I newly discovered oregano oil a little over a year ago from a friend who swore by and raved about its amazing super-power-like capabilities. Myself, a skeptic, listened cautiously as she raved about this oil I had never heard of. Down the road, I experienced a hideous cold and was desperate to try anything. I remembered our conversations about oregano oil and I thought I’d give it a try. The result? Well…I was shocked. While it didn’t get rid of my cold entirely it definitely helped my symptoms. What I learned after, is that it works wonders in the early stages. This means the minute you feel that scratchy throat is the right time to take it. I’ve learned now that oregano oil can benefit us a lot more than just help to fight off the common cold.

We’ll be discovering all the incredible health benefits that oregano oil has to offer. Be sure to not mistake it with ordinary oregano spice that is used for cooking. We’re talking about the oil that you can find in a liquid or a capsule form. Oregano oil is derived from the shoots and leaves of the oregano plant. From a botanical perspective, this is known as Origanum vulgare. If you choose to take the liquid form, I will warn you, it has a strong potent smell and taste. You might want to chug it with a glass of water or OJ and don’t be alarmed if you burp up oregano later (sorry, the benefits really might be worth it)! Although, those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or on blood thinning medication need to proceed with caution before using oregano oil as it may not be suited for you. Remember we are not medical doctors and we recommend always consulting a professional before changing or adding any natural remedies to your diet. If you haven’t tried it we’ve included a link to buy oregano oil, this is the brand and the oil that I love and have used for over a year.

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1. Relieves Sinus Congestion

As I talked about earlier, oregano oil is well known for relieving congestion. When the season’s change or the kids start back at school is prime time for the common cold. A common symptom that comes with the common cold is sinus congestion.

No one likes sinus congestion, it can make your head feel like a giant weight. Sinus congestion can be distracting, irritating and plain awful especially when you don’t have time to pause life. To help relieve your sinus congestion try taking a couple drops of oregano oil with a glass of juice for 3 to 5 days to help alleviate your symptoms.

2. Ward Off A Cold And Can Be A Great Defense Tool

Following sinus pain, if you’re lucky enough to recognize the early symptoms of a cold oregano oil could help ward off a cold completely. Often, a cold will start with a sore or scratchy throat, stuffy nose or head congestion. If any of these symptoms arise it would be a great idea to start taking a couple drops mixed with juice for several days until the symptoms subside.

Often, if I’m around sick children or anyone else who has been sick within the last week I’ll immediately take a couple drops of oregano oil as a precaution. Oregano oil is great for fighting off bacteria and keeping that cold at bay.

3. Aid Digestion

The digestive system can be an intricate thing. An upset stomach or digestion issue can seriously derail your day, after all, no one enjoys frequent or drastically infrequent trips to the bathroom.

Oregano oil too could help aid in digestion. This is all thanks to two compounds, carvacrol, and thymol, both of which help to calm an upset stomach and aid digestion. Following, oregano oil can increase the secretion of digestive juices to help promote digestion.

4. Improve Gut Health

Along with digestion, maintaining a healthy gut is important. Some gut symptoms could include pain, bloating and diarrhea which could all be caused by a gut parasite. Oregano oil could help reduce these symptoms as well as reduce tiredness that is associated with the symptoms.

Further, oregano oil could also help prevent a leaky gut by protecting the gut wall. A leaky gut can occur when the gut wall is damaged which then could result in bacteria and toxins to pass through to the bloodstream.

5. Could Prevent Travellers Diarrhea

The anticipation of a vacation is the best feeling, a chance to detach from work, escape reality and relax or explore. Unfortunately, while traveling our bodies are easily exposed to foreign bacteria that could cause what we know as travelers diarrhea. This is defined as having at least 3 loose or watery stools within a 24 hour period. For some, this is also followed by cramping, fever and can last up to 4 days. Along with bacteria, other pathogens could be parasites or virus.

Oregano oil is considered an antimicrobial that could kill pathogens. It’s small, portable and inexpensive which is why it would be a great item to bring along during your travels. It is recommended to take 5-10 drops along with your meals while traveling in an attempt to help prevent travelers diarrhea.

6. May Help Lower Cholesterol

We need cholesterol to build healthy cells, however, too much cholesterol isn’t good for us. Those who have high cholesterol understand the risks that come along with is such as the risk of heart disease. High cholesterol doesn’t come with any symptoms, it must be detected through a blood test which is why it’s important to consult your doctor for regular check-ups.

In some cases, high cholesterol could be inherited, however, following a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise could put you on the right path to maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol in your body. Oregano oil has a stunning nutrient profile such as omega-3, fiber, and semi-essential amino acid called arginine. All of these play an important role in promoting heart health. Some studies have shown that oregano oil could help normalize blood pressure levels and may help prevent infection-related heart disease.

7. Powerful Antioxidant

Our bodies need antioxidants to help balance free radicals. We are exposed to free radicals both naturally and man-made such as environmental toxins, UV rays, and substances found in processed foods. This can contribute to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes as well as could affect our aging process.

Antioxidants could help, limit, or completely stop the damage that is caused by free radicals. Along with protecting us and sometimes reversing damage caused by free radicals, antioxidants could also boost our immunity. Oregano oil contains carvacrol and thymol, two antioxidants, both of which can help fight off damage to our cells caused by free radicals.

8. May Balance Hormones

Unbalanced hormones can affect your mood, sleep and interfere with your everyday tasks. Some studies have shown that oregano oil consumption could increase the production of progesterone. This is due to the fact that oregano can bind to intracellular receptors for progesterone and in the result, can increase the release of the hormone.

Progesterone is important in regulating several body functions such as normalizing sleep, regulating blood sugar levels and preventing osteoporosis by stimulating new bone formation.

9. Natural Antiseptic

Toothaches and gum disorders are some of the pains you would need and want an antiseptic for. Thymol, an antiseptic is found in oregano oil and for this reasons makes it an excellent natural antiseptic.

To use oregano oil for a toothache you’ll want to rub the oil around the infected tooth. However, it can be quite potent, if you find it strong considers mixing with a bit of olive oil. The same applies for diseased gums, rub oregano oil on the gums several times a day. This should kill the infection as well as reduce the pain. However, it would be wise to still visit your dentist to find the underlying problem.

10. May Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Inflammation can occur in our bodies both internally and externally such as arthritis. Studies have shown oregano oil has properties to help both types of inflammation. To help reduce redness or irritation it is recommended that oregano oil is applied to the area.

Furthermore, to relieve internal inflammation you could consider consuming the oil. It will have a similar effect to the external application but instead, will be spread through the entire body. Because it will spread through the entire body. this could cause the pain relief or discomfort to dissipate at a slower rate.

11. Natural Painkiller

Joint and muscle pain is never a fun to deal with. Some studies have indicated that due to carvacrol content found in oregano oil, give it the capabilities to relieve pain.

To help relieve pain, you’ll want to apply oregano oil topically. Apply drops of oregano oil on sore muscles, joints or sport-related injuries. The oil will penetrate the skin and could help relieve the pain.

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