Being comfortable in your own body is essential to living a happy life. This does not mean you have to lose weight but it does mean that you want to feed your body amazing, healthy foods that help you operate at your maximum potential. Your metabolism is what burns the energy you ingest through food. The more exercise you do, the higher your metabolism is.

This is not the only factor that affects how high your metabolism is. The foods you eat can also improve your metabolism if eaten regularly. You won’t be able to eat fish just once and notice a change in your metabolism. However, if you incorporate all kinds of healthy foods into your diet, then you will definitely notice a difference long-term.

If you are looking for some foods to boost your metabolism, we can help. Here are some healthy foods that will do just that.

1. Fish

My personal favorite fish to eat is salmon because it is so tender and flavorful while not being too fishy in flavor. If you’re new to eating fish, starting with high quality, wild-caught salmon is a great option. You can marinate it in a combination of olive oil, maple syrup, Dijon mustard, and salt and pepper for a sweet and salty flavor.

The reason why fish is such a fantastic food for boosting your metabolism is that it is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids resist something called leptin which has a big impact on how fast fat is burned. Not only is it good for boosting your metabolism, but the omega-3 fatty acids are also fantastic for your brain function.

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2. Nuts

Whenever you need a quick snack on the go that does not need to be prepped in any way, nuts are a fantastic option. They are jam-packed with nutrients that help promote the health of your thyroid gland, which is actually what regulates your metabolism.

If you were not already on board with snacking on some nuts, the high protein content of nuts actually requires your body to burn fat in order to digest them. Meanwhile, they can also keep your blood sugar stable, which is never a bad thing.

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3. Seeds

Much like fish, seeds contain tons of omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. As we talked about before, these healthy fats are excellent for boosting your metabolism, increasing brain functions, and reducing any bloating in your body.

Better yet, seeds are extremely versatile. You can eat them on their own, add them to your smoothies, or even mix them in with your cereal in the morning. Plus, they do not have tons of flavor. As such, it is easy to incorporate them into your daily routine without noticing a difference in flavor.

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4. Chili Peppers

Did you know that spicy food is not only just delicious to eat but can also be beneficial for your body too? These spicy foods help boost that pesky metabolism because your body has to burn more energy in order to digest them. You may be thinking, “WHAT!? That’s insane!” I know, but it is very true.

So, the next time you are making chili or tacos, make sure to add a little more chili powder into the mix for an extra kick that will get your body burning some energy!

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5. Coffee

Did you know that coffee is not only essential to your daily functioning at work — okay, maybe essential is a stretch — but it can also actually boost your metabolism by 11 percent? That is quite significant for just one beverage.

The catch is you have to drink quite a lot of coffee to experience the benefits. Around three cups of coffee a day, in fact. This may boost your metabolism. At the same time, it may make you a little overstimulated. So, you decide which is more important — your metabolism or sanity.

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6. Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is not just for sipping pretty. In fact, it is a powerhouse of nutrients and health benefits. One that can assist you with boosting your metabolism. That is if you make sure to enjoy this hot cup of goodness every day.

Oolong tea contains something called polyphenols. They are micronutrients that can increase how many calories you burn and how much fat you burn by up to 43 percent! Isn’t that crazy?

So, please excuse me while I go out to buy all the oolong tea in town.

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7. Ginger

Ginger is one of those spices that actually makes you feel better after consuming it. In fact, this spice has a very renewing effect on your body. One way in which ginger provides a renewing effect to the body is by helping the way your body digests and processes food.

Ginger can help your body burn more calories when you add it to hot water. Another benefit of ginger is that it can help you feel more full. Furthermore, if you are trying to cut down on snacking, ginger will help to reduce your cravings.

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8. Cacao and Cocoa

Cacao and cocoa are two fascinating foods that can help with your body’s metabolism. It is said that these two forms of the cocoa plant can actually stimulate the genes in your body which stimulate the use of lipids for energy.

In simpler terms, this means that it can actually prevent your body from absorbing as many calories as it normally would when consumed in it’s most natural form. An example of this would be cacoa nibs or 95 percent dark chocolate. So no, milk chocolate does not count. Sorry.

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9. Apple Cider Vinegar

Have you heard of the AMPK enzyme? Of course, you have! Just kidding, I definitely didn’t know what that was until I was researching for this article. It’s basically an enzyme that helps your body decrease the amount of fat you store in your body and rather starts burning it instead!

There are a few ways to enjoy (or survive) apple cider vinegar but be sure not to just take a shot of it. It’s highly acidic and can burn your throat if you aren’t careful. If you want to experience its benefits, you can make salad dressing out of it or dilute it in water and mix it in with your smoothie to consume.

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10. Water

Water is obviously a really amazing liquid for the body because it not only hydrates the body, but it cleanses it as well. I can always tell when I’ve been drinking a lot of water because I definitely have more energy throughout the day.

