Meghan Markle has captured everyone’s attention but not just because of her acting career, because of her new relationship and now marriage with Prince Harry. Meghan demonstrates great poise and elegance but still remains like one of us. This is part of the reason why so many have and are becoming a very big fan of hers.

Prior to gaining the title of the Duchess of Sussex, Markle’s focus on life besides her career was embracing experiences. Some of these experiences included her love for food. Markle had an incredible ability to not just love food but to appreciate and experience it too. Food was a huge topic on her blog, The Tig. Afterall, the name of her blog came about from her favorite wine, Tignanello.  As she devotes her life to her new husband and the life that comes with it she had to put that side passion, her blog, to rest. You may not be able to access her blog posts any longer, all that remains is a farewell letter, however, we can thank  Way Back Machine for archiving some of her posts. A thorough search brought us to uncover some of Meghan Markle’s favorite recipes that she featured on her blog. Follow along with us to discover the lost recipes and eat and experience food like Meghan.

1. Salt Cod Fritters

Meghan Markle fell in love with cod fritters during a visit to St. Barths at a mom and pop restaurant. She describes them as ” the perfect exterior crunch enveloping a moist cloud of salted cod…”  Meghan’s favorite recipe to make these delights at home is shared from Food and Wine.

You’ll want to start by preparing these fritters a day ahead because the dried salt cod needs to soak overnight. When you’re ready to prepare them you’ll use exquisite ingredients such as chopped onion, finely chopped pepper, minced scotch bonnet chile and thyme. They’ll fry in vegetable oil until they reach a crisp, golden perfection. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE

Inspired By: Food & Wine

2. Ginger Berry Crumble

Markle writes about “bake it forward”, an opportunity to make a treat for your self and share one with another by doubling the recipe. It’s an easy way to show appreciation to people who help make your community a better place. This ginger berry crumble dessert surely won’t disappoint you or those you share it with.

Her recipe is inspired by one from Leite’s Culinaria. The difference is Markle takes a “guilt-free” approach to this dessert by swapping out a few ingredients.  This dessert is overflowing in an abundance of flavorful, wholesome and rich ingredients that’ll keep your bellies satisfied. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE

Inspired By: Leite’s Culinaria

3. Matzo Ball Soup

There’s no question that Meghan Markle loves soup, after all, it’s one of her favorite dinner go-to’s. To no surprise, Markle shares some of her most favorite soup recipes, starting with this Matzo ball soup. This soup holds dear to Meghan and provides nostalgic childhood memories.

Although Markle is not Jewish she grew up experiencing and embracing cuisine from all cultures. This is part of the reason why I believe she has a palate that knows no bounds. Markle’s recipe is inspired by Fork & Flower but once again she alters a few ingredients making it her own. She recommends that this recipe is so good and even says “be prepared to blow everyone’s mind”. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE

Inspired By: Fork & Flower

4. Toasted Oatmeal Brulee

There’s something about a warm bowl of sweet oatmeal that feels like a warm hug. Meghan created this recipe in inspiration to her visit at the restaurant Buvette. They have a couple locations spanning across the world from New York to Paris and even Tokyo.

Once again, Meghan uses a list of wholesome, nutritious and delicious ingredients to create this recipe. It starts on the stovetop and then finishes in the oven until the sugar has melted and caramelized to excellence. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE

Inspired By: Buvette

5. Smoked Fish Sandwich

While visiting her home in LA, Markle wanted to check out Gjusta, a California eatery. She heard a lot of buzz about this cafe and had to check it out for herself. She was blown away by their smoked salmon sandwich that she decided to create and share the recipe with us!

Make sure to start with a freshly baked bagel. Afterall bread from a local bakery is a million times better than the prepackaged kind. Then you’ll add all the delicious layers starting with smoked salmon. Combine that with smoked cream cheese and a variety of fresh ingredients for the best dang sandwich you’ll ever have! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE

Inspired By: Gjusta

6. Avocado Toast With Pepitas And Feta

The idea of avocado toast may seem simple but this recipe is one of Meghan’s favorites. After Markle’s experience at Little Collins, located in NYC she fell in love with this variation of an avocado toast.

She explains the toast as “A few twists on a classic makes for a beautiful balance of textures (creamy, crunchy, salty) soul-satisfying bite”.  To start you’ll want to hand blend avocado with a feta cheese, freshly squeezed lemon juice and a dash of salt and red chili flakes. Add all those delicious ingredients on top of a piece of multigrain bread for an outstanding bite. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE

Inspired By: Little Collins

7. Chocolate Petit Gateaux

Meghan Markle admits that her love runs deep with cooking. When it comes to baking there’s actual science that helps us achieve the perfect cookie or cake. She much prefers to have the freedom to explore that cooking allows. However, when the craving hits to bake up a storm she ensures it is worth her while.

