Making St. Patrick’s Day fun for kids is a high priority for many parents. You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate this fun holiday that teaches children about the Irish culture. From green snacks to leprechaun lunches, there’s no shortage of great ways to make this holiday fun for your kids.

This year, consider making one (or all) of these fun Irish inspired St. Patrick’s Day food ideas for kids!

1. Pistachio and White Chocolate Pudding Cookies

The favorite color for St. Patty’s Day is obviously green, but you don’t always need artificial food coloring to make your dessert green.

Make these pistachio and white chocolate pudding cookies that are green from pistachios to celebrate this Irish day. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: MOM ON TIMEOUT

2. Irish Soda Bread

It may not be green but it is definitely from the homeland! Irish soda bread is a staple in so many Irish households, that it would be crazy not to make it for St. Patrick’s Day.

Serve this with some Irish stew, tea or soup and you have yourself a meal that not only fills your stomach but your Irish soul as well. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: WHAT THE FORK FOOD BLOG

3. Brownie Mint Trifle

When you just can’t pick what dessert you want, trifle is always a good idea! It incorporates a variety of sweets into one simple serving that doesn’t take long to make.

Make sure your pudding has that green food coloring to make it extra St. Patrick’s Day themed and add some clover sprinkles for a fun garnish. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: SAVING YOU DINER

4. Mint Oreo Cheesecake

Cheesecake can seem like a daunting dessert to create, especially when you’re short on time. Thankfully, this cheesecake recipe is completely achievable.

Use small mason jars as a measuring cup for the size of each serving and an easy way to serve dessert and have it preportioned ahead of time. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: LOVE CREATE CELEBRATE

5. St. Patrick’s Day Popcorn

If you’re in a serious rush to get out the door to a family St. Patrick’s Day party, make this fantastic St. Patty’s Day popcorn mix.

Not only is it deliciously sweet and salty, but it also is one of the easiest ways to make a snack that clearly celebrates St. Patrick’s Day. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: TWO SISTERS CRAFTING

6. Green Velvet Cupcakes

Why does red velvet always get all the attention when it comes to cake flavors? How about green velvet? Well, green velvet isn’t really a thing yet, but it can be!

St. Patrick’s Day calls for everything green and that means that red velvet cupcakes have no place here! Use some green food coloring and toppings to create these gourmet snacks. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: LOVE FROM THE OVEN

7. Thin Mint Poke Cake

If you haven’t made a poke cake before, you had better click on the recipe and get baking! Who doesn’t want some extra icing in the actual cake, instead of just on top?

The mint flavor is perfectly suited for St Patrick’s Day with it’s light green color topped with more green chocolate treats! PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: SIX SISTER STUFF

8. St. Patrick’s Day Parfait

Similar to a trifle, this parfait is yet another twist on a dessert that doesn’t take too long to throw together…and the messier it is, the more delicious it tastes!

Add your favorite chocolate bar pieces into the mix or add some delicious, ripe fruit to top it all off. Strawberries taste divine! PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: SINCERELY JEAN

9. Matcha White Hot Chocolate

March is one of those months that can either be extremely warm and springy, or it can continue to be very chilly and covered in snow.

If you’re experiencing a cold March, make this matcha white hot chocolate drink for friends and family on St. Patrick’s Day. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: WHAT SHE ATE

10. Green Monster Bread

While it’s fun to cheat a little with your little ones on St. Patrick’s Day and have a treat, it doesn’t always have to be bad for your body!

Make this green monster bread that will help provide your child with some dark greens and protein for their St. Patty’s Day celebrations. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: THE FIRST YEAR BLOG

11. Lime Sherbet Floats

Skip the drive-thru and go home to make some fantastic lime sherbet floats that seem to scream “St. Patrick’s Day”! They’re bright green and totally March 17th ready.

Remember to use some fun straws that match your theme, and serve in simple mason jars for a pretty presentation. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: HOME COOKING MEMORIES

12. Green Goddess Mac & Cheese

We all love mac and cheese, but we know that kids have a special place in their hearts for this cheesy delicious meal.

For St. Patrick’s Day, make this mac and cheese that will not only get your child protein from the cheese but antioxidants from the greens! PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: SIMPLY RECIPES

13. Zucchini Noodles in Mint Pea Sauce

If you’re wanting some creative ways to feed your kiddies their greens without having to call anything a “salad” per se, this pasta is a wonderful way to do this.

What child does not enjoy pasta? Make these zoodles and call it St. Patrick’s Day themed pasta! Add the pea sauce and your kids will definitely be asking for seconds. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: GROWING UP HERBAL

14. Broccoli, Cheddar Ranch Tots

Tater tots are a fun snack any time of the day, and with the help of nutritious veggies, you can make your tots St. Patrick’s Day themed.

Broccoli is conveniently packed with tons of nutritional benefits while also being green, just like St. Paddy’s day! Serve these up with ketchup or a homemade sauce and your kids will love them! PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: BETSY LIFE

15. Dairy Free Mint Ice Cream

Green ice cream is usually achievable with the Mint Chocolate flavor, but when you or your children are dairy-free, it can be difficult to find an alternative.

If you’re having an St. Patrick’s Day at home, why not try making some homemade dairy-free ice cream that is the perfect shade of St. Patrick’s Day green? PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: PALEO GLUTEN FREE EATS

16. Go Green Smoothie

While green shakes are all the rage for St. Patrick’s Day, they often include a lot of artificial flavors, color, and so much sugar.

