A new year, a new you! We hear that phrase all the time as we are all getting ready for the new year ahead. The problem is, a lot of times our diet and fitness goals are often not met because we give up so quickly. One of the reasons for this is that people say it’s simply too hard for them to keep up a healthy lifestyle. To prevent this from happening again this new year, you need to surround yourself and fill your kitchen with things that will help you achieve your goals as seamlessly as possible.

1. Calorie Counting Wine Glass

When a bottle of wine is opened, a lot of us start acting like there are no calories in wine. The problem is, our bodies don’t think that way.

This wine glass helps us track how much we are drinking and how that translates into calories. Let’s be honest though – if you are drinking 10 ounces of wine, you either have a great reason to be drinking that much or you’re having a cheat day.

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Photos By: Amazon

Photos By: Amazon

2. Meal Prep Tote

Sticking all those meal prep containers into your normal purse definitely won’t work which is where a lot of people will fall off the bandwagon.

Instead of giving up, purchase a bag that is specifically designed for a healthy lifestyle! It will make your life so much easier and will contribute to helping you achieve your long-term health and fitness goals.

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3. Food Scale

Have you ever bought a cookbook that helps you with a healthy lifestyle and it measures everything by weight? So annoying! Have hope though, because today this will not be the reason why you give up your health goals!

With a food scale, you can easily measure exactly how much you are eating, making it infinitely easier to use those darn health cookbooks!

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4. Skinnytaste Cookbook

Speaking of cooking, this cookbook will help you achieve your health goals without sacrificing the flavor, because who wants to leave flavor and delicious food behind?

Even though these recipes are healthy, they somehow look like cheat meals and can tease your mind into forgetting that it’s missing anything from your pre-health kick diet.

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5. Meal Planning Pad

A huge problem when trying to achieve health goals is grabbing food last minute. It can sabotage your efforts because you are more likely to cave for your cravings and pick a drive-thru rather than a walk-in restaurant.

Take fifteen minutes a week to sit down and plan out your suppers, along with your grocery list. It barely takes you away from your regular schedule, but it makes a world of a difference.

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6. Instant Pot

If you find yourself constantly on the run, an Instant Pot may be the solution for you. It is a true gift for families who barely have half an hour to make supper.

Full meals can be ready in twenty minutes or less, including sauteed veggies, soups, pasta and even chicken.

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7. Nutri-Bullet

The Nutri-Bullet is not only a great accessory for you to have in your kitchen, but a wonderful gift for a friend or family member as well.

Before you run out the door in the morning, toss some greens, veggies and almond milk into a blender and sip it on your way to work. Consider breakfast, a success!

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8. Yolk Extractor

There are so many recipes out there that are instructing to only use egg whites. The million dollar question is how exactly do you get the egg yolks out?

This yolk extractor makes cooking with egg whites so easy because it simply suctions up the yolk, leaving behind those well-loved egg whites.

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9. Spiralizer

Pasta is a dish so many people just cannot give up when they are trying to lose weight. While some pasta is okay in moderation, it simply is not the best option out there for a healthy meal.

The spiralizer spiralizes a wide variety of crunchy vegetables to create home made noodles that won’t pack on the pounds. The craziest part about it is you will barely notice the difference once you add sauce!

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10. Greek Yogurt Maker

If you’re loving your new healthy diet and want to take things to the next level, making your own home made greek yogurt is a great place to start.

A Greek yogurt maker helps you decide exactly what goes into your food without having to worry about any additives at all. You are truly in charge of your health in this situation.

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11. Fit Bit

Tracking your activity level can be painful at first when you see how few steps you get in a day, but then it can become motivating!

The Fit Bit Charge 2 has some features that are similar to an Apple watch in that you can see your text messages and phone calls on it, while recording your steps and even calories burned.

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12.  Fitbit Aria 2

If you are specifically focused on losing weight, this scale will help you do it! It is also a Fitbit accessory that has piles of technological features to help you reach your optimal peak of health.

When weighing yourself, make sure you do it at the same time every morning and that you’re wearing the same weight of clothes. If you are worried about this, try weighing yourself before stepping into the shower.

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13. Hot Air Fryer

Giving up bar food when you’re trying to eat healthily can be a huge struggle. Don’t even think about those deep-fried pickles or chicken wings!

With the help of an air fryer, you can actually enjoy a lot of your favorite fried foods without about 75% of the fat. An air fryer uses extremely hot air to simulate the texture and taste of fried foods, which is basically our dream come true.

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14. Blender Bottle

Keep your protein up and your stomach full with a lot of green smoothies and protein shakes. They’re not only fantastic for your body but also taste great.

A blender bottle helps shake up all the ingredients in your smoothie so that you get the most amount of nutrition and flavor in every single sip.

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15. Glass Meal Prep Containers

Glass meal prep containers are a great way to eliminate plastic bags from your kitchen and also help you achieve a balanced diet when you are at work or on the run.

Fill the large part of your container with your greens for a salad, then use the smaller pockets for additional veggies and protein. It makes meal prep easy and definitely worth it.

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Lindsay Duncan

Lindsay loves cooking fun and creative meals for friends and family. At home, you can find her trying out a new recipe found on Pinterest while trying to balance her husband's sweet tooth with her healthy eating habits. If she's not in the kitchen, you'll find Lindsay photographing people she loves and going out with friends to try the newest restaurant in her small town.

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