Planning a last-minute throw-together for a St. Patrick’s themed day tomorrow? Don’t worry, Forkly has exactly what you need to pull it off – 5 great treats for kids that are both easy-to-make and will take less than 5 minutes (preparation time) to whip up. There are a few key things to remember when planning snacks for kids (as most you probably already know). The main thing is balance. Sure, you want your kids to eat healthy but every now and then (especially on special occasions like St. Patrick’s Day) it’s okay to throw in a sugar-filled treat. Another thing to remember is to keep it fun: your kids will keep these memories with them forever and pass along your festive spirits to their children one day as well. The Forkly St. Patrick’s Day Countdown continues with these 5 Easy St. Patrick’s Day Recipes for Kids:

1. St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Hat Cookie

Make a batch of easy-to-make cookies (you can add green food coloring to the dough, if you want). Once the cookies are baked, put a round dot of black icing in the middle. Spread the icing around, but keep it thick enough that it will hold the gold chocolate coin to the cookie. On top of the gold coin, place another dab of black icing and place a green mini peanut butter cup (found in any supermarket around St. Patrick’s Day) on it. There you have it, the coolest St. Patrick’s snack recipe I’ve seen this year.


2. St. Patrick’s Day Snack Platter

This is incredibly easy to make once you’ve purchased the platter. You can find these at any dollar store or craft store around St. Patrick’s Day. Once you have the platter, fill it with any green snacks you like. From Smarties and M&Ms to cucumbers and broccoli, there’s no shortage of both fun and healthy treats to choose from.


3. Chocolate Covered Strawberries with Green Icing

Chocolate covered strawberries have always been a huge hit with kids. Make them the same way you would make traditional chocolate dipped delights but season them with green garnishing like green icing or green sprinkles.


4. Irish Style Dirt Cake

This interesting and unique St. Patrick’s Day snack recipe will definitely be a hit with your children. Skip the Bailey’s in the pudding if you’re serving this to your children – but maybe add a little to your own afterwards.


5. Rainbow Pot of Gold Fruit Platter

Put this out at the beginning of the day and let your kids snack on healthy fruits all day long. They’ll love the idea and they’ll enjoy making their way to the pot of gold. If you’re feeling really fun, swap out the bananas for gold chocolate coins and tell your kids they can have one chocolate coin for every layer of the rainbow they eat.




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