Cinco de Mayo is just a day away and we have delicious, last-minute recipes to help  you make this fiesta one to remember.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been dishing out countless Cinco de Mayo recipes to try this year. From Cinco de Mayo appetizer ideas to Cinco de Mayo food ideas for kids, we have everything you need to make sure everyone has something tasty to eat this festive season.

To close off our countdown, we have these 5 delicious and unique Mexican dip and salsa recipes. All of the recipes are incredibly easy-to-make and will leave a lasting impression on your fellow party-goers.

*Click images for full recipes

1. Orange Chipotle Salsa


2. Easy, Five Mexican Dip


3. Light 7 Layer Dip


4. Best Guacamole Recipe


5. Mango Salsa



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