This might honestly be our most favorite cake.  It’s adorable, and it was so easy and quick to come together.

After icing the cake with buttercream, we used both Pink and Rose Wilton Gel Coloring to make the two colors for the flower crown on this pretty little bunny.  Then we used Leaf Green Gel Coloring, also from Wilton, to make the green for the leaves.

Using a 1M Wilton star tip, we alternated between the pinks to pipe rosettes around the top of the cake.  Then, we added leaves next to the flowers to complete the flower crown. Once we added a light dusting of our Easter Basket Sprinkle Mix, and our Easter Bunny Cake Kit, that was it!  This Easter Bunny cake was ready to serve.

Sprinkle tips:

Your buttercream will probably firm up before you get the chance to add the nose and eyes.  Use a little bit of buttercream on the back of the bunny nose and eyes to help them stick to your cake.

If you find your buttercream has a lot of air bubbles, just use a wooden spoon and mix your icing vigorously by hand for a few minutes and all the air bubbles will disappear.

Grab the Goods:

Easter Bunny Cake Kit:

Easter Basket Sprinkle Mix:

Extra tips:

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