When we released our 10 Cute Easter Cupcake Ideas for Kids we received such an overwhelmingly positive response that we’ve decided to write a follow-up article with 7 more amazing Easter cupcake ideas for the holiday season.

These seasonal cupcakes are not only cute and fun but they’re also incredibly easy to make. Unlike some of the more sophisticated recipes, the ideas below require you to know how to make regular cupcakes – and that’s about it.

So without further adieu, here are the next 7 Easter Cupcake Ideas for Kids:

1. Birds Nest Easter Cupcakes


2. Easter Basket Cupcakes


3. Spring Flower Cupcakes for Easter


4. Baby Bird Cupcakes for Easter


5. Chirpy Chicks Cupcakes


6. Ladybug Cupcakes for Easter


7. Carrot Cupcakes for Easter


Angela Nightingale

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Easter is just around the bend and we’re continuing our countdown to Easter with 15 cute Easter cupcake ideas for kids.
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