On New Year’s Eve, revelers around the globe celebrate new beginnings with dinners and parties with the ones they love! However, it’s how they celebrate, or what they consider lucky to eat while celebrating, that differs greatly from culture to culture.

We have researched traditional eats that many cultures consider lucky to chow down on in order for good fortune in the New Year. We’ll also include delicious recipes that correlate to these traditional lucky foods!

1. Soba

Noodle dishes are popular in Asian countries, like Japan and China. However, traditional buckwheat (or soba) noodles make the menu at most New Year’s Eve celebrations due to their significance. Many believe that consuming a bowl of noodles come midnight on December 31 will bring the lucky slurper longevity or bear tidings for a long, healthful life.

2. Speedy Miso Spinach Mushroom Ramen

Ring in the new year with a quick and hearty meal. This miso spinach mushroom ramen is delicious and effortless to make. From start to finish you’ll have this meal made in 30 minutes. All you’ll need are shiitake mushrooms, veggie broth, soba noodles, baby spinach, white miso paste, tamari, and a few other fresh ingredients.

3. Pomegranate

Pomegranates are considered a lucky food to eat in Turkey at New Year’s Eve for two very noteworthy reasons. Firstly, the round shape of the sweet seeds resembles coins and therefore prosperity. While, secondly, the red color of the fruit is believed to symbolize a healthy heart as well as the promise of fertility for the person eating it.

4. Pomegranate And Dark Chocolate Bites

Pomegranate seeds are delicious on their own, however, get creative and enjoy them for a dessert on New Year’s Eve with this recipe. You’ll need about 8 minutes and only 3 ingredients to make these delicious bites. The rich flavor of chocolate is complemented by the sweet flavor of pomegranate and is balanced with a sprinkle of sea salt. Enjoy this treat and hope for a prosperous year to come!


5. Pickled Herring

They sure do love their pickled fish in European countries like Germany, Poland, and Scandinavia. However, eating a plate of pickled herring when the clock strikes midnight is customary if you hope the coming year will be bountiful. You see, herring itself is not only an abundant staple in Europe; the silverfish is thought to symbolize good fortune.

6. Pickled Herring Sandwich

Some enjoy pickled herring on its own, however, if you’re looking to make a light meal out of it then try this recipe! This pickled herring sandwich is flourishing in delicious ingredients and will keep you satisfied until your next meal. Start with your favorite bread and add a layer of butter. Then add a lovely homemade beet slaw, your favorite pickled herring, and a few other exciting ingredients!

7. Pork

In Cuba and Spain, the pig is a well-known emblem of progress and innovation. Not only do residents enjoy a variety of pork dishes; they also bake cookies and pastries shaped like the animal as a sign of “moving forward” into a new year.

8. Slow Cooker Pork Loin Roast

Transition into the new year with a savory tender pork loin roast. Your slow cooker will help you create a delicious meal with little effort! For this recipe, you can use pork loin or shoulder. Start by mixing the brine and then rub it all over the pork. Then, brown the pork in a large skillet before adding it to the slow cooker. Lastly, you’ll want to make the delicious honey butter sauce. Combine the sauce with the pork in the slow cooker and set it and walk away until it’s ready!


9. Sauerkraut

Germany has a tradition that extends one step further than simply eating pork on New Year’s Eve. While is it still believed that eating pork will bring good luck and well-being, in Germany, the tradition stands that eating pork with sauerkraut will bring blessings of wealth for the new year. Traditionally those partaking in the meal would wish each other as much wealth and goodness as the number of shreds of cabbage in the jar of sauerkraut.

10. Homemade Quick And Easy Sauerkraut

Pair the slow cooked pork loin with a lovely homemade sauerkraut. This recipe is quick and easy you might find yourself choosing it over store-bought everytime you crave it! All you’ll need is 1 medium head of white cabbage, sea salt, and filtered water. This recipe provides a thorough step by step instructions that make the preparation simple and stress-free!

11. Grapes

The country of the Philippines takes much significance from the shape of the grape, where the coin-like fruit is a welcome guest at New Year’s parties as long as it’s eaten in quantities of 13, a lucky number. While in Spain, 12 grapes are eaten to bring luck for each coming month of the New Year. However, pay attention to the taste of each grape. It is believed that if one is bitter, you need to watch out for that month.

12. Chicken Salad With Grapes

This recipe puts a sweeter twist on a traditional chicken salad recipe! Along with cooked shredded chicken and grapes, you’ll also need pecans, celery, poppy seeds, and a creamy homemade dressing. This salad is great as a side or on a bun served as a sandwich!


13. Cornbread

Cornbread is a favorite at most Southern American tables. However, on New Year’s Eve, a side of cornbread with your meal is consumed to bring fortune. The bread’s golden-baked color is considered extra lucky as far as monetary success is concerned.

