Keeping the house organized can make all the difference in living more stress-free. Recent studies have shown that when it comes to messes and clutter it can play an important role in how we feel about our home and also how we feel about ourselves. When our home is filled with clutter and disorganized messes it can leave us feeling anxious and overwhelmed. However, many of us do not realize that clutter can be a common source of stress. While a common stressor like your job may not be the easiest thing to fix, keeping an organized home is.

When it comes to the pantry it should be treated no differently than other areas of your home. Afterall it is often a common place where we access our most commonly used foods. Things like half-eaten boxes of crackers or open bags of chips can quickly add up causing mayhem in the pantry. It’s time to organize your pantry with life-changing tips and gadgets that will make all the difference. The clutter doesn’t have to overwhelm you, just take it one step at a time and before you know you’ll look back and wonder why you hadn’t done this sooner!

1. Group By Dates

An easy method that we often skip or don’t even think about is grouping your pantry items by date. It might sound tedious but if you can dedicate a bit of time to your pantry to complete this you’ll thank yourself later.

By doing this it will ensure that you’re using foods that are soon to expire first. This will also prevent you from letting foods sit too long and letting them go bad. Which in result can actually save you money!

2. Store Bulky Items Near The Bottom

Regardless of the size of your pantry, a quick and easy tip to keep it organized is to always store the bulky items near the bottom. There is nothing worse than trying to lift a big bulky item over your head. It’s just a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Furthermore, the look of your items going from small at the top the big at the bottom might be aesthetically pleasing to you as well. This method will help keep you and your family safe all the while helping to maintain an organized pantry.

3. Keep Frequently Used Items At Eye Level

When you open your pantry the worst is having to look high and low for one singular item. While you organize your pantry it would be wise to keep frequently used items at eye level.

This will offer convenience when you search the pantry and will help put your mind at ease that the set up of your pantry makes sense. Afterall you want your pantry to be a stress-free zone, right?

4. Clear Containers

When organizing your pantry using clear containers is a great way to observe everything easily. It also decreases the amount of boxed and bagged items that may be floating on your shelves inside the pantry. This is a 10-piece set that offers a variety of different sizes that can fit many different kinds of bulk items.

They’re made of BPA-free durable plastic. Plastic might be a better choice especially if you have a family because we’ve all seen what can happen when glass jars get dropped. These containers also have a lid-lock mechanism that makes the containers air-tight to keep your food fresh.

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5. Lazy Susan

Like pull-out racks, lazy susans  (also know as shelving turntables) are a great way to observe an array of products that you store in your pantry. This lazy susan is also white and clear which makes for a clean, slick design that will look nice in your pantry.

While regular wooden lazy susans are great for the kitchen table you may want to choose one that has a lip on it for the pantry. This can help prevent anything from sliding off and making a mess. For more ideas on how to use the lazy Susan in your kitchen check out these Unique Lazy Susan DIY Hack Ideas: 15 Simple Ways To Organize Your Kitchen.


6. Under Shelf Paper Towel Dispenser

When it comes to leaving items on the counter a roll of paper towels seems harmless. However, before you know it that one roll of paper towels becomes number 10 of the items kept on the counter. So to help keep your counter clutter-free and to keep your pantry organized you could use this under shelf paper towel dispenser.

These paper towel dispenser will fit nicely on the shelves of your pantry so they’re neatly tucked away but are still easily accessible. It may be a good idea to locate the paper towel dispenser on a lower shelve if you want your kids to be able to easily access them too.

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7. Over The Door Pantry

This over the door pantry is another great way to maximize space in a small compact way. If you have a walk-in pantry these hanging shelves will work best on the inside of your door. It also offers you additional shelving space in your pantry.

These shelves are wide enough that you can store a variety of sized containers. You could even consider putting your most popularly used items on this hanging shelve for quick and easy access.

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8. Stackable Can Rack Organizer

We often store canned goods in the pantry because it’s a food item that can be purchased in bulk and then stored for long periods of time. Canned foods are also an easy way to have inexpensive food that is readily available. However, cans can become bulky and pile up and not mention can sometimes be forgotten about, like that one can of peas that have been pushed to the very back of the pantry.

These can rack organizer allow you to keep your cans organized by food groups and allows you to store them in a tidier way. The shelves are also angled so as you take a can the row will roll forward offering even more convenience. When the row is getting low or empty you’ll quickly know it’s time to purchase more of that canned item. These racks are also stackable so you can buy as many as you want and stack them in the pantry.

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9. Over The Door Shoe Organizer

A shoe organizer might sound strange to have in the kitchen but stay with us here and we’ll tell you why you need it! A shoe organizer can be used for so much more than storing shoes, you can use it in your craft room, in the bathroom and importantly here, in the pantry.

It easily hangs off the door, to keep it out of sight you’ll want to hang it on the inside of the door. You could consider using it for storing easily accessible snacks. The clear pockets make everything easy to see and find which means when the kids come home from school they can go to the pantry and grab a snack.

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10. Hanging Chip Clips

I’m sure we’ve all bought the big boxes of mini bags of chips from Costco and know too well how bulky those boxes are. If you happen to buy one of the boxes that have multiple flavors it can be a minor annoyance to dig through the box to find what which flavor you want.

These chip clips allow you to store chip bags neatly away in your pantry. You can also clip them in order according to flavor for easy access. This hanging chip clip also has a hook on the top so you could hang it on the back of the door in your pantry or you could install a hook and hang it off there.

