After all the hours and hard work you put into Thanksgiving dinner, it’s eaten within half an hour and you’re left with a ton of leftovers. There are some classic ways of using leftovers- hot turkey sandwiches, turkey pot pie, and more. We want to mix things up by showing you how to turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into simple yet delicious casseroles. Casseroles are great because they’re quick to make, they generally only use one pot, and they freeze brilliantly.


If you make a casserole to freeze, here are some tips for cooking it. Firstly, when you go to freeze it, make sure it has completely cooled. If you throw hot food in a dish, and then into the freezer, the dish could shatter. When storing in the freezer, keep a tight lid on the casserole. Some casserole dishes come with plastic lids for this purpose. If yours doesn’t, tightly wrap the dish with plastic wrap. This will help keep out frost and keep your dish tasting wonderful. Thawing the dish properly is important. Take the casserole out of the freezer the day before you want to use it. Keep it in the fridge and let it defrost slowly. Once fully thawed, cook it as originally directed.

We hope you love these 10 unique Thanksgiving leftover recipes!

1. Grandma’s Creamed Corn Casserole

This casserole will be the latest and greatest casserole at your family Thanksgiving. Beware, if you bring it this year, you’ll be bringing it for the years to come.

2. Bacon and Cheese Brussel Sprouts Casserole

Brussel Sprouts often make people gag, but not with this recipe! With the help of bacon and cheese, this casserole will blow your family’s minds!

3. Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

Make a classic casserole that will make even more delicious leftovers. Scalloped Potatoes are always a favorite and are simply to die for!

4. Healthy Sweet Potato Casserole

Skip the marshmallows and instead top your sweet potato casserole with nutty protein. No guilty eating here!

5. Creamy Green bean Casserole From Scratch

Do your little ones avoid eating their greens? With this green bean casserole, you can bet they will be begging for seconds!

6. Thanksgiving Pizza

“Awww Mom, why can’t we just eat pizza? I want pizza!” Does that sound familiar? This time, say “okay!” and shock your children with exactly what they want – and what you want.

7. Loaded Mashed Potato Casserole

We all love a good mashed potato, but when it’s cooked in the oven after being mashed and topped with rich and creamy ingredients, this is all you’ll be craving at Thanksgiving Supper.

8. Pumpkin Sage Lasagna Roll Up Pull Aparts

This casserole is no ordinary lasagna. With pre portioned roll ups, it makes for easy serving. Not only that, but this lasagna is pumpkin flavored!

9. Cottage Pie

Make a dish that will soothe your relatives’ souls and help everyone relax. This casserole will remind you of your mother’s home cooking on a chilly day. Perfect for Thanksgiving!

10. Stuffed Mushroom Casserole

Want to contribute a little gourmet dish for Thanksgiving this year? This mushroom casserole is so scrumptious and rich, your family will think you stole it from a high end restaurant!

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