Easter is just a few weeks away and many parents are searching online for great ways to make this holiday fun for kids. Making fun and festive treats for your kids will light up their day and make them even more excited to celebrate this amazing holiday. If you’re looking for cool Easter treats to make this year, you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve scoured the web for the cutest and most unique treats and we’ve narrowed out list down to 11.

Consider making 1 (or all) of these delicious delights for your kids this holiday season!

1. Mini Spring Cupcakes

These absolutely adorable mini cupcakes are a great way to brighten up the day. They’re easy-to-make and are the perfect portion of sweetness for kids. There’s no need to eat full-size cupcake when you can get a small dose of sweetness with these M&M minis.

[Source: BrightIdeas.com]

2. Easter Basket Cookie Treats

These fun and simple cookies will be a sure hit with your little bunnies this year. They’re easy to whip up and can be made with a variety of ingredients to suit your child’s preferences. Make a batch of these and you’ll be as popular as the Easter Bunny with your kids this year.

[Source: SnackPicks.com]

3. Coconut Chick Cake Balls

These super cute coconut chick cake balls are perfect for any Easter gathering. Simply make cake balls the way you normally would and then roll them in yellow coconut shavings afterwards (you can dye the coconut shavings using yellow food coloring). These cute little guys will be the life of the party before you know it.

[Source: HungryHappenings.com]

4. Easter Snack Mix

Get your kids in the kitchen with you this Easter and let them help you make this simple, delicious Easter snack mix. It’s a great use-up for all that candy they’ll be getting in their baskets!

5. Easter Bunny Pretzel Treats

How cute are these little guys? Seriously. Not only are they easy enough to make that even your youngest children will likely be able to help but they’re a lot healthier than some of the other Easter treat recipes on the web. Make a large batch and serve them up to your kids’ friends – they’ll love them!

[Source: b-InspiredMama.com]

6. Rice Krispies Treat Eggs

Transform every child’s favorite treat into a festive snack this holiday season with these cute Rice Krispies Treat Easter eggs. You can decorate them in so many ways – and you can get your kids to help decorate them however they want as well (as long as they’re old enough). They’ll enjoy being creative and will love eating the treat they had a hand in making!

[Source: PennyWiseCook.com]

7. Butter Fudge Chubby Bunnies

These might just be the cutest little desserts we’ve ever seen. The peanut butter fudge chubby bunnies have become a huge hit on the social media sites (it’s obvious why) and we think every parent should attempt to make them this year. What kid wouldn’t love waking up to one of these on Easter Morning?!?

[Source: HungryHappenings.com]

8. Bite-Size Easter Brownies

These are super easy to create and are adorable little bite size treats. Make sure you make a large batch, though, because they won’t last long! Luckily, they take next-to-no-effort to make and they’re super affordable!

[Source: DesignerGirl007.typepadcom]

9. Easter Brownies

Sure, you can make the bite-size brownies we mentioned in the previous slide – or you can make these full-size, mouth-watering brownies (personally, we’d like to make both!). Jazz up the traditional treat with pastel-colored smarties and drizzle with chocolate fudge for one heck of a delicious Easter dessert!

[Source: BettyCrocker.com]

10. Colorful Coconut Easter Nests

The bright and festive Easter cups are the perfect addition to any dessert table. Use colorful mini jelly beans to create a spring nest of deliciousness! You can also wrap them up with cellophane, tie it with a pretty ribbon, and hand out to family, friends, and colleagues as a sweet Easter gift.

[Source: Brit.co]

11. Easy Easter Cookies

Did some of the treats on the list seems a little too intimidating to you? Don’t worry, you can still whip up a festive and fun treat for your family. These easy-to-make cookies use any classic cookie recipe (even the most amateur bakers can make cookies!) and transform them into an Easter delight by adding pastel colored mini M&Ms.

[Source: ThatSkinnyChickCanBake.com]

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