Refrigerators are definitely one of the best appliances we have in our home; what would we even do without them? They store the majority of our food and ensures that it lasts longer than it would at room temperature. The problem is, sometimes it can get a little messy. How do we solve this mess issue? A few simple tricks can change the entire look of your fridge and make your life significantly easier.

1. Label Refrigerator Door

Our fridge doors can get awfully messy between grabbing the barbeque sauce as we race out to flip our steaks on the barbeque and the kids needing ketchup for just about every meal.

To keep things tidy, label each shelf so every family member knows where each food product goes. If everything has a place, it will help your fridge door stay tidy! PHOTOS BY: BETTER HOMES & GARDENS

2. Mini Pull Out Drawers

It can be difficult to find a place for all those smaller food products when it can often make your shelves get very cluttered quickly.

Install some mini pull out drawers that can help you store some miscellaneous groceries that are on the smaller side of things. PHOTOS BY: THE KRAZY COUPON LADY

3. Stackable Wine Rack

Wine racks don’t just belong in the wine cellar! You can use them to help you chill some of your favorite drinks from water to wine in the fridge.

Set up your stackable wine rack in the fridge and slide all your bottles into the holder to make sure that when you open your fridge, nothing comes rolling out and smashes on the floor. PHOTOS BY: THE KRAZY COUPON LADY

4. Ongoing Grocery Inventory

It can be so difficult to create a shopping list of what you need to buy when you have to think of every single food product in the fridge.

An ongoing grocery inventory kept on the front or side of your fridge can help you tally up exactly what you need and what you already have. Your budget will thank you as well! PHOTOS BY: CHIOT’S RUN

5. Magnetic Bottle Holders

If you run the risk of knocking over beer bottles or old style soda bottles, installing some magnetic bottle holders into your fridge is definitely a great idea.

These simple inventions keep your bottle upright to prevent any spilling or rolling of the bottles in your fridge. So simple, yet so helpful.


6. Snack Station

Your little ones sure do love to snack, don’t they? Instead of having to prep something for them every time they are hungry, try this new strategy!

Proportion all your little snacks into small containers and Ziploc bags and store in a basket in the fridge where your kids can access it. PHOTOS BY: HAPPY GO LUCKY BLOG

7. Label The Inside

If you have anyone else helping you unload groceries and put them away (hopefully your spouse and/or children!) it can get a little confusing about where everything goes.

Use classy labels to ensure that there is a place for everything in your fridge so you don’t forget about that hummus your child accidentally put in the very back of the fridge behind the milk and orange juice! PHOTOS BY: CLEAN AND SCENTSIBLE

8. Bacon Holder

Bacon is a finicky food product to have leftovers of, because, how do you store it?! Have no fear though, we have tracked down an amazing product that will solve all your bacon needs.

Simply pop your extra bacon in this container and store with all your other meat for another breakfast where bacon is simply essential.


9. Egg Holder

If you need a place to store your eggs, or boiled/devilled eggs for that matter, this multi-layered container will help you keep things neat and tidy in the fridge.

It is also perfect for bringing your famous deviled eggs to the next family gathering or potluck party successfully without them falling apart in the car!



10. Plastic Wrap Shelves

Have you ever had a spill in your fridge? It is an absolute disaster to clean up and usually involves unloading the entire fridge for a lengthy cleanup.

Instead, use Press’n Seal wrap to add a layer of protection on each of your shelves. Next time there’s a spill, you won’t have to worry about scrubbing, just start peeling! PHOTOS BY: LISTOTIC

11. Storage Bins

Is your family a busy family? Probably! Keeping all your lunch food products in different bins throughout the fridge makes it easy for the kids to pack their own lunch.

You can even add the quantity your little students can have each day. For example, one juice box and one milk carton. PHOTOS BY: FOUR GENERATIONS ONE ROOF

12. Soda Organization

Have you ever opened your fridge and realized that it consists of a multitude of soda cans strewn all over your fridge shelf?

