The Half Hour Meals’ 2012 Culinary World Tour continues its journey, this time stopping off at Canada. This is the third article of ten that will delve into the culinary world of famous Summer Olympic countries. Read our recipes from these cultural meccas and submit your own!

Canada is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. It is also where the Half Hour Meals office is located! We love our diverse foods and want to share some of our favorite with you. There is a reoccurring theme you will see – maple syrup. It’s delicious and we tend to use it everywhere possible! Take a trip to Canada with us and try some of our famous foods.

1. Maple Mojito. Maple syrup is a tree sap from the sugar maple tree that is boiled down and thickened. It is sweet and earthy and can be used anywhere sugar is added. Try using maple syrup in place of light syrup in your favorite cocktails.

2. Caesar. This clam juice tomato based drink is like a meal in a glass. It was invented in Alberta by Walter Chell to celebrate the opening of a new Italian restaurant. Over 350 million Caesars are drunk every year in Canada.

3. Pancakes. Fluffy and light or thin crepes, this breakfast food pairs beautifully with maple syrup. Pair it with warm butter and smoked bacon for an out of this world treat.

4. Egg McMuffin. As Canada is so close the United States, they share many culinary styles. A very popular at home breakfast dish is to recreate an egg McMuffin from Mc Donalds. Substitute maple bacon for an extra Canadian kick.

5. Cedar-Plank Salmon. Canada is huge! We tried to cover coast to coast and of course we had to include Atlantic salmon. Cooking it over a cedar plank will infuse the flesh with a smoky flavor.

6. Chicken Pot Pie. When you have poultry left overs and are sick of eating turkey sandwiches, you need to make pot pie. This creamy casserole is the perfect vehicle for left overs.

7. Poutine. I bet you thought we would forget poutine! This Quebecois dish is french fries covered in fresh cheese curds, and smothered in beef gravy. A heart attack in a meal, this super unhealthy dish is also amazingly delicious.

8. Maple Cookies. A Christmas staple, maple cookies pair magically with a cup of tea. Maple goes amazing with all kinds of nuts so try this recipe with your favorite.

9. Pouding Chomeur. Literally translating as “unemployment pudding”, this cheap dessert was invented by the female factory workers during the Great Depression. Cake batter is poured over maple syrup and as it cooks it makes a pudding sauce on the bottom.

10. Pecan Pie. While also a classic Southern United States dish, pecan pie is very popular in the french speaking parts of Canada. Commonly found in tart form, this pie is made from molasses or maple syrup and pecans.

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