It can be relatively easy to find dinners and meal prep lunches to go along with a healthy lifestyle you’re working for. Breakfast however, can leave so many of us puzzled. What should you eat? What will keep you full, energized, and actually boost your metabolism for the day? Getting the day started off on the right foot will help you keep on track for the rest of your awake hours and busy schedule. Making the right choice, with options that are known to give you that boost you need, and fuel your body to take on the tasks ahead can make all the difference. Need a place to start? Here’s a week’s worth of metabolism boosting breakfast ideas that can keep you going and going (not saying you’ll be the Energizer Bunny but you sure can give it a go!).

1. Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

This breakfast is a true triple threat. With blueberries that are rich in antioxidants, as well as dark chocolate, and quinoa which is loaded with B vitamins making it a metabolism boosting grain. Using the quinoa as your base, you can load it up with as many beneficial toppings as you’d like! Chia seeds, bananas, and berries – all amazing options. You can have this fit your dietary needs as well, by using dairy free options for milk, like coconut or almond milk.

2. Coconut Matcha Latte

For many, the battle isn’t so much in the food you eat, but what your morning hot bevvie is! Swapping out your regular coffee for a latte made with matcha (green tea) powder which is high is antioxidants and metabolism boosters, and then the addition of super-food coconut oil, you’ll be getting exactly the kick-in-the-butt your morning needs!

3. Healthy Egg Muffin Cups

Eating a high-protein diet is known to have metabolism boosting qualities, since they are so rich in protein. This is great news for the breakfast classic bacon ‘n egger type breakfast lovers! Now, in order to keep the breakfast also calorie friendly by not consuming all your intake goals in one meal, these little loaded egg muffins are the perfect grab-and-go breakfast. With ingredients like spinach, known for it’s iron that supports metabolism it’s sure to make your breakfast the right fuel you need. Best part is you can make a whole batch to have ready in the fridge for extra breakfasts!

4. Overnight Oats

Whole grains are complex carbohydrates and while many diets say “no carbs!” for many, you are choosing to enjoy the right carbs, like whole grain oats which makes your body work harder to break those carbs down, increasing your metabolism along the way! Making overnight oats that taste like dessert? Oh heck, yes!

5. Sweet Potato Hashbrowns

Bet you didn’t expect hashbrowns to be on the menu this week! Well, thankfully with the benefit of carotenoids found in sweet potatoes, along with their antioxidants and that vitamin B, you’ll be able to indulge in this naughty (but actually nice) indulgence.

6. Breakfast Tostatos

On a corn tortilla, these egg whites are mixed with a bit of tumeric, lending some yellow color to the eggs, along with the benefits of the spice which helps metabolize fats. Adding a avocado on top, rich in good fats, you’ll be left feeling full and energized. Besides, it’s basically a breakfast tacos, and tacos…are always a good idea.

7. Metabolism Boosting Blueberry Smoothie

We know those blueberries are the antioxidant our bodies need. A morning smoothie is an easy way to get out the door, and quick. There’s also some spinach hidden in this recipe, known for it’s positive metabolic impact. Hey, take what you can get! Load up that blender, and get going.


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