Having a clean and organized space can have a big impact on your mental state. After all, how are we supposed to have a calm mind if our surrounding area is in utter chaos? Organizing can be fun, however, purchasing the recourses to do so can add up quick! To help ease the strain on your wallet check out these budget-friendly organizing hacks.

We’ve talked about Incredible Ways to Organize Your Kitchen but today we’re going to show you how you can organize your kitchen using dollar store items! We’ll cover ideas to organize the pantry, the fridge, and even a couple kitchen cupboard ideas too! Before you know it, you’ll have a clean and tidy space that you’ll actually feel good about!

1. Dollar Store Jars

Sometimes it is hard to tell what you have floating around in your pantry. Get organized by transferring your pantry staples into clear jars and containers.

This blogger shares how she found these glass jars and containers at her local dollar store. It’s an inexpensive idea that not only looks neat and tidy but aesthetically pleasing too! The clear containers also serve a practical purpose because you can see exactly what is in each jar. This is also a great way to keep track of what needs to be replaced.

http://thesocialhome.blogspot.com/2011/08/pinspiration.html PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: THE SOCIAL HOME

2. DIY Dollar Store Magnetic Organizer

This magnetic organizer is so cute and you would never think that it was created using items from the dollar store. To create this organizer you’ll need a baking sheet, decorative paper, Mod Podge, and magnets.

To ensure that the organizer fits in well with your space, choose a piece of decorative paper that fits the aesthetic of your kitchen. Once complete, you can use this organizer to keep a running grocery list, reminders for the family, and so much more!

https://thecrazycraftlady.com/diy-magnetic-organizer-dollar-store/ PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: THE CRAZY CRAFT LADY

3. Measuring Spoon Hooks

Attention all bakers this kitchen storage hack has your name written all over it. This idea shows how you can utilize all your kitchen space including your kitchen cabinet doors.

Using self-adhesive hooks from the dollar store you can hang measure spoons, cups or utensils on the inside of the cupboard door. It’ll be neatly tucked away but also still easily accessible for all your baking needs.

https://www.ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com/2012/05/dollar-store-kitchen-organization.html PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: I SHOULD BE MOPPING THE FLOOR

4. Chest Freezer Organization System

Freezers are the best especially when our favorite grocery items go on sale. We can stock up, save some money, and save our delicious food for later! Unfortunately, like other places in our kitchen, the freezer can hoard loads of items resulting and lost and forgotten food.

Forget disorganized freezers and check out this awesome organizing hack! Using bins from your local dollar store you can neatly organize your food inside your freezer! This idea will work wonderfully for a chest freezer but you can also implement the same idea on a smaller scale for a fridge freezer.

https://www.practicallyfunctional.com/chest-freezer-organization-system/ PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: PRACTICALLY FUNCTIONAL

5. How to Efficiently Store Cupcake Liners

If you love baking you’ll understand how easy it is to stock up on decorative accessories like cupcake liners! After all the parties you’ve prepared for, you’ve created a lovely stockpile of assorted liners.

Instead of hanging on to several containers of cupcake liners why not implement this organizing idea. All you have to do is buy a mason jar from the dollar store and stack your liners nicely inside. Since the jar is clear you’ll be able to see all the colors and patterns easily.

https://www.tablefortwoblog.com/fun-fact-how-to-efficiently-store-cupcake-liners/ PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: TABLE FOR TWO

6. Cutting Board Storage

This blogger shares another great idea on how to maximize your storage space. Inside a kitchen cabinet, you can neatly store way assorted cutting boards.

All you’ll need are zip ties and a wire organizer, both of which can be found at your local dollar store. Secure the wire organizer with a few small screws. Then fasten a few zip ties to the bottom of the wire rack to ensure the cutting boards don’t fall through the spaces of the organizer.

https://www.thatswhatchesaid.net/cutting-board-storage/ PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: THAT’S WHAT CHE SAID

7. Magazine Holder To Organize Foils and Wraps

Who knew a simple magazine holder can serve so many different purposes! In the kitchen consider using it to store everyday items such as boxes of foil, wax paper, parchment paper, and cling wrap!

If you’re like me, these boxes often get tossed into a drawer only to take up more space than they need. This hack will keep these boxes neatly tucked away without taking up sacred space in your kitchen.

https://prettyprovidence.com/small-pantry-organization/ PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: PRETTY PROVIDENCE

8. DIY Magnetic Dollar Store Spice Rack

You can buy pre-made magnetic spice racks but they can cost a pretty penny. Instead, make your own using dollar store items and save yourself some money!