Simply purchasing a simple soda can holder can make your fridge so much more organized while maintaining easy selection and access.


13.  Keep Those Travel Packets!

Travel packets may seem to litter the bottom of your car, but they are the absolute best thing you can hang on to when you’re on a road trip.

Keep these packets stored in your fridge in a little shelf for when you’re driving your kiddos to their extracurricular activities and don’t have time to eat at the table. PHOTOS BY: THE KITCHN

14. Magnetic Cups

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your guests and kids could grab themselves a cup of water whenever they needed it – without needing you?

Adding magnetic cups to your fridge is a great way to skip the whole “would you like a drink?” or “I think you’re thirsty, have a drink!”. Instead, your family and friends can grab a plastic cup whenever they need some cool water and get hydrated! PHOTOS HERE: MADE EVERYDAY

15. Upside Down Squeeze Bottles

One of the most irritating things about barbequing is when you try to add sauces to your burger and they splatter everywhere because there isn’t much left in the bottle.

Skip this frustration and use the egg cartons you would typically throw out to home your almost-done condiments. PHOTOS BY: LISTOTIC

16. Produce Jars

I can’t believe I never thought of this! What a genius hack for families that want to be able to see their healthy snacks as easily as possible.

The best part is, there’s a turntable so you don’t have to dig through your fridge trying to find fruit when you’re hungry. PHOTOS BY: CLEAN & SCENTSIBLE

17. Uniform Sauce Containers

If there’s one thing that makes your fridge look gross, it’s old, crusty condiment bottles! This may be adding an extra step to your typical grocery day, but I promise you, once you try it, you’ll never go back!

Next time you open your fridge, you’ll find clean bottles with labels indicating when you need to throw them out! No more stinky, gross condiments. PHOTOS BY: CLEAN AND SCENTSIBLE

18. Slide-out Bag Holder

Am I the only one that has Ziploc bags piling up in my fridge? I really need to stop using them and get containers, but in the meantime, this organizational hack is genius.

With the Zip Store, you’ll be able to see where all of your cheese and leftovers are so you can actually eat them before they expire. PHOTOS BY: CRAFTSY HACKS

19.  Wine Bottle Stabilizers

It’s funny that wine bottles need stabilizers because our stabilizer is wine. Ain’t that the truth?! These nifty gadgets will keep your wine from rolling around in your fridge.

Now you never need to worry about opening your packed fridge and having a wine bottle roll out and smash on the ground. PHOTOS BY: QUIRKY

20. Meals in a Bag

This is such an inexpensive hack and only requires some saran wrap and brown paper bags. How long do you spend standing in front of your fridge and wondering what the heck you will make for supper?

This brown bag supper hack eliminates that issue altogether. Grab a bag of food and prep your supper! PHOTOS BY: LIVE BETTER LIFESTYLE

21. Lazy Susan

Like pull-out racks, lazy Susans  (also known as shelving turntables) are a great way to observe an array of products that you store in your fridge. This lazy Susan is also white and clear which makes for a clean, slick design that will look nice in your fridge.

Consider using the lazy Susan to store condiments or as a snack station for the family! There are so many other great ways to use it in your kitchen too. Check out these Unique Lazy Susan DIY Hack Ideas: 15 Simple Ways To Organize Your Kitchen. PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: FORKLY

22. DIY Kitchen Hack: Super Simple Snack Station

This is a super fun, easy hack for you to help organize your cupboard or fridge and create a simple snack station for your kids, whether you need it to stop them from yelling “Mooooooom I’m hungryyyyy” for the millionth time this summer break or simply want to make lunch-making easier when back to school hits. It’s super flexible and there are actually a few different ways to use it! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: FORKLY

Lindsay Duncan

Lindsay loves cooking fun and creative meals for friends and family. At home, you can find her trying out a new recipe found on Pinterest while trying to balance her husband's sweet tooth with her healthy eating habits. If she's not in the kitchen, you'll find Lindsay photographing people she loves and going out with friends to try the newest restaurant in her small town.

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