The Whole30 Diet has been raved about for a several years now, beginning in 2009 and creating a large bandwagon following. That following happened for good reason – this diet/detox gives results. Whole30 is based on whole foods. It eliminates many major regular diet players like sugar, alcohol, legumes, soy and dairy. In return, the diet claims to create a “reset” on your body and it’s sluggish, pain-filled ways, giving you a renewed sense of energy, and some likely body changes as well. So the rewards are great, and who doesn’t need a little body reset every once in a while? We can all use that detox from indulgences like sugary sweets and grain-ridden carbs. Plus, 30 days doesn’t sound so bad. However, once you get into the 30 days, in order to stay on track – you need good meals to keep you there. Recipes that will keep you LOVING your 30 days, and not just surviving them. These recipes prove to keep you happy and healthy, all month long.

1. Crispy One-Pan Bacon Wrapped Chicken

One-pan dinners are always a good idea. Just as less dishes, is always a good idea. I mean, you’re already not eating sugar and grains, so screw dishes. Plus, bacon. No dishes, bacon, diet friendly. Need I say more?

2. Cauliflower Fried Rice

Grating cauliflower creates a rice like size and texture that holds up in a fried “rice” recipe that is 100% Whole30 friendly (can’t eat those grains, yo!). Give this one a go when you’re craving those old take-out foods.


3. Turkey Meatballs

Grain-free and Whole30 compliant, these will be amazing just on their own, or served up on my personal favorite – spaghetti squash! Such a good filling meal that’s completely comfort food, you know, if you need the comfort with the lack of pasta in your life right now.

4. Sloppy Joe Bowls

Sloppy Joes are just plain fun. Plus, if you’re cooking for others who maybe aren’t on the Whole30 diet with you, it’s great to have one base meal made that they can enjoy on buns, while you enjoy in a potato bowl! Everybody wins!

5. Whole30 Shepherd’s Pie

This skillet shepherd’s pie is exactly what your diet needs in these 30 days of “reset”. See, it’s not so bad! Some small swaps to make it work in the plan, and you won’t even notice the differences!

6. Chicken Chili

This recipe makes some smart swaps (like the addition of unsweetened applesauce) to make it Whole30 compliant, and delicious! This meal will keep you full and satisfied.

7. Double Berry Coconut Ice Cream

I bet you were wondering “okay but what about dessert?”, so don’t worry, I got you. Those sugar cravings are one son-of-a-b, and it’s going to be quite the learning curve to get around not having it in your diet. Nature’s candy will save you!

8. Curry Chicken One Pot Meal

Oh, how I love curry. It’s just such an incredible burst of flavor and aroma that will keep you oh-so-satisfied. So satisfied, you’ll forget you’re even on any sort of “diet” (or detox/reset, whatever you want to call it). While this recipe is shown served on rice (gasp! that’s not Whole30 allowed!) like we learned above, just serve with cauliflower rice or have it on it’s own! Winner winner, chicken curry dinner.

9. “Lazy” Apple Pie

These cored and nearly hollowed apples make a crust-less dessert that mimics the taste of a classic apple pie, without all the additional things that make it on the “no-no” list of a Whole30 diet.

10. Southwestern Breakfast Bowl

You can call this “breakfast” all you want, but this could be enjoyed for any meal of the day. I mean, just look at it. That’s dang delicious. Put this in the file of “foods to make you forget you’re even detoxing or dieting at all” (ok that’s a long file title, but you get the point).

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