Head to your local dollar store and look for a baking sheet and magnetic containers with clear lids. Adhere the baking sheet to the inside of your kitchen cabinet so that the spice rack can be neatly tucked away. Follow this tutorial to see how to decorate the spice rack and how to make little spice labels for the containers.

https://acultivatednest.com/diy-magnetic-dollar-store-spice-rack/ PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: A CULTIVATED NEST

9. Dollar Store Hack: How to Organize a Spice Cabinet

In contrast, if you don’t want to hang your spice rack inside a kitchen cabinet, or don’t have the space to do so this tutorial will show you how you can organize your spice cabinet. To begin, these flip-top containers are from the dollar store and come as a set of 2.

In addition to the spice jars, this tutorial will show you how you can turn a Ziploc box into shelves so that you can maximize your shelving space. Finally, complete the jars by adding a chalkboard label so you know exactly what kind of spice is in each jar.

https://www.livingrichwithcoupons.com/2017/08/my-dollar-store-hack-to-organize-my-spice-cabinet.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest&utm_campaign=tailwind_tribes&utm_content=tribes&utm_term=367963994_11877038_106717 PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: LIVING RICH WITH COUPONS

10. Repurposed Pencil Holder Organizers

The dollar store often has organizers for your office but have you ever thought to use those items in the kitchen? This tutorial explains how you can repurpose a simple pencil holder into an organizer for your pantry.

It’s important to measure your space as all pencil holders vary in length. Adhere the pencil holder to the wall and store assorted items such as spices!

https://www.domesticimperfection.com/less-mess-project-pantry-reveal/ PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: DOMESTIC IMPERFECTION

11. Dollar Store Clear Bin Fridge Organizers

Go take a look at your fridge. What state is it in? Are there snacks, drinks, and leftovers tossed around everywhere? Get your fridge back in order by purchasing a few clear bins from the dollar store!

The bins will help you group like items together to create an organized fridge. Further, clear bins are a great idea because while they keep common items in place, you can still see everything effortlessly.

https://www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com/hello-organization-refrigerator-makeover/ PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: FOUR GENERATIONS ONE ROOF

12. Dollar Store Under The Sink Organization

Many of us use the space under the kitchen sink to store cleaning products and other assorted everyday household items like garbage bags, sponges and so on. Instead of tossing bottles on the shelf consider organizing this cupboard space using this idea!

This blogger shares how a quick trip the dollar store can help you organize this space effortlessly. Stack and nest bins are great because they stack on top of each other while still allowing you to effortlessly access the products stored on the shelf. This also helps you to truly maximize your storage space. In addition, a caddy is another great idea. Consider storing your most common cleaning products in the caddy so you can take it around the house with you as you clean and then tuck it away under the sink after!

https://www.neathousesweethome.com/under-kitchen-sink-organization/ PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: NEAT HOUSE SWEET HOME

13. DIY Can Organizers

Canned foods are great because they can last a long time! Unfortunately, unless they are stored properly, they can take up a lot of storage space!

The next time your favorite canned food item goes on sale, stock up because using this storage hack you’ll be able to neatly store large quantities. This idea uses clear soda can organizers to store canned goods. Use these organizers in your kitchen cabinets, pantry and even in the fridge!

https://thriftedlivingblog.com/2017/02/19/dollar-tree-organization-pantry/ PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE” THRIFTED LIVING BLOG

14. DIY Lazy Susan

Lazy susans are a great tool that can help you easily access various items in an organized manner. You can use lazy susans in your pantry, on your kitchen table, and even in your fridge!

This tutorial proves you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create your own! Using two round cakes pans and a bag of marbles from the dollar store, you can have your own lazy susan ready to use in no time! The best part is it’ll most likely only cost you around 3 dollars!

https://www.thecountrychiccottage.net/dollar-store-lazy-susan-organizing-idea/ PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: THE COUNTRY CHIC COTTAGE

15. Dollar Store Lazy Susan

In contrast, some dollar stores carry ready-made Lazy Susan’s and if that’s the case you could skip the DIY hack and try implementing this idea! You can use a lazy Susan in many different areas in your kitchen.

You can use it as a condiment caddy, to store snacks, cleanings supplies and more! The options are truly endless! Check out all the ways you can organize with a Lazy Susan with these Unique Lazy Susan DIY Hack Ideas: 15 Simple Ways To Organize Your Kitchen.

http://www.forkly.com/kitchen-hacks/lazy-susan-diy-hack-cleaning-supplies/ PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: FORKLY

16. Refrigerator Snack Box

Do your kids fight over snacks in the fridge? Try using this awesome snack box so that your kids know exactly where their snacks are. In addition, you can also designate a drawer for each kid so that they know how many snacks they have left and this may prevent future fights with their siblings.

