When I came across the Mediterranean diet it was completely new. I quickly learned, though, that it’s quite a simple concept. This particular diet puts a large emphasis on eating primarily plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and whole grains. It also replaces butter with a healthy fat alternative such as olive oil. Instead of salt, you’ll use herbs and spices to enhance the flavor of your food. Further, the diet recommends limited consumption of red meats. This means you should only indulge in red meat a few times a month. In contrast, fish, seafood, poultry and dairy should be enjoyed a couple times per week. There is a lot of emphases on physical activity as well as encouraging meals to be enjoyed with friends and family. Water should be your drink of choice and red wine can be enjoyed in moderation. All in all, the Mediterranean diet puts a lot of attention on consuming healthy wholesome foods and maintaining a physically active lifestyle while drastically limiting processed foods and drinks.

The Mediterranean diet shouldn’t be thought of as a quick fix, a cleanse or a fad diet but more of a healthy way of living. This diet is based on traditional foods that people would eat in the 1960s in countries such as Italy and Greece. According to researchers, the people who followed this diet were extremely healthy and had a much lower risk of many lifestyle diseases in comparison to Americans. Some of these health benefits could include weight loss, reduced risk of depression, better control of sugar levels and a reduced risk of heart disease. Today, we’re digging deep to help you stay on track with your snacking. When a vigorous craving or strike of hunger arises, that is when we are at our weakest. We tend to cave and let hunger take over. In an attempt to help keep you on track we have found some great snack options that will help keep you in line with the Mediterranean diet.

1. Nuts

Nuts are considered a great source of unsaturated fat. They can boost your heart health and can be considered an excellent snack choice while following the Mediterranean diet.

It’s important to note the Mediterranean diet doesn’t discourage fat but instead, merely encourages the healthy types of fat and this is primarily why nuts would make a great snacking choice. If you feel the urge to snack try having a handful of unsalted nuts of your choice such as almonds, walnuts or cashews.

2. 15 Minute Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

There’s something that makes a healthy bowl full of vibrant colors so satisfying. This chickpea salad is filling and thriving with desirable flavors.

In this salad, you will find chickpeas, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and olives. The fresh ingredients will then be tossed in a tangy lemon dressing with fresh herbs and feta. It only takes 15 minutes to throw together and stores well in the fridge for easy and accessible snacking.

http://dishingouthealth.com/15-minute-mediterranean-chickpea-salad/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: DISHING OUT HEALTH

3. Apple Slices With Almond Butter

We’ve already discovered that nuts are a healthy snack choice while following the Mediterranean diet so there is no question that a nut butter would make a great snack option too. For a quick and easy snack, you could enjoy fresh apple slices with almond butter.

You’ll be getting a healthy serving of fruit paired with a generous spread of healthy fats provided by the nut butter. Better yet, it can help quench a sweet tooth craving while satisfying you until your next meal.

4. Chili Lime Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas are awesome because they can transform into a delicious hummus, can make a great addition to many salads but they can also be enjoyed on their own. If you enjoy snacking on almonds or any other types of nuts, odds are you’d enjoy snacking on a roasted legume such as chickpeas too.

These roasted chickpeas are savory with a hint of spicy. If you prefer your chickpeas extra crunchy it is recommended to take the skins off, this could also result in a quicker roasting time too!

https://noshingwiththenolands.com/chili-lime-roasted-chickpeas/?utm_content=buffer9ecf3&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: NOSHING WITH THE NOLANDS

5. Plain Greek Yogurt And Fresh Berries

Greek yogurt is considered a wholesome food because it’s an excellent source of calcium, potassium, zinc, B vitamins and contains probiotic cultures. Pair a nutrient-rich food like plain Greek yogurt with fresh berries for a wholesome snack.

The great thing about this snack option is it doesn’t require any cooking or preparing. Simply thrown a couple spoonfuls of Greek yogurt in a bowl, top it off with a handful of fresh berries and you’ll have a delicious snack ready in no time.

6. Lemon Herb Mediterranean Pasta Salad

It’s too often that when the snack cravings hit we want something filling and carb-loaded and that is why so many of us crave potato chips. To encourage healthy choices, you could try making this delicious lemon herb pasta salad.

