Any excuse to get together for brunch is a welcome one, but Easter brunch brings a promise of starting anew, fresh spring ingredients, and, of course, something sweet (or many a few dessert-style cakes and recipes).

Here are 15 sumptuous springtime recipes for the loveliest of Easter brunches…

1. Caramelized Onion, Arugula, and Brie Tart

The perfect Easter brunch main or side dish will make your guests clap in springtime delight. This tart has all the fresh ingredients of the season.

Featuring farm fresh eggs, caramelized onions, arugula, and warm brie—all encased in a flaky pie shell and baked golden. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: DAIRY GOODNESS

2. Cinnamon Buns

Imagine waking Easter Sunday morning to the smell of sweet, warm, cinnamon buns—I can image the fresh aroma emanating from my kitchen now!

Your brood will race to the table in hopes of biting into one when it’s still hot and dripping with buttery icing. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: JO COOKS

3. Bacon with Citrus Glaze

The jaw-dropping, mouth-watering taste of bacon just improved. Now salty meets sweet citrus when crisp or lightly fried (anyway you like it) bacon is brushed ever-so-slightly with a sticky glaze of fresh orange zest and honey.

The glaze is applied and then baked right into the meat for a caramelized coating. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: MARTHA STEWART

4. Baked Apple-Cinnamon French Toast

French toast is perfectly nice for brunch, particularly infused with warm apples and sweet cinnamon. I make mine the day before so I can easy-breezy pop it in the oven as company is arriving.

This version of the classic French toast recipe lowers the calories by half, by swapping whole milk for skim (or almond milk) and beating in egg whites (no yolks). Trust me; your guests won’t even notice anything is missing. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: 3 YUMMY TUMMIES

5. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Mimosas

Mimosas class up any brunch—be it with family, neighbors, or girlfriends. And this easy mimosa recipe offers bubbly, fresh and classy with a twist—freshly squeezed instead of store-bought OJ.

I like to add variety by squeezing pitchers of orange, pink grapefruit, and lemon-tangerine juice in advance so that guests can add their own champagne. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: PEANUT BUTTER AND PEPPERS

6. Mini Smoked Salmon Frittatas

Mmmmm, a healthy combination of egg whites, low-fat cream cheese, scallions, and smoked salmon delivered to your plate in miniature portions? Yes, please!

You’ll be thanking the lucky Easter bunny for this health frittata version. It’s the perfect serving size for brunch! PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: HEALTHY ALWAYS

7. Gruyere Cheese Potatoes

Nothing goes better with pancakes and eggs than a crispy, cheese-filled serving of breakfast potatoes. It’s like having fries with a burger.

These gruyere cheese potatoes add some fancy clout to any springtime holiday by combining mini cubed potatoes (or shred in hash-style) a crispy topping of crushed Corn Flakes cereal, spring-fresh leeks, sweet cream, and authentic Gruyere cheese. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: JUST A LITTLE BIT OF BACON

8. Honey and Goat Cheese-Filled Fig Muffins

The sweet taste of figs meets the creamy-tangy flavor of smooth goat cheese (you can use another soft cheese instead if you don’t favor goat cheese) in these honey-made breakfast muffins.

I like to pop a batch in the oven on Easter morning so the smell of savory –sweet baked muffins greets them right at the door. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: FLYING ON JESS FUEL

9. Eggs Benedict Quiche with Hollandaise Sauce

It’s pretty hard to find another dish that can replace that perfection of eggs benedict, but when you’re serving a crowd of hungry Easter bunnies (your family), it can take a while to make.

Instead, try taking all the ingredients you would use for your eggs benedict and make a quiche that you can easily cut, serve, and reheat if needed. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: THE VIEW FROM GREAT ISLAND

10. Vegan Cinnamon Braid Buns

Do you have some people with eating restrictions in your midst? They don’t need to miss out on all the deliciousness brunch has to offer.

Make these incredible vegan cinnamon braids that will truly help those vegans feel like they’re part of the breakfast party! PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: TWO SPOONS

11. Lemon Crumble Breakfast Cake

Eating cake for breakfast isn’t always an acceptable meal, but when it’s Easter, anything goes! Especially when the Easter Bunny lays chocolate out for you to find on Easter morning.

This lemon crumble cake is gentle in flavor and pairs wonderfully with a hot cup of coffee or tea when you just need to wake up a little bit. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: SAVING ROOM FOR DESSERT

12. Berry French Toast Kabobs

French toast is super scrumptious and can often take a long time to make. Similarly to eggs benedict, it’s difficult to make a whole batch at the same time while keeping it hot.

These kabobs make it easy for you to make all the french toast at the same time and then slide them on kabob sticks with some berries and maple syrup. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: VALERIE’S KITCHEN

13. Fluffy Quinoa Pancakes

If you buy the typical pancake mix from your local wholesale store, you may be getting a great deal financially so you can feed a whole crowd.

Unfortunately, those mixes seriously lack any nutritional value and often leave you in a carb coma instead of energized for the day. Instead, make these incredible quinoa pancakes that are packed with protein and fiber. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: FEASTING ON FRUIT

14. Maple Scones

Mmmm, maple scones are to die for and are amazing to serve alongside some eggs, bacon, and coffee. What makes them so special is that frosting!

The simple, sweet taste of maple syrup will take you back to your childhood when you smothered your pancakes in that delightful syrup. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: BAKING MISCHIEF

15. Ham Cheese and Spinach Puffs

Are you looking for an easy way to serve up brunch without causing a huge mess in the kitchen? These ham, cheese, and spinach puffs are your answer.

Stuff your pastries high with all these crave-able ingredients and watch your friends and family devour thir brunch extremely quickly. It’s super flavorful and won’t cause a big mess after! PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: EATWELL 101

Lindsay Duncan

Lindsay loves cooking fun and creative meals for friends and family. At home, you can find her trying out a new recipe found on Pinterest while trying to balance her husband's sweet tooth with her healthy eating habits. If she's not in the kitchen, you'll find Lindsay photographing people she loves and going out with friends to try the newest restaurant in her small town.

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