Feed your little ones some delicious smoothies that are packed with all the natural green you can hope for. Instead of getting a sugar rush, you kiddies will be getting lasting, healthy energy. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: CHEF DE HOME

17. Irish Soda Bread Muffins with Cheddar and Jalapenos

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on the go? Make these Irish Soda Bread muffins for an easy snack when you’re driving to your next destination with the family.

The best part is, the jalapenos add the perfect splash of festive green for St. Patrick’s Day! PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: FLAVOR MOSAIC

18. Sweet Spinach Muffins

If your little ones are not big fans of spice, make these sweet spinach muffins instead! They are clearly the right color for St. Patty’s Day!

These muffins are also beneficial because they are packed with spinach that will provide your kids with iron and antioxidants. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: SUPER HEALTHY KIDS

19. Healthy Shamrock Shake

The infamous shamrock shake is not known for its healthy ingredients! Don’t give in to your kids’ fast food cravings, instead, drive home and make a healthier version of the St. Patrick’s Day favorite.

The most incredible part about this is that it actually looks like it’s not good for you, thus making it more crave-able. Your kids will be completely fooled. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: JOY FOOD SUNSHINE

20. St. Patrick’s Day Mini Ombre Cakes

Baking a cake is always the easy part, especially when you use a mix. But if you want to cut the cake, well, that’s a whole different story!

Instead, make mini cakes that each of your St. Patrick’s Day guests can enjoy and use three different shades of green to match your theme. Delicious and easy! PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: HELLO LITTLE HOME

21. Irish Nachos

Kids will never say no to nachos, but it’s not the healthiest snack to have on a regular basis. So how do we combat this when our kids beg for nachos?

We make Irish Nachos! Instead of using corn tortilla chips, make your nachos out of potatoes and fresh foods to top it all off! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE CANDID APPETITE

22.  Irish Skewers

Irish skewers are a fantastic snack for kids when you’re on the run. If they aren’t a fan of Brussel sprouts, these pickled sprouts are packed with more flavor, thus making them possibly a new favorite snack!

If your little ones are really hating the whole sprout idea, replace it with a cherry tomato for added nutrients and color. PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: HEARTBEET KITCHEN

23. Irish Charcuterie Board

When your Littles are hungry, there’s no stopping them from getting aggressively hangry until you present them with a delicious snack.

When you’re in a hurry, lay out a charcuterie board for your kiddos to munch on while they play and imagine! PHOTOS AND RECIPE BY: RELUCTANT ENTERTAINER

24. Irish Mashed Potatoes

Are you wanting an easy dish to serve alongside your St. Patrick’s Day supper? Irish Mashed Potatoes simply could not be easier!

Packed with traditional Irish flavor, these potatoes are best enjoyed with freshly chopped scallion (or as many of us call it Green Onion). PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FOOD N FOCUS

25. Irish Brown Bread

The Irish love their dense bread, which makes it an excellent food to make for your kids at the beginning of the week of St. Patrick’s Day.

You can enjoy this as toast for breakfast with some clotted cream and jam, or you can make sandwiches for your kiddies’ lunches. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: A COMMUNAL TABLE

26. Welsh Cake

Pancakes are a tried a true breakfast to please little people all around the world. That’s why Welsh cakes are sure to be a hit when you serve them for breakfast on St. Patrick’s day.

If you want to get a little festive, you can add green food coloring to make them the perfect shade of leprechaun green. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: WOMAN SCRIBBLER

27. Corned Beef Pinwheels

Are you heading out on a road trip for spring break around the time of St. Patrick’s day? These easy pinwheels will give your kids an opportunity to have a St. Patrick’s Day party on their tastebuds!

Instead of using green food coloring here, try using avocado if you are serving them fresh! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: MCCORMICK

28. Irish Soda Bread Muffins with Cheddar and Jalapeno

Soda bread is a well-loved traditional Irish bread that is often served as a loaf. We all know that when you have kids around, it can be difficult to prepare a snack ahead of time.

Instead of having to cut a slice of bread every time your little one gets hungry, this soda bread is in muffin form, making it easy to wrap up and hit the road! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FLAVOR MOSAIC

29. Irish Sausage Rolls

Are your family members big hot dog fans? If they are, then this is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day alternative that is a slightly more gourmet and definitely more flavorful.

The best part about this recipe is that you can spend quality time together making these rolls as a family.  Quality food and quality time! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: KITCHEN DREAMING

30. Corned Beef Leprechaun Cheese Ball

If you’re looking for a way to make your adorable little one smile, then this is the recipe to do just that. This hilarious cheeseball will crack your kids up while fill their tummies!

Serve with some pita bread, a cheese knife and some multigrain crackers for a dressed up St. Patty’s Day snack. PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: HANDMADE IN THE HEARTLAND

31. Irish Flag Kabobs

If your little ones want a simple but festive snack, get them to help you make these absolutely delicious snack kabobs that represent the Irish flag.

If you aren’t a fan of meat, you can always swap out the turkey for mozzarella cheese or a slice of baguette! PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: FORKLY

Lindsay Duncan

Lindsay loves cooking fun and creative meals for friends and family. At home, you can find her trying out a new recipe found on Pinterest while trying to balance her husband's sweet tooth with her healthy eating habits. If she's not in the kitchen, you'll find Lindsay photographing people she loves and going out with friends to try the newest restaurant in her small town.

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