The Half Hour Meals’ 2012 Culinary World Tour continues its journey, this time stopping off at South Korea. This is the eighth article of ten that will delve into the culinary world of famous Summer Olympic countries. Read our recipes from these cultural meccas and submit your own!

South Korea has a rich culture and very distinctive food. Garlic, sesame oil, fish sauce, and red pepper paste are very unique flavors of this country. Their national dish, kimchi, is a super healthy food that can be added to soups and rice for many different dishes. Try making this fermented dish yourself to discover a whole new world of food.

1. Soo Jeung Gwa. Known as persimmon punch, this refreshing drink is perfect for summer. Dried fruit is soaked in water over a number of hours or days to give the distinctive color and flavor.

2. Bori Cha. Known as barley tea, this drink is packed with minerals and nutrients. Try this hot or cooled for a unique flavor.

3. Kimchi. This traditional dish is lightly fermented, filling it with healthy bacteria that are great for your body. Make it spicy or mild to suit your tastes.

4. Samgyeopsal. Not all pork belly has to be bacon! This sticky, spicy recipe has the perfect balance of flavors for your meal. Cook it until crispy and enjoy.

5. Bibimbap. This pot of food combines many ingredients to make one delicious dish. Try it with raw fish and watch it cook from the heat of the pot!

6. Dak Bulgogi Burger. This recipe is a fusion of Korean with American cuisine. The flavors of beefy bulgogi are turned into one amazing hamburger.

7. Pork Stew. This recipe calls for short ribs of either beef or pork. It is sweet, spicy, and salty. Cook the meat until very tender for a fall-off-the-bone experience.

8. Seaweed Salad. Seaweed is one of the healthiest ingredients you can eat. It is also delicious! It can be tough trying it the first time so give this simple recipe a try.

9. Patbingsu. This Korean dessert is a shaved ice treat. Goodies are piled on top and mixed to make a refreshing soupy dessert. Try it with your favorite fruit for a custom recipe.

10. Gotgamssam. This persimmon candy pairs beautifully with soo jeung gwa. Walnuts make the filling of this healthy treat. The chew from the dried persimmon mixed with the crunch of the nuts give an amazing textural difference.

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