Even if you don’t have children, this idea can help you maximize your space in your fridge to store assorted snacks, meats or cheese! This particular storage box was purchased from Walmart but you can find them at your local dollar store too!

https://pinningwithpurpose.blogspot.com/2013/12/refrigerator-snack-box.html PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: PINNING WITH PURPOSE

17. Hanging Pantry Baskets

This blogger shares how you can transform dollar store wire baskets into storage containers for garlic, onions, and potatoes. In addition to the wire baskets, you’ll also need adhesive hooks.

You can implement this idea in your pantry or your kitchen cupboards! This also helps to maximize your wall space that would ordinarily go unused.

https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/dollar-store-pantry-organizers-260136?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=tracking&utm_campaign=inline-img-share PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: APARTMENT THERAPY

18. Plastic Container organizer

It’s so easy to load up on assorted plastic containers. They are especially useful when it comes to packing lunches or storing leftovers in the fridge. However, we all know how disorganized these containers can become and not to mention all the lids that go missing!

The perfect solution is to implement this plastic container organizer! The Dollar Tree shares how all you need are two plastic bins and a marker to label the bins. Store all the lids in one bin and all the containers in the other and then tuck these bins away in a drawer or cupboard.

https://www.dollartree.com/food-storage-solution/idea-201709-35?sscid=61k3_1qwjg&utm_source=affiliate&utm_medium=1210426&utm_campaign=845001&cm_mmc=Affiliate-_-DM-_-Banners-_-Mktg PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: DOLLAR TREE

19. Cutlery Drawer Organization

Cutlery trays are a good idea, especially if you want to keep that drawer neat and tidy. Unfortunately, not all trays fit the size and length of our cutlery perfectly, which in the end can result in unused space.

This blogger shares how her old cutlery tray had unused space and her simple solution was to switch to small baskets from the dollar store. The individual baskets still helped her cutlery drawer remain organized but it helped to maximize the space much better.

https://theelmlife.wordpress.com/2013/11/12/cutlery-drawer-organization/ PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: THE ELM LIFE

20. Kitchen Recycling Tower

Teach your family how to recycle with this kitchen recycling tower! Not only will this help teach your little ones about recycling but it will keep the recycling tucked away under the kitchen sink.

To create this you’ll simply need stackable storage bins from the dollar store, adhesive labels, and markers. Label the bins as “cans”, “paper”, and “plastic”. If you have the room you could even add one more bin to recycle glass.

https://www.dollartree.com/recycle-for-earth-day/idea-201804-33?sscid=61k3_1qwl5&utm_source=affiliate&utm_medium=1210426&utm_campaign=845001&cm_mmc=Affiliate-_-DM-_-Banners-_-Mktg PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: DOLLAR TREE

21. Kitchen Cabinet Organizing with Containers

This idea shows how you can use the stackable storage bins in another way. Instead of (or in addition to) the recycling tower you can use these stackable containers in your kitchen cabinets and pantry.

The stackable containers allow you to maximize the linear space in your kitchen cabinet or pantry. You could store assorted snacks, Coffee, tea, or whatever you need!

http://aproverbswife.com/2011/10/organized-homemaking-kitchen-cabinet-re-do-with-dollar-store-containers.html PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: A PROVERBS WIFE

22. $1 Kitchen Drawer Makeover

Looking for a way to jazz up your kitchen drawers but don’t have the budget to do so? There’s a solution for that!

This blogger shares how a $1 roll of fun decorative wrapping paper and double-sided tape can transform your kitchen drawers. Shelf and drawer liners can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! This simple solution adds color and design to a normally dull area and the best part, it barely costs you anything to do it!

http://sothecooksaid.blogspot.com/2014/01/1-ktchen-drawer-makeover.html PHOTOS AND IDEAS TUTORIAL HERE: SO THE COOK SAID

23. Under the Sink brush Holders

Keep those dirty cleaning brushes and gloves neatly tucked away under the sink. This tutorial shows how you can use Command strips found at your local dollar store to hang assorted cleaning brushes and gloves in your kitchen cabinet.

The great thing about Command hooks is that they won’t leave any residue on your kitchen cupboards once you chose to remove them. In addition, they’re nice and sturdy too.

http://www.abowlfulloflemons.net/2014/09/organizing-under-the-kitchen-sink.html PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: A BOWL FULL OF LEMONS

24. Cabinet Shelves

Looking to maximize your cupboard space? If you’re lucky enough to have space between the shelves in your cupboards, add these wire shelves to create additional storage space for more kitchen products.

