Cupboards play an important role in the kitchen! They store our dishes, dry food, bakeware, and so much more! In fact, they store so much that there is no wonder as to why it’s so hard keeping them organized.

Maintaining organization in your kitchen cupboards doesn’t have to hard and it doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve created a list of amazing tools, hacks, and ideas on how you can ensure your cupboards stay organized. As a bonus, all of these ideas are incredibly budget-friendly too! The secret is to use items from the dollar store! So let’s get organized together and save money too.

1. Magazine Holder Organizer

Store assorted food wrap boxes together by repurposing a magazine rack. You can group the boxes together and store it on a shelf in your kitchen cupboards.

Stand the magazine up vertically or lay it on its side. Alternatively, you could also use a magazine holder to store cutting boards or to simply create additional shelving space in your kitchen cupboards. PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: PRETTY PROVIDENCE

2. DIY Magnetic Dollar Store Spice Rack

Why store spices in your kitchen cupboard when you can store them on your cupboard door! This thrifty idea combines magnetic canisters with a baking sheet to create an awesome magnetic spice rack.

The best part is all the materials can be found at your local dollar store. You could even take your organization one step further and go as far as to label each canister! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: A CULTIVATED NEST

3. Under the Sink Organization

The cupboards under the stink can often be the most unutilized space in the kitchen. Stop storing your common cleaning products in a disarray and get organized!

This blogger shares how a few plastic containers from the dollar store can transform the space under your sink. You can use stackable containers for sponges, dishcloths, and other assorted products. Further, use dollar store containers to store cleaning products and consider using a caddy to store your most commonly used cleaning products for easy accessibility. PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: NEAT HOUSE SWEET HOME

4. Can Organizer

Stocking up on canned goods is always a great idea, especially when they go on sale! And because they have a long shelf life you don’t have to worry about them going bad.

However, don’t just stack your cans in the cupboard, get organized and put this awesome can organizer to good use. We also recommend placing cans with older dates near the front so that they are used first! PHOTOS AND PRODUCT HERE: DOLLAR TREE

5. DIY Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan’s are a great kitchen tool that allows you to have a 360-degree view of everything that is stored on it. Unfortunately, they’re not always budget-friendly.

This awesome tutorial proves how a couple of round cake pans and a bag of marbles from the dollar store can come together to create your very own Lazy Susan. Place the lazy Susan in your cupboard and store extra condiments or whatever you want on it! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: THE COUNTRY CHIC COTTAGE

6. Lazy Susan Hack

In contrast, some dollar stores carry ready-made Lazy Susan’s and if that’s the case you could skip the DIY hack and try implementing this idea! You can use a lazy Susan in many different areas in your kitchen.

You can use it as a condiment caddy, to store snacks, cleanings supplies and more! The options are truly endless! Check out all the ways you can organize with a Lazy Susan with these Unique Lazy Susan DIY Hack Ideas: 15 Simple Ways To Organize Your Kitchen. PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: FORKLY

7. Tupperware & Lid Organizer

Plastic storage containers are great especially for storing leftovers or transporting our lunches. However, we all know too well how quickly Tupperware can become disorganized in the cupboard.

To organize your Tupperware simple pick up two plastic bins from the dollar store. Use one bin for storing the lids and the other for storing the containers. You could even go as far as to label the bins too! PHOTOS AND IDEA HERE: DOLLAR TREE

8. Paper Towel Holder

Paper towels can take up sacred counter space! Instead, why not store your paper towels in your cupboards by implementing this awesome paper towel holder.

This tutorial requires just a few materials from the dollar store. You’ll need adhesive hooks and string! Follow the tutorial and before you know it you’ll have a paper towel holder conveniently tucked away in your kitchen cupboards. PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: SEW MANY WAYS

9. Pots & Pans Lid Organizer

Much like the cupboard that stores our Tupperware, the pots and pan cupboard is also often cluttered and messy. Ensure that your pot lids stay easily accessible and organized by creating this lid organizer.

