It’s just over a week until St. Patrick’s Day and I’m sure you’re all starting to plan your grocery list for what you’ll need for next week’s festivities.

The most important part of the celebration is the drinks and we have 12 great green cocktails that will help you enjoy the day in high style.
From sophisticated green cocktails to traditional green beer, there’s no shortage of great drink recipes to choose from. Check out the options below and let us know what concoction you plan to celebrate with this year.


1. Apple Martini

2. Green Champagne

3. Green Beer

4. Margarita Jello Shooters

5. Lime Margarita

6. Irish Coffee

7. Bushmills Irish Buck

8. Green Flash Cocktail

9. Mojito

10. Kiwi Martini

11. Melon Bomb Shooter

12. Green Daiquiri Punch

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