Planning to cook an Easter breakfast (or brunch) feast for your family? Preparing a meal for such a large group can be difficult but we’re here to make it easy and effortless. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and Easter is no exception. What you choose to make for your friends and family on Easter morning will set the tone for their entire day. The key to a successful breakfast/brunch with so many people is variety. Not everyone likes bacon eggs just like not everyone loves pancakes or muffins. Presenting a variety of food options will ensure there’s something everyone will love.

So, without further adieu, here are our top recipes for Easter breakfast/brunch. Consider making one (or several) of these dishes on Easter morning this year:

1. Monkey Bread Muffins

Monkey bread is a staple in many homes during the Easter holidays. These muffins have all the same flavors as traditional monkey bread, but they’re much more accessible since they’re baked in muffin cups. They’re also made from scratch, rather than from refrigerated biscuit dough as many monkey breads are. They’re spicy and sweet, and perfect with a cup of coffee.

2. Annabelle’s Breakfast Casserole

This is the perfect Easter breakfast/brunch idea, especially for large groups. This casserole looks a lot more difficult to prepare than it is. It’s easy and time efficient (not to mention delicious) which has made it a favorite in our family for many years.

3. Hot Cross Buns

Like monkey bread, hot cross buns are a staple in many households during the Easter holidays. This is a recipe for soft, moist and deliciously spiced hot cross buns. These will be a great addition to any Easter breakfast.

4. Ham and Swiss Quiche

This is another great recipe for those of you planning to feed a big family this Easter morning. You can make so many variations of quiche but you can’t go wrong with ham and Swiss. Throw in any other additions that you would like, change up the cheese, or leave it the way it is. No matter what, your guests will thank you.

5. Apple Ring Pancakes

Pancakes are a great choice for Easter breakfast because they’re so versatile and everyone loves them. This particular recipe is made with the healthy goodness of apples. If you want to make them even healthier, use whole wheat flour. Delicious!

6. Ham, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Cups

These cute and delicious breakfast cups will be a huge hit for Easter breakfast this year. They bake in a muffin tin, and they’re ready in minutes. You can customize them to use whatever deli meat and cheese you like. make a few varieties and serve them up to your guests. They will love them!

7. French Toast

French toast is a simple yet delicious breakfast idea for any occasion. It’s easy to whip this up for large groups of people and it’s cost-effective and tasty. You can serve it with fresh fruit, maple syrup or vanilla sugar.

8. Lemon Yogurt Sugar Mini Muffins

With their tangy flavor, moist texture, and crackly sugar coating, these muffins are perfect for a quick breakfast, a fun after-school snack, or an Easter brunch with family.

9. Puff Pastry Waffles with Fruit Jam

Warm pastry, with warm fruit jam and some icing powder on top is just divine. It melts in your mouth. Your guests will love this unique and delicious breakfast item. The best part? They take less than a half an hour to prepare and cook!

10. Sunday Morning Poppyseed Pancakes

Transform classic pancakes into mouth-watering delights with this recipe. Lemon and poppy seeds combine to make a fresh and zesty flavor that your family and friends will fall in love with. They’re the perfect way to kick off Easter morning!

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