Markle expresses “…when I do decide to make a go at the whole baking thang, it needs to be worth it. It needs to be soul-satisfying like a good hug on a bad day. And, clearly, it needs to taste unquestionably delicious”. This recipe is Meghan’s own and this chocolatey delight will not disappoint. Share it with your significant other or eat it by yourself, no judgments here! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE

8. Onion Pizzette With Sage And Goat Cheese

One of the top places that Markle recommends visiting for divine food is in Denmark. There’s a delightful restaurant called Noma that according to Markle is the definition of innovated cuisine. Noma is rated the number one restaurant in the world so being able to grab a reservation may be next to impossible and paying several hundreds of dollars for food isn’t exactly for the ordinary.

In light of being able to bring Scandinavian food to your table, Markle partnered up with Chri Chri for this delicious pizzette recipe. You’ll start by creating your own sumptuous dough and while it raises, then you’ll bring the onions to life. They’ll roast in butter first and then caramelize in sugar soon after. Then you’ll roll the dough, make perfect individual sized pizzas and add the savory onions, goat cheese and fresh sage. Bake these pizzas to perfection and enjoy one of Meghan’s favorites. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE

Inspired By: Chri Chri

9. Turkey Tortilla Soup

Meghan likes to enjoy a good thanksgiving spread just like the rest of us. It’s the leftovers of that spread that sparked the inspiration for her Turkey tortilla soup recipe. It’s a great way to prevent the leftover turkey from spoiling or succumb to turkey sandwiches.

This soup comes together as easy as combining shredded turkey with chicken broth and an abundance of fresh veggies and other ingredients. To garnish this soup add tortilla chips, sliced avocados, sour cream, cheese and freshly squeezed lime juice. It’s almost as if a taco got a 5-star makeover. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE

10. A Darling Salad

While on a casual shopping trip to Anthropologie, Meghan stumbled upon a magazine called, Darling. This magazine’s mantra speaks to Meghan and is why she truly fell in love with it, “Darling is a catalyst for positive change; leading women to discover beauty apart from vanity, influence apart from manipulation, style apart from materialism, sweetness apart from passivity, and womanhood without degradation.

She shares her favorite recipe of theirs that is a simple yet divine salad that “tastes like summer”. The salad starts with arugula as the base and then is filled with dried peaches, freshly chopped green apple, pistachios and farro. It even comes equipped with a homemade sweet navel orange and basil dressing, dreamy! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE

Inspired By: Darling

11. Nori Rolls

Meghan created this nori roll recipe from the desire to “eat clean” but without being bored with what you’re consuming. These nori rolls promise flavor and texture that will quench you’re craving for a carby sandwich.

It’s commonly known that Markle has a serious love for sushi and these rolls are definitely inspired by those same flavors. Her recipe is very customizable as you can fill the rolls with any ingredients you have on hand and even suggests using leftover protein. The base of these rolls start with sheets of nori and are then filled with enticingly healthy yet flavorful ingredients. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE

12. Pumpkin And Lentil Soup

As we know now, Meghan has a serious love for delicious soup. There is something wonderful about the flavors of pumpkin that create nostalgia and memories of fall. This soup will bring you right back to that beautiful season whenever you make it.

This pumpkin soup recipe makes Meghan’s favorite list and is shared from Honestly Healthy. The base of this soup is made from freshly peeled and chopped pumpkin chunks and red lentils. It is then combined with the perfect seasonings to achieve it’s warm and inviting flavor. The last step is to blend all the ingredients after cooking to achieve a desirable creaminess. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE

Inspired By: Honestly Healthy

13. Gluten Free Peach And Redcurrant Gallette

Meghan Markle likes to stick to a mostly gluten-free diet. She’ll indulge in homemade pasta from time to time but enjoys gluten-free foods because they make her feel good and keep her skin glowing. There are a couple eyebrow-raising ingredients on the list but Meghan swears if you bite the bullet and buy it once they’ll quickly become a staple in your pantry.

This delicious tart is shared from Honestly Healthy Food. Meghan shares this recipe on the blog because of its deliciously sweet and bursting flavor. However, the underlying love for this treat is its chic name, Gallette. Try this recipe and taste a corner of authentic French cuisine. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE

Inspired By: Honestly Healthy Food

14. Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

Growing up in California, tacos quickly became a staple and a favorite in Markle’s life. She explains that she loves tacos of all varieties, fish, chicken and the like, however, she will always ask for a corn tortilla. For a Cinco De Mayo inspired fiesta, Markle shares her delicious fish taco recipe.

From grilling the vegetables to the fish she explains how to make all these ingredients work together. Don’t forget to add a dollop of guacamole on top, this is another favorite of Meghan’s. She even includes a bonus recipe for a lime margarita. Time to start planning that fiesta now! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE

15. Spaghetti Alla Chitarra

We talked about earlier how Meghan likes to maintain a mostly gluten-free diet but when it comes to homemade pasta all bets are off. In this blog post, Meghan shares that she let go of the intimidation that pasta-making has had over her and dives right in. The best part, we get to go along for the ride!

She shares a step-by-step recipe on how to make your own spaghetti in the comfort of your kitchen. If she can do it, so can we, right? She notes an important tip to ensure the sauce is made prior to cooking the pasta, she explains “Cooked pasta can’t wait for sauce, but sauce can wait for pasta!”. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE

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