The Half Hour Meals’ 2012 Culinary World Tour continues its journey, this time stopping off at Brazil. This is the sixth article of ten that will delve into the culinary world of famous Summer Olympic countries. Read our recipes from these cultural meccas and submit your own!

Brazil is famous for their beaches and tiny bikinis. This party country has a relaxed way of life and they take this into their cooking. Simple, easy to make foods are staples in the Brazilian culinary world. They are also known for making their local produce the staple of their diets. They eat a lot of seafood and local fruits and vegetables, such as avocado. Give these simple but delicious recipes a try and get a taste of Brazil!

1. Michelada Beer. While originally a Mexican drink, this popular beverage is common in all of Latin America and South America. It takes a normal beer and kicks it up a notch with hot sauce, lime, and a variety of other additives. This refreshing drink is making its way around the world so give it a try!

2. Strawberry Batida. Batidas are fruit cocktails made with cachaça. Cachaça is an alcoholic drink made from fermented sugarcane and is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Brazil. Batidas are fruity and sweet but also pack a very strong kick.

3. Pao De Queijo. This cheese bun is very popular in Brazil. You can find it sold by street vendors and in the local grocery stores. Try this easy to make recipe topped with chili sauce or your favorite hot sauce.

4. Goiabada Com Queijo. This is a long name for a very simple food! It is guava marmalade topped cheese. The sweet spread is a perfect match for the salty cheese. Guava preserves may be difficult to find so look for it on online grocers.

5. Seafood Frittata. Frittata is an egg dish similar to a quiche. All sorts of ingredients can be added to it. This recipe calls for seafood but put in leftover meats and vegetables for an easy meal. Frittatas are delicious and healthy so try one today.

6. Lomos Al Trapo. This is an ancient recipe that has been used over the centuries. It is ridiculously delicious and very easy to make. Salt is layered between two clothes and soaked in beer. Meat is then wrapped in the cloth and cooked over a fire. The salt and beer penetrate the meat and give a juicy, flavorful result.

7. Moqueca Arraia. This traditional dish has a special ingredient, palm oil. Bright red in color, it has a very unique flavor that cannot be replicated. If you live near a South American market chances are you will be able to find this labeled as dendê. It can also be found in African markets labeled as palm oil.

8. Coxinha De Galinha. These little secret pouches are packed full of chicken flavor. They are shaped to resemble chicken drumsticks and often have one bone coming out of the end. The inside is soft and fluffy with chunks of chicken. Try this recipe for your next party.

9. Creme De Abacate. Avocado grows extensively in South America. It is a very healthy ingredient and is full of good fats. This mousse dish is made with avocado and is very common in Brazil. Try avocado in new ways to experience the health benefits.

10. Bolo De Macaxeira. This moist cake is actually made with vegetables! The basis of the ingredients is cassava, or yucca- a South American root. It naturally produces cyanide in the roots and careful preparation must be taken if you grow it yourself.

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