Canada Day is coming up and we can’t wait to celebrate! But, what makes Canada so special anyway? Aside from free health care and education, a beautiful landscape wherever you go and yes, it’s true, really friendly people, we’ve got FOOD. What kinds of food do you ask? Well, we have comfort food that is only available in Canada that soothes your soul like no other foods can. Most Canadian kids remember begging their classmates to trade their apple for a Jos Louis. Others will remember getting a Beaver Tail on a family trip up north in the winter. And what family gathering would be complete in Canada without a good old Nanaimo Bar? My mouth waters just thinking about them. Find out what I’m even talking about in this list of foods you can only find in Canada.

1. Cadbury Caramilk

Caramilk Bars are simply delicious. Creamy milk chocolate encasing even more creamy caramel is the perfect food you need to get that chocolate fix.

2. Kinder Surprise

I was shocked to find out that the USA didn’t have these! A staple when I was young, I would always be begging for these whenever I went grocery shopping with my parents. It’s a hollow chocolate egg with milk chocolate on the outside, and white chocolate on the inside. In the center is a plastic toy to put together with simple instructions. So you get both chocolate, and a toy. WIN!

3. Presidents Choice Chips

President’s Choice flavored chips are for those people who consider themselves professional chip eaters. Tired of the normal flavors? These Canadian chips kick it up a notch with a variety of flavors inspired from around the world. They don’t skimp on the flavoring and the chips are nice and thick!

4. Hickory Sticks

If you like chips, you’ll love hickory sticks! Small slices of potato fried up and seasoned with a smoky BBQ flavor, Hickory Sticks are a crowd favorite especially during Halloween for trick or treating in Canada.

5. Dill Pickle Chips

This flavor of chips is perfectly normal at a get together or birthday party. I mean, who doesn’t love Dill Pickle Chips?! They are tangy in flavor and taste very similar to an actual dill pickle. Next time you’re in Canada, try them out!

6. Mars Bars

Filled with nougat and some sticky caramel, this milk chocolate bar is SO delicious. They also come in bite sized packages which are extremely good but also terrifyingly easy to eat a whole bag at once.

7. Beaver Tails

Mmmmm, Beaver Tails. Does it get more Canadian than this? The base is a deep fried pastry that is stretched out to resemble a Beaver’s Tail. It comes topped with a variety of goodies such a Nutella, Reese’s Pieces, Whipped Cream, Bananas and so much more.

8. Nanaimo Bars

This is your task today. Make. Nanaimo. Bars. You life will change for the better. With a cookie, nutty base and a custard filling that will change your life, this square is topped off with some creamy chocolate. Bring to any potluck and your guests will forever thank you.

9. Bagged Milk

I didn’t know that this was weird until someone told me it was. This is simply how most Canadians buy their milk. You can buy a holder for the bagged milk that comes in 1 litre bags.

10. Chapman’s Ice Cream

Made with real cream, this peanut free ice cream is made in southern ontario with lots of love. It only comes in a few flavors but these flavors are so delicious, you’ll want a pretty big bowl of it to satisfy your ice cream craving.

11. President’s Choice White Cheddar Mac and Cheese

This Mac and Cheese beats out every Mac and Cheese in the game, including Kraft Dinner. It’s super creamy and rich in flavor with big macaroni noodles to boot. If you were a kid growing up in Canada, you’d know this to be a Snow Day staple food.

12. Butter Tarts

A flaky pastry filled with a thick sugary filling, topped with raisins or nuts, this dessert is a perfect match with a big mug off hot coffee – especially at a family gathering in Canada.

13. Canned Zoodles and Alphaghetti

Well, all I can say is that they are delicious (to a 10 year old) and definitely not nutritious. I remember bringing these to Boston when I visited my cousins as a kid so that they could enjoy this great Canadian delicacy. It’s basically noodles in a simple red sauce.

14. Shreddies Cereal

No Canadian morning would be complete without some good ol’ Shreddies. They are actually pretty good for you, not high in sugar, but high in fibre. They are even more delicious when fresh fruit is added.

15. Jos Louis

Ah yes, the ultimate “cool kid” school snack. Students would trade anything in their lunch box for a packet of these processed, sugary desserts. They are comparable to a Twinkie, but so much better with a thick coating of chocolate all around.

16. Cream Soda Crush

Cream Soda is a fruity flavored soda that is one of those flavors that you just have to love. It’s sugary, carbonated and the brightest shade of pink. What’s not to love?!

17. All Dressed Chips

When you can’t pick what flavor of chip you want, just get All Dressed! These chips are layered in a salt and vinegar meets cheesy smokey seasoning that will have you finishing the entire bag in one sitting. They are simply, a Canadian favorite.

18. Coffee Crisp

If you love coffee, your new chocolate bar of choice will be Coffee Crisp. It really does taste like coffee…and a whole pile of chocolate and sugar! It’s like a Macchiato in candy bar form.

19. Canadian Smarties

Everyone loves a good box of Smarties. Well, in Canada, our Smarties have slightly different colors than the United States. The left photo is Canadian Smarties and the right photo is American Smarties. The shades of each color are slightly different, with Canada having  additional brown smarties in the mix. Regardless of their color, they’re all delicious!

20. Poutine

The ULTIMATE late night snack after a night of dancing in Canada is Poutine. It’s greasy, hot, cheesy, and covered in thick gravy. And no, it’s not grated cheese, it’s cheese curds that make this picture perfect.

21. Caesar Cocktail

This savory cocktail is a refreshing favorite drink of choice in Canada. It can be garnished with anything from a simple olive, to a full lobster tail that turns this drink into a full blown meal.

22. Tourtiere

Very similar to a meat pie, Tourtiere is a French Canadian meal that features a pie-like pastry crust filled with freshly ground pork and some simple seasoning. Make sure to add some veggies on the side with this comfort food!

23. Kraft Peanut Butter

Kraft peanut butter is available in so many different textures. From crunchy to creamy and smooth this peanut butter will forever be a Canadian favorite.

Lindsay Duncan

Lindsay loves cooking fun and creative meals for friends and family. At home, you can find her trying out a new recipe found on Pinterest while trying to balance her husband's sweet tooth with her healthy eating habits. If she's not in the kitchen, you'll find Lindsay photographing people she loves and going out with friends to try the newest restaurant in her small town.

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