Turmeric is known for its vibrant canary yellow color and vibrant flavor that has been complimenting curry dishes for ages. It is also favorable because it is known as a natural medicine, traditionally in Chinese Medicine and the Indian system of medicine.

Turmeric contains a lot of health benefits like being able to treat cuts and wounds as well as help heal boils on the skin. It is believed that turmeric can also help preserve the youthfulness of the skin and help prevent acne. Turmeric is available everywhere as they can be grown in almost any climate. Although it generally prefers a warmer climate if you have the proper know-how and attention you can grow them too. We have discovered 12 reasons why you should be incorporating turmeric into your diet.

1. Can Aid Digestion

Turmeric does wonders for our digestive systems because it can stimulate the gallbladder which then releases bile. The bile then helps our bodies break down the food we eat all the while helping our bodies absorb fats and certain nutrients. This is certainly enough reason to add a spoonful of turmeric to your meals!

Following, turmeric has also demonstrated to be an excellent gas reliever. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy your day or evening and then get hit with the feeling of being bloated. Recent studies have shown that turmeric helps calm the digestive system which, in turn, helps relieve gas.

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2. Is An Anti-Inflammatory

Turmeric is also a great ingredient for anti-inflammatory benefits. A recent study has shown nearly 1.4 million Americans are affected by inflammatory bowel disease. Two main types of this disease include Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Depending on your condition, turmeric could help alleviate some inflammation naturally alongside your regular treatments.

So, why is turmeric helpful in combatting inflammation? That’s because it contains an important compound called curcumin which is the main active ingredient found within. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects as well as being an excellent antioxidant. Consider discussing the benefits of turmeric with your doctor if you’re dealing with inflammatory symptoms.

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3. Can Improve Liver Function

Our liver is a very important organ that stores extra nutrients, helps get rid of toxic substances, manufactures our blood proteins as well as stores blood glucose and produces cholesterol. Clearly, our liver is a vital organ that we really need to take care of.

When it comes to turmeric that powerful compound we talked about early, curcumin plays an active role here. It has a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which both help improve the function of the liver. It has also been shown to help prevent liver cirrhosis (a condition in which the liver does not function properly due to long-term damage).

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4. Is A Natural Antiseptic

There are several types of wounds such as small open wounds, closed wounds and open bleeding wounds. If you find yourself with an open bleeding wound make sure to seek medical treatment immediately to prevent blood loss or infection.

If you have a small wound like an abrasion or puncture using at home treatments and remedies may be suited. Tumeric can often be used as an antiseptic when helping heal a wound by using turmeric paste covered with cotton cloth. It can often be used in place of over the counter ointments. Once again the active compound, curcumin found in turmeric has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties all contributing to making it an excellent choice for a natural antiseptic.

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5. Can Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

It is not proven that turmeric can cure Alzheimer’s disease but there are several studies that show it may help to prevent it. Key roles that are contributors to Alzheimer’s disease are oxidative damage and inflammation. Turmeric may help relieve oxidative damage in the brain and reduce inflammation

Another feature of Alzheimer’s disease is a buildup of protein plaques. It turns out that turmeric has been shown in some studies to help clear these as well. While we don’t know If consuming turmeric daily can definitely help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, it’s certainly worth a shot. Try implementing it into your snacks and meals at least once day.

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6. It’s A Natural Painkiller

The next time you have minor aches and pains such as sprains or joint pain, consider trying a natural remedy before you reach for your bottle of Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Not only does turmeric give your dishes a rich distinct flavor but it can help aid your minor aches. It works by its anti-inflammatory agents that help relieve minor pains.

You don’t need to eat turmeric in its powder form by the spoonful, but instead, consider adding it to your dishes as a seasoning to still achieve the helpful benefits it has to offer. You can even buy turmeric in a supplement form if you do not prefer the taste.