All you need is adhesive hooks found at the dollar store. Measure the width of the lid, adhere the hooks to the back of the cupboard door and voila! You’ll be able to access the lids without having to shuffle everything around in the cupboard. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: INSTRUCTABLES

10. Clear Storage Jars

Instead of storing dried goods in the containers they came in transfer them into clear storage jars. The dollar store has a large assortment of different sizes and shapes! You’ll also be able to find both plastic and glass jars.

While clear storage jars will look aesthetically pleasing, it serves a practical purpose too! Clear jars allow you to see exactly what is in each container, as well as how much product you have left! Running low? Time to add it to your grocery list! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: ROCKY HEDGE FARM

11. Labels

Labels are a great way to stay organized anywhere in your house! Now that you have added storage bins and jars in your cupboards, go ahead and label them to ensure everything remains organized.

The dollar store has a large assortment of different labels. They range in different sizes, shapes, and colors! In addition, they’re essentially stickers which means they’re easy to use! PHOTOS AND PRODUCT HERE: DOLLAR TREE

12. Cutting Board Organizer

Cutting boards are important tools, especially in the kitchen! However, instead of stuffing them into a drawer, or a cupboard, try using this awesome cutting board organizer.

All you’ll need is a wire shelf and zip ties, both of which can be found at your local dollar store. The zips ties prevent the cutting boards from falling through the wire bars and the tutorial will walk you through how to install them. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THAT’S WHAT CHE SAID

13.  Wire Spice Rack Shelf

Another great way to store your spices is to use this wire spice rack shelf. This awesome 3 tiered rack can be found at the Dollar Tree!

The different levels allow you to see the spices in the back as well as allows you to access them easily. Further, the rack will fit nicely on a shelf in a kitchen cupboard. PHOTOS AND PRODUCT FROM: DOLLAR TREE

14. Stackable Containers

If you don’t already, start storing your garbage and recycling under the sink. This awesome idea uses stackable containers from the dollar store to create a recycling station.

You can use a separate bin for plastics, paper, and cans. The bins will fit nicely tucked away under your sink. Not only will this help you to stay organized but it can help your little ones learn how to recycle too! PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: DOLLAR TREE

15. Shelf Liners

Jazz up the shelves in your kitchen cupboards with this awesome shelf liner hack! This blogger shares how a 1 dollar roll of wrapping paper can transform the drawers and the shelves in your kitchen!

This idea allows you to add any color or pattern! In contrast, the dollar store also offers shelf liners if you are looking for a non-slip solution! PHOTOS AND IDEAS TUTORIAL HERE: SO THE COOK SAID

16. Under the Sink Brush Holders

The cupboard under the sink can become a disorganized mess quickly. There is no question as to why! We store cleaning products, cleaning tools and more!

A great way to maximize your cabinet space is to use adhesive hooks. These hooks will allow you to hang small brooms, cleaning brushes, gloves and so much more! PHOTOS AND IDEAS HERE: A BOWL FULL OF LEMONS

17. Wire Cabinet Shelves

Maximize your shelf space by adding these wire cabinet shelves. They allow you to instantly increase your shelf space without having to hammer or install an additional shelf.

These wire shelves can be found at the Dollar Tree. Use the shelves to store dishes, canned goods, and more! PHOTOS AND PRODUCT FROM: DOLLAR TREE

18. Food Wrap Storage

Earlier we talked about how you can store food wrap boxes in a magazine rack but this idea shows how you can store them on the back of a kitchen cabinet door. All you’ll need are adhesive hooks, and dowels from the dollar store.

This tutorial requires only 2 easy steps to assemble the dowels. Although, you could add an additional step if you’d like to stain or paint the wood. This idea stores the food wrap boxes neatly away but also allows them to be easily accessible. PHOTOS AND TUTORIAL HERE: IHEART ORGANIZING

Now that you’ve organized your kitchen cupboards, check out more ways to organize your kitchen using dollar store items:

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