Are you looking for delicious little treats to make for your family and friends this Easter? If so, you’ve come to the right place! When it comes to Easter desserts, the options are endless. One of the most popular (and well-received) dessert each year, however, is cupcakes! There are so many great ideas to choose from when baking a batch of Easter cupcakes. From cute bunny cupcakes to butterflies and bees, we have 12 great ideas to transform boring cupcakes into festive Easter treats this year.

Here are 12 cute Easter cupcake ideas:

1. Licorice Easter Basket Cupcakes

Make any cupcake into a fun Easter-themed snack by adding shaves of green coconut, a few jelly beans and a licorice handle. These adorable little cupcakes will put a smile on your kids’ faces this year.


2. Snowball Bunny Cupcake

If you like snowballs (coconut-covered marshmallow treats) you’re going to love these! You simply make a regular vanilla cupcake with vanilla icing and add a snowball treat to the top. Then add a few more pieces to complete the bunny and you’re done! What a cool cupcake idea!


3. Birds Nest Easter Cupcakes

These intricately designed cupcakes are perfect for your Easter dessert table or an office potluck party. The best part of all? They’re way easier to make than they look. Everyone will think you spent hours baking when, in reality, you were resting on the couch!


4. Easter Chick Cupcakes

Tinted coconut, gumdrops and miniature candy-coated chocolate baking bits combine to form one of the cutest Easter cupcake recipes ever. They’re so easy to make – and incredibly delicious! It’s no wonder these cupcakes have received so much love on Pinterest!


5. Mini Egg Cupcakes

Using Mini Cadbury Eggs to create festive Easter cupcakes has become a huge trend over the past year. There are so many ways to use these cute little chocolate treats  – and this adorable cupcake recipe is at the top of our list.


6. Little Lamb Cupcakes

These cute decorated lamb cupcakes are perfect for your spring tray dessert. They’re so unique and interesting (the mini marshmallows give the lambs their wool coating) that we can almost guarantee none of your guests will have seen them before!


7. Flower Cupcakes

If you’re looking to impress a group of people this Easter season, we encourage you to bring these beautiful flower cupcakes to your next gathering. They look a little tricky to make but they’re relatively easy and totally worth it.


8. Bumble Bee Cupcakes

If you’re a little intimidated by some of the intricate Easter cupcake designs, we encourage you to try this one instead. These festive cupcakes are made exactly like regular cupcakes except they have a cute plastic bumble bee cupcake topper placed on the top. It’s an easy way to transform your cupcakes without requiring any additional baking skills. Click on the image to see where you can buy the cupcake toppers online.


9. Butterfly Cupcakes

These are probably the most beautifully designed Easter cupcakes we’ve come across online. You need to have advanced baking skills to design the chocolate/candy butterflies but if you’re good at it, these are definitely worth a shot.


10. Candy Butterfly Cupcakes

If you like the idea of butterfly cupcakes but find the previous ones too intimidating, these might be more suitable for you. Jellied fruit slices are perfect little butterfly wings for these kid-friendly treats. Add a candy worm for the middle and you have an incredibly easy and surprisingly festive dessert for your kids this Easter season.


11. Chocolate Bunny Cupcakes

Lindt chocolate bunnies are a perfect way to create a festive treat without needing to change up the classic cupcake recipe. Basically, you just make regular chocolate cupcakes, topped with vanilla icing and toss a Lindt bunny on top. Sounds too easy to be true, right? Well, it’s not.


12. Mini Easter Basket Cupcakes

We already told you about licorice Easter bunny cupcakes you could make this year but these are another basket treat you might want to consider. These mini Easter basket cupcakes are so cute and perfectly portioned for young kids or people looking to control what they eat this time of year. You can decorate them with any number of mini Easter candies – all of which will be delicious and fun.


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