14. Easy Homemade Cornbread

There’s nothing like a warm plate of homemade cornbread. This recipe is incredibly easy and will taste as if it came straight from Grandma’s kitchen! You’ll need a small handful of ingredients and just 5 minutes to prep. Then, place the cornbread in the oven and in no time you’ll have a lucky golden treat to indulge in!

15. Lentils

In Italy, most New Year’s revelers will nosh on bowls of green lentils with sausage in hopes of a year of prosperity. The lentils, which swell when cooked, are believed to symbolize coins or wealth.

16. Incredible Instant Pot Red Lentil Chili

Lentils are a great source of protein and they provide a wonderful texture especially for chili. Our Instant Pot lentil chili can be made in a hurry and will surely become a family favorite! This chili is meat-free and a great option for anyone following a plant-based diet or for those who have a gluten or dairy allergy. It may be meat-free but this chili remains loaded with wonderful flavors and loads of nutrients.


17. Fish

In Asian culture, fish and abundance go hand in hand. In fact, eating fish is considered good luck as long as the fish is served whole with the head and tail still attached. This is believed to symbolizes a prosperous year from beginning to end.

18. Baked Whole Fish With Lemon Herb Garlic Butter

Kick off a prosperous year by enjoying a savory baked whole fish. This recipe will walk you through how to perfectly season your fish with an alluring lemon herb and garlic butter. While you wait for the fish to bake in the oven, whip up the delicious salsa. Serve the hot fish with the salsa and your favorite sides for a delicious New Year’s dinner!

19. Greens

The color green is a symbol of good luck which is why eating greens on New Year’s Eve are believed to bring good fortune. The green symbolizes money so if you’re hoping for a year of wealth you might want to consider eating a plate abundant in fresh greens!

20. Salad With Goat Cheese And Maple Balsamic Dressing

If you feel like salad is boring then perhaps you need to change up the ingredients that go into your salad. This salad is thriving in healthy ingredients and is full of delicious flavors and exciting textures. Use a spring mix for the base and add chopped pear, candied pecans, dried cherries, and crumbled goat cheese. You’ll also be provided with a delicious homemade maple balsamic dressing recipe!


21. Cake

It is believed that eating a round shape dessert or a ring-shaped cake will bring a full circle of luck for that following year. In other traditions, some would even bake a coin into the cake which is believed to bring an extra serving of good luck to the one who finds it!

22. Greek New Year’s Cake

This recipe is lucky for two reasons, the round shape and it contains the lucky coin! This Greek vasilopita New Year’s cake contains simple ingredients and is easy to make too! This fluffy cake has hints of lemon flavor that is refreshing and delicious! Wrap a large coin in aluminum foil and drop in the batter right before baking! Whoever finds it may have extra luck for the whole year!

23. Dumplings

Traditionally, the day before Chinese New Year, many families will make dumplings together. Dumblings have a similar shape to the ancient Chinese currency, gold ingots. For this reason, it is believed that eating them on New Year’s Eve will bring financial luck!

24. Pan Fried Chinese Dumplings

Dumplings or potstickers, whichever you call them are an Asian classic. Instead of ordering takeout, make these pan-fried Chinese dumplings in the comfort of your own home! The dumplings are filled with ground beef and sliced scallions. You’ll need just a small handful of ingredients to make them and you can have them ready in under an hour! Make a large batch on New Year’s Eve and indulge to bring financial luck for the following year!


25. Black Eyed Peas

Eating black-eyed peas on New Years is a Southern American tradition. Not many crops are able to grow during the winter months, however, black-eyed peas hold up well and are believed to bring prosperity to those who eat them.

26. Black-Eyed Peas Soup With Collard Greens And Sausage

Warm up on New year’s eve with a delicious bowl of black-eyed pea soup! This recipe includes two lucky ingredients, black-eyed peas, and collard greens! Some other exciting flavors you’ll experience are garlic, smoked sausage, thyme and loads of veggies that make it nutritious too!

27. Oranges And Tangerines

Oranges and tangerines are common food symbols of the Chinese New Year. Tangerines are believed to represent wealth while oranges are a symbol of good luck. Further, their cheerful color is believed to be correlated with good fortune. During Chinese New Year You will often find oranges and tangerines displayed as decorations but they are also exchanged to bring food fortune to friends and family.

28. Dreamy Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins

While you exchange oranges with friends for good fortune consider baking a batch of these dreamy orange chocolate chip muffins too. These healthy muffins are easy to make and are packed full of bold flavor. The chocolate is complemented by fresh orange juice and zest that together make one unforgettable treat!

Clarissa Vanner

Clarissa loves experimenting with food of all cultures to make unique healthy dishes. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for new recipe inspiration she likes to pick up a DIY project and use her creative hands to make art or crafts. In her down time you can find her watching the latest documentaries on Netflix or going for nature walks.

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