1. Improves Eye Health

Drinking wine has become a wonderful way for people to wind down for the evening before resting their eyes for the night.

Did you know that win can help stop blood vessels from growing out of control in the eyes? As a result, wine then helps prevent age-related macular degeneration. Whoa.

2. Slows Brain Decline

One of the scariest things people who are getting older fear is getting Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Losing your memory is one thing that people never want to lose.

Wine feeds the brain in the same way food fills your stomach. It helps to improve brain function while red wine specifically helps the brain neurons from dying.

3. Contains Antioxidants

When you think of antioxidant-packed foods, you often will think of deep, dark colors similar to that of red wine.

However, if you are wanting some good antioxidant-related benefits for your wine drinking, select the white wine! While red wine can also help prevent cancer with antioxidants, white wine can often have a higher nutritional content in this category.

4. Promotes Life Longevity

Okay, so your new favorite word is going to be resveratrol. Why? Because it’s the stuff in wine that actually activates a protein in your body that is an anti-aging agent.

It may sound too good to be true, but drinking wine can actually help with keeping you looking young and youthful!

5. Lowers Cholesterol

If you struggle with high cholesterol, your new friend is going to be red wine. Take time to go to some wine tastings in case you aren’t a huge fan to start and find the right type of red wine you enjoy.

Red wine has something called procyanidins which actually help promote a healthy heart by assisting in lowering your cholesterol.

6. Strengths Bones

How many of us were told that we needed to drink our milk so we could have strong bones when we grew up? It’s been a common phrase that is still true today.

However, another method is by drinking red wine! Red wine contains silicon in quite a large amount that helps your bone mineral density improve over time.

7. Prevents Breakouts

Do you struggle with those nasty acne breakouts on your face? It’s time to start drinking some wine!

Resveratrol is found in wine which actually helps to prevent bacteria from loading onto your face and causing acne. Drinking wine is more effective than rubbing it on your face though, so don’t mistake this beauty hack as a face cleaner!

8. Regulates Blood Sugar

If blood sugar is a concern for you, consider including a small glass of wine into your daily routine to help with your blood sugar regulation.

Polyphenols are found in wine and help with regulating your blood sugar. The number of polyphenols present in wine actually rivals some of the diabetes medications on the market today.

9. Maintains Dental Health

After a night of sipping on red wine, you may find that your teeth have a slight discoloration due to the rich, red color. This may lead you to believe that wine isn’t great for your pearly whites, but that’s actually not the case!

Red wine helps to reduce the amount of bacteria on our teeth that causes plaque and other oral issues.

10. Reduces Risk of Liver Disease

It’s not abnormal for us to know a loved one who has liver disease, and we would do anything to help other family members take preventative measures to avoid getting this disease.

While wine is an alcoholic beverage, having just one glass a day can help prevent Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

11. Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

This may already be a well-known fact, but wine actually helps to improve your heart, thus lowering your chances of heart disease.

How does this happen? Well, red wine can help improve the flow of blood through your body by improving the health of blood vessels which then results in a lower chance of heart disease because everything is working like a well oiled machine.

12. Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer

Drinking red wine can sometimes double as a dessert or a treat at the end of a hard day at work. Many people don’t even think about the positive impact it has on their colon while they are sipping!

Red wine can help cut your chances of getting colon cancer in half if you sip on some of that good stuff within reason.

13. Increases Immunity

Everyone has a favorite drink that they love to enjoy with friends on a patio during a hot summer day. Whether it’s wine or beer, you can bet that everyone has a favorite.

Those who select wine may actually have stronger immune systems, making wine the obvious best choice at a bar. Wine can help reduce your inflammation and also calm down cold symptoms. Incredible!

14.  Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

While Type 2 Diabetes is something that is all too common in our North American society, there are measures we can take to try and prevent our bodies from getting this condition.

Drinking wine helps to reduce your risk of getting type 2 diabetes because the resveratrol in the wine resists insulin, making it healthy for your body to enjoy in moderation.

15. Lowers Risk of a Stroke

Are strokes present in your family’s health history? If so, sipping on a glass of wine from time to time may be a great way to be proactive about your health.

Though not present in any other form of alcohol, wine can actually help lower your risk of experiencing an ischemic stroke which is always a good thing!

Lindsay Duncan

Lindsay loves cooking fun and creative meals for friends and family. At home, you can find her trying out a new recipe found on Pinterest while trying to balance her husband's sweet tooth with her healthy eating habits. If she's not in the kitchen, you'll find Lindsay photographing people she loves and going out with friends to try the newest restaurant in her small town.

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