With the growing popularity of the Instant Pot, more and more creative recipes are arising – but it’s not just for meal planning, it’s for dessert, too!

The Instant Pot is best known for its speed in cooking, which makes it amazing when it comes to last-minute prepping. In fact, with the Instant Pot, you can make your dinner in it, give it a wash, and pop dessert in to be cooking while you enjoy your meal.

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1. Apple Crisp

In just 8 minutes you can have a warm and delicious bowl of apple crisp that’s cooked to perfection, nice and crispy. With minimal prep that basically just requires a little chopping, you can have this dessert ready in the Instant Pot to serve 3-4 people.

There’s nothing fancy in this recipe, so you should have everything you need already in your cupboards and fridge, making it the perfect *I forgot about dessert* recipe! For a little extra, why not top it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream? Live your best life.

2. Oreo Cheesecake

This recipe won’t be as “instant” as some of the others on this list, but it definitely will be worth the wait. Oreo cheesecake, yeah…that’s worth the wait.

It pressure cooks in 40 minutes, sits for 10, then is placed into the refrigerator for overnight chilling. So for this one, you’ll need to plan ahead a little bit. However, this recipe looks for a promising and rewarding dessert that everyone will love.

3. Paleo Mug Cakes

If you’re seeking a healthy, Whole30/Paleo compliant dessert – this one for you! Not only that, it packs to go! This recipe makes four different types of mug cakes: Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Basic Blueberry, Cinnamon Apple & Chocolate Banana.

Using just 5 ingredients, and no grains these little cakes are cooked in mason jars for just 10 minutes!


4. Individual Lava Cakes

Another portion-controlled, single serving option is these little lava cakes, made in ramekins! With just 5 minutes of prep, and 10 minutes of cook time, this is the perfect last-minute dessert option.

With the use of simple ingredients like egg, milk, sugar, oil, cocoa powder and a few more that you likely already have in your pantry this recipe makes a for an impressively delicious gooey cake.

5. Rice Pudding

This was my favorite dessert as a kid. Creamy, textured, topped with cinnamon (NO RAISINS PLEASE) and served chilled after a delicious meal.

It can also be made quite easily in the Instant Pot, which makes the whole process a lot simpler. If you’ve ever made homemade rice pudding, you’ll know there’s lots of room for disaster, so this recipe is an answer to that…even if you add the raisins.

6. Pumpkin Pie

Using a 7 inch sized spring-form pan inside the Instant Pot, you can “bake” up a pumpkin pie with a pecan cookie crust, all homemade!

This recipe will be coming especially in handy during the holiday season so that you’re able to optimize on time AND oven space. Things to consider.

7. Creme Brulee Bites

No spoons required, creme brulee! All made in the Instant Pot with the help of some inexpensive silicone cups (that you likely already have in your cupboard!).

These creme brulees are not like the classic custard, but more of a cheesecake with creme brulee flavor and of course, that crunch.


8. Banana Bread

Why bother even heating up the oven for a warm loaf of banana bread when you can make it, still in a bundt pan, right inside your Instant Pot. I swear this gadget just gets better and better.

Use up all those black bananas with an easy recipe that can feed the whole family, freezes easily, packs for lunches (remove nuts if you’re sending to school though). Pretty exciting times.

9. Key Lime Pie

Oh dear GOODNESS things are getting insta-pot-tastic up in here (I have an emotional attachment to key lime pie, and it’s a totally normal thing, ok?). 

What I love about this recipe is how it notes that in the Instant Pot you have a LESS LIKELY chance of overcooking or creating a dry pie when pressure cooking. It’s actually more forgiving than an oven. The recipe itself is also basic, easy to follow and will definitely be a go-to again and again.

10. Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake, known for its cloud-like texture, and soft, sponginess, it’s a real win when you’re looking for a nice light dessert. This comes in handy especially during Summer months, or after a large heavy meal.

Made in the Instant Pot, it’s fluffy, fat-free and sweet. Using an angel food cake boxed mix, this is made easier than ever, with nearly no work required for this to be a smashing success of a dessert. Top with some warmed raspberry jam, or fresh fruit and you’re golden.

11. Caramel Corn

Dessert and snack food in one delicious mouthful – caramel corn, as luck may have it, is now available to create in your Instant Pot.

With simple ingredients like corn kernels, coconut oil, butter, sugar, and milk – it’s created to perfection in just 6 minutes. SIX. MINUTES. UNTIL HOT CARAMEL CORN. Sound the alarms!


12. Apple Dumplings

I love love love a simple recipe that’s a spin on a classic, with a creative twist. This, is that kind of recipe.

Using store-bought crescent rolls (you know the kind), you simply place an apple wedge in the center, roll and add the other ingredients drizzling apple cider on top before you pressure cook in the Instant Pot. The results…well, the images speak for themselves.

13. Low-Carb Chocolate Mousse

Eating low-carb but love dessert? We got you! This recipe comes in at just over 4 grams of carbs (unheard of, really, in the name of sweets) and is cooked to perfection in your Instant Pot.

With the help of small ramekins or mason jars, these single-servings make it easy to indulge, guilt-free!

14. Peach Cobbler

Keep this recipe on hand for when peach season happens, because if you’re anything like me, you’ll buy a whole bundle of them only to have them ripen to perfection, all on the exact same day.

The Instant Pot cooks the crumbled peach delight in just 10 minutes, making it the perfect last-minute addition to your

15. Monkey Bread

A popular choice for kids and adults alike, this pull-apart dessert is the ooey-gooey, sticky, finger food dessert that pretty much everyone loves.

Using a bundt pan, you can create this delightful bundle of fun in just 20 minutes using the Instant Pot, and the trivet that comes with it (a handy tool for a lot of these recipes).


16. Oreo-Crust Chocolate Cheesecake

Fulfill your chocolate craving with our oreo-crust chocolate cheesecake. It’s creamy, dreamy and oh so decadent!

To our surprise, it was actually quite easy to do. The Instant Pot cooks the cheesecake and then you’ll allow it to set in the fridge. Several hours later, you’ll be left with a drool-worthy dessert that everyone will love!

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