. While this isn’t the best option, it’s a great one to keep on hand for when you do make that dish or salad that would be enhanced by a little bacon. Why the heck not?

10. Vegan Bacon Jerky

If you’re looking for something you can just “add to cart” and enjoy, then this vegan jerky bacon should be exactly what your heart desires.

Made in Louisville, this vegan bacon jerky is more of an on-the-go snack kind of bacon, as it might prove to be rather difficult to add a jerky to a sandwich without looking like a maniac trying to bite into it. But you know what? Snacking bacon sounds like a really good idea and a great road trip snack!

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Photo from: Amazon

11. Better Than Bacon

Where there’s a will there’s a way, and those avoiding meat and dairy are really good at finding a way. Like Parma, a brand that thrives on creating a vegan alternative to parmesan cheese, but there’s more.

Parma came out with a shaker of “better than bacon” so you can add that bacon flavor with that parmesan hit at the same time. Baked potatoes anyone? This variety of “bacon” is completely soy-free too, for those who need to avoid it!

BUY IT HERE: https://amzn.to/2tBPJj2

12. Pre-Made Vegan Bacon Slices

Just because you want a vegan bacon, doesn’t mean you have to avoid buying it from a package, ready to fry up in a pan just like traditional meat bacon!

With Soy Boy Veggie Bacon you can do all the things you’d normally do without the bacon oil filling your kitchen, and the cholesterol filling your body. This vegan bacon is the answer to the easy Sunday morning.

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