Water cools down the body’s internal temperature so the body needs to expend more calories to warm up again. In this process, your metabolism is temporarily boosted as your body burns energy to get back to a healthy internal temperature.

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11. Coconut Oil
You’re going to hear about fat way more than you’d expect in connection to boosting your metabolism. But it’s not just any type of fat. It’s the high-quality fatty acids that are amazing for your body as a whole and also excellent at reducing your appetite. This isn’t about starving your body of food, but rather giving your body the quality energy it needs so you don’t desire snacks when you don’t need them.

Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids that help you feel full. Check out this Energy-Boosting Bulletproof Coffee recipe if you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate more coconut oil into your diet. This amazing oil helps to burn more calories in your body. How incredible is that!?

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12. Legumes

Legumes are exploding with protein from every angle. Protein is powerful when it comes to boosting your metabolism because your body needs to expend more energy to digest it. This means that your metabolism is getting boosted as you are eating protein-rich foods.

An easy way to incorporate more legumes into your diet is by adding a couple of new items into your grocery cart next time you go grocery shopping. Hummus is available at almost every store and is extremely tasty. Dip some veggies in and enjoy this fantastic high protein snack.

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13. Seaweed

Seaweed certainly is not for the faint of heart. I have been told I am the odd one out when it comes to this food, but I find it very fishy. However, if you are a fan of seaweed, you will be happy to know that this delicacy is going to help your body when it comes to improving your metabolic rate.

Seaweed contains iodine which helps foster the health of the thyroid. Your thyroid is in control of your metabolism, so the healthier your thyroid, the healthier your metabolism!

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14. Eggs

Eggs are a fantastic food to eat when trying to improve your metabolism. That is because eggs are rich in good fats and high in protein. Much like legumes, they take more energy to digest, so your body is already expending more calories just to eat them!

Moreover, eggs are quite versatile. You could could just simply eat them scrambled or sunny-side up. On the other hand, you can enjoy them in a breakfast sandwich or an omelet that you can top off with guacamole and salsa for a Mexican twist.

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15. Leafy Vegetables

Iron is something that doesn’t just exist in steak, it is present in leafy greens as well. I bet you can guess what fact is coming next — if you guessed that it helps improve your metabolic function in your body, you are correct!

If you aren’t the biggest fan of spinach, kale, and lettuce, there are some simple ways to sneak it into your meals. When you’re making a smoothie, you can add spinach to it without changing the taste. Your neutral-colored smoothie may turn bright green but that’s the only evidence of it that you will notice.

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16. Green Tea

If you had to choose one amazing source of nutrients, I think green tea would be your best choice. I know that when I drink some green tea I notice an improvement in how I feel within half an hour of consuming it.

On top of being a great source of nutrients, green tea has plenty of other benefits, including being anti-inflammatory and a great source of antioxidants. Furthermore, it has been suggested that if you drink four cups of green tea a day, it can help your body lose weight.

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17. Berries

Mmmm, berries. No matter which type of berry you like, they are all sweet and delicious. In all seriousness, who doesn’t love some fresh, juicy berries to enjoy in a smoothie, on yogurt, or with granola?

In addition to packing one heck of a punch to the taste buds, these little treats are exploding with benefits for your body that you may not even be aware of. In fact, berries offer anti-inflammatory benefits that helps to reduce bloating in your body. Moreover, berries help with the regulation of your insulin levels, which have a connection to the health of your metabolism.

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18. Oats

How many of us grew up eating oatmeal? I know that was a special treat my mother would make with cinnamon and apple cubes and I always enjoyed it. You can now enjoy it again knowing how amazing it is for your metabolism!

Oats are fantastic because they actually help you feel full longer than processed foods. Enjoying this meal for breakfast is one way to make sure you are getting a lot of great nutrients while not overeating. They cause your metabolism to increase because, much like eggs, they take more energy for your body to break down.

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19. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are a great way to boost your metabolism as they have effects that are very similar to that of oats. While they do not boost your metabolism directly, they do help you feel satisfied and satiated for longer periods of time. This means that you won’t eat as many extra meals and snacks, thus improving your metabolism.

While orange juice is technically just juice from the fruit, it is better to enjoy citrus fruits in their most naturally occurring form to get the benefits to your metabolism. In this case, that is by eating them whole.

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20. Cinnamon

Have you ever noticed that cinnamon makes your food taste sweeter without adding any extra calories? Well, on top of being a natural sweetener for food and beverages, cinnamon boosts your metabolism. This is because your body has to work harder to break it down. So, if you need to satisfy a craving for sweets, be sure to reach for some cinnamon.

For instance, add cinnamon to your oats and top it off with some berries if you want a superfood meal that is sure to assist with the improvement of your metabolism.

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