You can use these shelves for your dishes, for pantry items, or whatever you please! You can even use them under your sink to store additional cleaning products or tools.

https://www.dollartree.com/essentials-white-wire-cabinet-shelves/235346 PHOTOS AND PRODUCT FROM: DOLLAR TREE

25. Food Wrap Storage

Earlier we talked about how a magazine holder can effortlessly store food wrap but this idea shows how you can store food wrap neatly tucked away behind a kitchen cupboard. You’ll need Command hooks and a wooden dowel, both of which can be found at your local dollar store.

Once again, the Command hooks ensure that you don’t ruin the paint or finish if your cupboards. The dowel will slide through your food wrap so that you can access it quickly and effortlessly.

http://www.iheartorganizing.com/2015/03/quick-tip-tuesday-food-wrap-storage.html PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: IHEART ORGANIZING

26. White Wire Step Rack

We’ve talked about a magnetic spice rack and alternative spice jars, however, this is another excellent idea on how to organize your spices. This step rack will fit nicely inside your kitchen cupboard.

The rack has 3 tiers so that you can effortlessly see and access all of your spices. Keep in mind you can use this for more than spices, consider storing other assorted jars, small cans, or anything else that can fit nicely on each step.

https://www.dollartree.com/essentials-white-wire-step-storage-rack/235348 PHOTOS AND PRODUCT FROM: DOLLAR TREE

27. Under the Sink Paper Towel Holder

Having easily accessible paper towels is important, especially if you have little ones in your house. However, if you’re like me and have limited counter space, implement this space-saving hack!

This idea proves that Command hooks come in handy in the kitchen once again. With 2 Command hooks and a piece of string, you can have a paper towel holder neatly tucked away under your sink.

http://sewmanyways.blogspot.com/2014/04/diy-under-sink-paper-towel-holder2.html PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: SEW MANY WAYS

28. Easy Cupboard Pan Lid Organizer

Pots and pans can take up a lot of space in our kitchen cupboards, especially if we don’t organize them. There are several over the door lid organizers floating around the internet but this hack shows how you can do it perfectly and on a budget!

Head to your local dollar store and pick up a package of adhesive hooks. The hooks will hold the lids in place on the inside of your kitchen cabinet door. This tutorial will walk you through how you can have this organizer in place in minutes!

https://www.instructables.com/id/Easiest-Cupboard-Pan-Lid-Organiser/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: INSTRUCTABLES

29. Painted Utensil Jars

Perhaps instead of storing large utensils in a drawer, you’d like to have them easily accessible on the countertop. This tutorial shows how you can transform a few mason jars into a bold statement piece for your kitchen all the while keeping your kitchen tools organized.

For this tutorial, you’ll need mason jars, acrylic paint, chalkboard sticker tags, and a chalk marker, all of which you can find at your local dollar store. They come together quickly and will look so pretty on your countertop!

https://www.forrent.com/blog/diy/decrease-drawer-clutter-painted-utensil-jars/?utm_source=ForRent.com&utm_medium=Blog&utm_campaign=Painted%20Utensil%20Jars PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: FOR RENT

30. Magnetic Fridge Storage Baskets

Utilize your fridge space by creating magnetic fridge storage baskets. You can find these slender baskets at your local dollar store. Along with the baskets you’ll also need magnets and hot glue.

Adhere the magnets to the back of the baskets with a dab of hot glue and once set stick to the side of your fridge or on the fridge door. You can use these baskets to store frequently used spices, pens, pencils, notes, recipe cards, or any other trinkets you can think of.

https://www.dollartree.com/long-slotted-multi-purpose-plastic-baskets-3ct-packs/236537 PHOTOS AND PRODUCT HERE: DOLLAR TREE

31. Over The Door Snack Organizer

Head to your local dollar store and pick up an over-the-door shoe organizer. You can use this organizer to store the obvious shoes, however, in the kitchen, you can use this organizer to store snacks!

Consider storing snacks for your kids on the lower pockets so that they can reach and access them easily. Alternatively, you could also store common cleaning products in the pockets too. Either way, you can keep this organizer neatly tucked away behind your pantry door!

http://www.moneysavingqueen.com/couponing-101-quick-tip-for-pantry-organization/ PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: MONEY SAVING QUEEN

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Clarissa loves experimenting with food of all cultures to make unique healthy dishes. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for new recipe inspiration she likes to pick up a DIY project and use her creative hands to make art or crafts. In her down time you can find her watching the latest documentaries on Netflix or going for nature walks.

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