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7. Can Help Weight Management

There are so many weight loss programs and supplements out there that it can be easy to forget about many natural ingredients that can actually help our bodies. Tumeric would be one of those ingredients that can help manage your weight for a multitude of reasons. It’s worth adding to your diet if weight loss is one of your health goals.

Recent studies have shown that turmeric is a triple threat. It can help prevent fat accumulation, can help accelerate diet-induced weight loss, and it can help our bodies regulate our metabolism. Consider adding turmeric to your everyday diet when you are trying to manage your weight.

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8. Known Natural Anti-Depressant

Depression is a very serious and unfortunately a common condition in the present day. Many factors such as an unhealthy lifestyle, low social support and living chaotic lives can play as contributors to depression.

Furthermore, inflammation can be present in depression from contributors such as lack of sleep, vitamin D deficiency, smoking, poor diet and even lack of physical activity. As we have discovered previously turmeric may be a good choice when choosing an anti-inflammatory agent to consume if experiencing depression. You can purchase it in a supplement form at your local drug store or can even add it into your meals as a seasoning. Make sure to speak to your doctor if any symptoms of depression arise and consider talking to your talking about the benefits of turmeric when discussing anti-depressants.

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9. Can Help Treat Psoriasis

If you haven’t experienced psoriasis, it is a noncontagious skin condition that causes buildup on the skin. Some symptoms include red scaly patches, itchy skin, burning skin as well as swollen joints and stiffness. Since there is no cure for this skin disease, treatments are necessary to lower the severity and frequency of outbreaks.

Curcumin found in turmeric is a powerful agent in this case. Recent studies have shown that turmeric can help relieve the symptoms of psoriasis. Not only can you consume the spice in your meals and through supplements but you can also purchase it as a tea or consider making your own tea.

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10. Can Help Prevent Acne

There is nothing worse than planning an event and have a major break out prior to that event. We may be spending a lot more money of ance preventatives than we like to admit but I don’t blame you, we like clear blemish free skin. The next time you’re trying to find a remedy to help prevent acne consider turmeric.

As discussed before curcumin, that superpower agent found in turmeric is again the hero in this case. It can help reduce redness from acne as well as contains powerful antimicrobial properties. However, consuming turmeric daily will give better results for your acne rather than rubbing turmeric paste onto your skin. Once again, when in doubt always consult your doctor.

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11. Improves Immunity

When the cooler months hit, the seasons change, and school starts back up that is when our immune systems are tested. It’s important to work towards a healthier and stronger immune system daily so that when those events happen in our lives you don’t get hit hard with a sinus infection or worse, the flu.

Turmeric has been shown to help boost your immune system through the amazing qualities we discovered earlier such as the anti-microbial properties, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties. These all work to help boost our white blood cell count (these are the blood cells that help fight off bacteria), it can help encourage our metabolisms, it can help us get a good nights sleep, and can detoxify our bodies. All of these play important roles when building a strong immune system.

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12. Increase Brain Function

As I get older and have little moments of forgetfulness or loss of my mathematical skills, I’m always looking for ways to make my brain sharper. Practicing math, reading books are a few ways to keep your brain sharp. However, recent studies show that consuming turmeric daily may just help increase your brain function as well.

Curcumin, the compound in turmeric, nourishes and protects the brain in a variety of different ways. It can help increase blood flow to the brain to improve memory and concentration as well as increase neuroplasticity (your brain’s ability to change and grow throughout your lifetime). There are large varieties of benefits that turmeric can help contribute to improving the brain, it might be a good idea to consider consuming turmeric daily.

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If you are seeking inspiration on how to incorporate turmeric into your diet every day you can visit HERE for some amazing turmeric recipes that are more than just curry dishes.

Clarissa Vanner

Clarissa loves experimenting with food of all cultures to make unique healthy dishes. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for new recipe inspiration she likes to pick up a DIY project and use her creative hands to make art or crafts. In her down time you can find her watching the latest documentaries on Netflix or going for nature walks.

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