When you first move into your kitchen, you think that you are going to create the most organized kitchen there is. It will have flawless shelves and not a thing will be out of place. Then, two hours into unpacking and organizing, then re-organizing, you give up and shove everything into the closest cupboard. Staying organized is especially difficult when you have a small kitchen with limited space. Check out the following products that can help you achieve an organized kitchen no matter what size your home is!

1. Silicon Collapsable Muffin Tray

Muffin trays take up so much room in the cupboard, but when you can collapse them, they only take up as much room as a cutting board.

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2. Collapsable Colander and Funnel

Colanders and Funnels are those kitchen accessories that are extremely important when you need them, but they aren’t needed all the time.

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3. 10 Piece Compact Mixing Bowls

Keep all your cooking accessories in one place! With these bowls, you can stack them to ensure you will never lose a single measuring spoon or mixing bowl.

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4. Silicone Baking Pan

Casserole dishes are great for a evening where you are expecting company, but often times they are stored away for months waiting for another special occasion. When they are collapsable, you can store enough pans for big get togethers without taking up all the space in your cupboards.

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5. Storage Tower Rack

Have a little space in between your fridge and cupboards? Make that space your new pantry.

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6. Storage Rack For Pot Lids

Those darn pot lids are so hard to store in a space efficient way. Make the most of your cupboard doors!

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7. Mop and Broom Holder

No more opening your closet door and being hit by your mop or broom!

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8. Over The Cabinet Kitchen Storage Shelves

Keep your cleaning products easily accessible to clean up any crazy mess your kiddies cause over the weekend!

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9. Fridge Organizer Bins

Fridges are so difficult to keep organized in between all those leftover containers and three quarters empty salad dressing bottles. These bins will help you solve that issue!

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10. K-Cup Rolling Drawer

Keep all your K Cups ready and waiting for your next hot drink moment!

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11. Stackable Can Rack

Display your canned goods as nicely as they are displayed at the grocery store – and skip having a messy pantry!

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12. Silicone Food Storage Bag

A quick and easy way to store leftovers without using up all your tupperware containers.

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13. Sponge Holder

Don’t leave your dish washing supplies soaking in the bottom of your sink! These holders are perfect for allowing your sponges to dry so they are ready to clean after your next meal.

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14. Pantry Organizer Rack

Have you ever opened your pantry and had all your cooking trays come sliding out at your like an avalanche? With a pantry organizer rack, you won’t have to worry about that anymore!

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15. Wrapstand Organizer

Keep your wraps on hand to seal up leftover food, bag school lunches and package up cookies your for your neighbour.

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16. Plastic Bag Organizer

For a long time, I would stuff all my grocery bags under my sink, until the sink leaked! This compact organizer is perfect for storing all those grocery bags in a sleek way.

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17. Tupperware Lid Container

Those pesky tupperware lids are going to be the death of me! Keep them in order in this lid storage unit.

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18. Stackable Water Bottle Storage

Make getting your daily bottles water easy by stacking up your bottles by the sink so you can grab a bottle of water and go!

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19. Tea Stand

All those tea boxes take up way more space than they need to. When you use a tea stand instead, it’s easy to see what teas you are low on, and it’s a lovely presentation when company comes over.

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20. Fridge Storage Holder

Make use of that empty side of your fridge. All those everyday items you are always reaching for can be right on hand for you.

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