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11. 2-Tier Sliding Organizer

Many pantries are made with built-in shelves, while they may be handy for storage when it comes to pantry items it can be easy for items to become lost behind or on top of one another. These sliding organizer can replace the shelves or can be placed on a shelf to add dimension to your pantry.

The sliding drawers will allow you to pull out an array of items at a time so you can see them a lot easier. This offers convenience and easy accessibility.

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12. Kitchen Wrap Organizer

Many of us store leftovers in freezer bags or use plastic wrap to keep our food fresh. The bulky boxes that these come in can take up a lot of space. Instead of stacking the kitchen wrap boxes or laying them flat in a drawer, could use this organizer.

It allows you to store them vertically which will take up less space in the pantry. This organizer will keep everything in one place while taking up minimal space.

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13. Fruits And Vegetable Wire Bin

Many vegetables like potatoes and onions store better in a ventilated bin. This is why this wire bin would be a good idea to have in your pantry. The divided sections allow you to store multiple vegetables in one area at a time.

Some vegetables like potatoes, need to be stored in a dark cool place which makes the pantry a great candidate. Make sure to keep this wire bin on a lower shelf so the vegetables stay out of the light.

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14. Chalkboard Wall Sticker

Chalkboard stickers are a lot easier to use and create less mess to the alternative chalk paint. This vinyl comes in the dimension of 17 inches by 78 inches so you’ll have a lot of product to work with. You could use the chalkboard wall sticker to custom fit inside the doors of your pantry.

Once you securely established the chalkboard wall you could use it to plan out your weekly meals so you know exactly what you’re having each day. You can also use one panel just for a grocery list. once you take items out of your pantry and notice you need to restock simply add it to the list. This will also help prevent you from buying unneeded supplies and keep your pantry as well as your grocery shopping organized.

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15. Chalk Board Labels

Labeling the jars in your pantry is a great way to transfer bulk items into reusable containers and to keep those containers organized. These chalkboard labels come with 96 pieces in all different shapes so you have a variety to choose from.

It also comes with a chalk pen so that is one less thing you’ll have to buy. They’re easy to adhere to your jars as they’re just a peel stick label. Chalkboard labels might be a better idea rather than printed labels so that you can easily change up what you keep inside each jar. Reusing the same label will save you money and time considering you won’t have to print a new label every time you change the contents of the jar.

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16. Removable Linen Hooks

Hanging hooks in your pantry allow you to maximize the use of even more space. You can now not only use the shelving space but any extra wall space too.

What makes these hooks great is that they require no tools to install and they won’t damage your walls either. Hang the hooks on the inside of your pantry and hang kitchen linens, oven mitts, and aprons so that you don’t have to dedicate a kitchen drawer for these essential items.

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17. Packet Organizers

Transform a simple sink caddy into a multi-purpose organizing tool! In your pantry, you can use these caddies to store loose packets of soup, seasonings and powdered juices.

This set comes with 3 clear caddies with stronghold suction cups. If the suction cups don’t stick to your wall, you could consider using these Picture Hanging Strips to attach the caddies to the wall without damaging the paint on your walls!

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18. Under Shelf Basket

Maximize your shelving space by using these under shelf baskets. They slide effortlessly onto a shelf and allow you even more surface area for more organization.

You could store an array of different pantry items! Keep in mind it’s important to measure your pantry to ensure that these slide-in baskets will fit!

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19. No-Slip 3-Tier Storage Organizer

This is another excellent organizer that allows you to maximize your shelving space in your pantry. It has 3 tiers so that you can access and see your items easily.

You could use this to store cans, jars of sauces or even as a spice rack! Additionally, it has a no-slip shelf lining to ensure that your products stay in place.

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20. Clear Storage Bins with Handles

Previously we discussed how clear food containers could help keep your pantry organized so here we are sharing clear storage bins. The idea is the same, the clear bins allow you to see exactly what is inside.

Further, these bins are stackable to maximize storage. This set of 6 durable storage bins are shatter resistant and food safe!

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21. Pantry Pan and Pot Lid Organizer

Sometimes it’s hard to keep pots and pans organized especially if they’re stuffed away in a kitchen cabinet. Free up some cabinet space and store your pots, pans, and their lids in your pantry using this organizer!

This awesome organizer can store up to 5 pots, pans, or lids. It can be used both vertically and horizontally depending on your pantry space.

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22. Plastic Bag Organizer

Plastic bags have a way of accumulated quickly. When you bring your groceries home reuse those plastic bags either for your next shopping trip or for garbage bags throughout the house.

This organizer allows you to keep them organized in one place. It conveniently hands over the door of your pantry so that it’s out of sight and tucked away. Alternatively, if you don’t use plastic bags, you can also store your reusable shopping bags in this basket in between shopping trips!

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23. Mop & Broom Holder

If you have space, storing cleaning supplies and tools in your pantry is a great idea! Stop throwing your brooms and mops in a corner in your kitchen and store them on this mop and broom holder!

Further, It can hold up to 5 brooms or mops.  You can install the holder to the back of your pantry door or on the inside of your pantry if you have enough wall space.

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24. DIY Kitchen Hack: Super Simple Snack Station

This is a super fun, easy hack for you to help organize your cupboard or fridge and create a simple snack station for your kids, whether you need it to stop them from yelling “Mooooooom I’m hungryyyyy” for the millionth time this summer break or simply want to make lunch-making easier when back to school hits. It’s super flexible and there are actually a few different ways to use it!

Fill the drawers with snacks and keep it tucked away in your pantry!

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