The pasta will fulfil your carb craving, just make sure to choose a whole grain pasta instead of a refined or enriched variety. Pair that with fresh veggies and a homemade lemon herb dressing for an amazing snack. You could make this salad and enjoy or all week or share your snack with some friends and family.

https://cafedelites.com/lemon-herb-mediterranean-pasta-salad/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: CAFE DELITES

7. A piece of fruit

Fresh fruit is always an easy snacking option. The list of fruits available to us is long which means there’s a variety of fruit for everyone!

If you have a sweet tooth craving don’t give in! Leave the refined sugar snacks on the grocery shelf and pick up a fresh piece of fruit instead, your body will surely thank you.

8. Hummus

Hummus is one of my most favorite snacks. It’s a versatile dip that you can add to sandwiches, burgers or even salads. You can buy hummus at the store but this recipe proves how easy it is to make at home too.

Hummus is a great snack option while following the Mediterranian diet. Enjoy it with a side of pita bread or with a plate of fresh vegetables such as carrots, radish and cucumber.

https://www.jessicagavin.com/how-to-make-hummus/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: JESSICA GAVIN

9. Mediterranean Hummus Stuffed Peppers

Whether you gave the homemade hummus recipe a try or opted for the store-bought variety you have to try these hummus stuffed peppers. They’re so easy to make and require next to no time.

This snack is created by halving baby bell peppers and filling with a scoop of hummus of your choice. Garnish the stuffed peppers with pitted and chopped olives and a sprinkle of feta cheese and parsley. You can enjoy this snack on your own or bring it to a party so you don’t derail your healthy eating habits.

http://beautifuleatsandthings.com/2018/06/08/mediterranean-hummus-stuffed-peppers/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: BEAUTIFUL EATS AND THINGS

10. Mini Greek Pita Pizzas

Following the hummus trend, you could even try making these mini Greek pita pizzas. This is a snack you know the whole family will enjoy and you can even encourage them to participate in the fun preparation.

These pizzas start with whole wheat min pitas. They’re then topped off with a scoop of hummus, homemade or store-bought it is your choice. Then top them off with your favorite healthy and fresh toppings such as olives, cucumber, red onion, chopped tomato and feta cheese.

https://www.hauteandhealthyliving.com/recipes-that-will-rock-your-world/mini-greek-pita-pizzas/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: HAUTE AND HEALTHY LIVING

11. Healthy Avocado Cilantro White Bean Dip

Hummus is a delicious dip but to add variety to your snacking habits you’ll want to add this dip recipe to your list of healthy snacks to try. It’s creamy, flavorful and definitely healthy.

Healthy fats are provided by avocados while white beans provide a moderate dose of protein. Then, add in olive oil, jalapenos, fresh spinach, cilantro and lime juice for a flavor like no other. Your food processor will help break down and blend the ingredients together to create an unforgettable creamy dip. Enjoy with pita chips or your favorite side of veggies.

https://peasandcrayons.com/2014/06/healthy-white-bean-dip-with-avocado-and-cilantro.html PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: PEAS AND CRAYONS

12. Mediterranean Salsa

If you didn’t love the avocado and white bean dip then you’re bound to love this Mediterranean salsa. This salsa is fresh and exploding with flavor.

Red wine vinegar, fresh oregano, pepper and freshly squeezed lemon juice are just a few of the flavors you can expect out of this salsa. Combine those flavors with freshly chopped ingredients such as grape tomatoes, cucumber, olives, red onion and feta cheese. This salsa recipe is so easy that you’ll want to make it time and time again.

https://www.lemontreedwelling.com/mediterranean-salsa/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: LEMON TREE DWELLING

13. Homemade Granola Bars

While trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to always have easily accessible healthy snacks on hand. These homemade granola bars are not just healthy but they’re easy to make too.

They’re thriving with wholesome ingredients such as chia seeds, ground flaxseed, raw cashews, dried strawberries and mulberries. Hemp protein powder provides the bars with protein but will also help make these granola bars a perfect filling snack. They’re gluten-free and dairy-free and a great grab and go snack option.

https://blog.nuts.com/homemade-granola-bars-recipe-gluten-free/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: THE NUTTY SCOOP

14. Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse

This recipe is the perfect snack for when you have a serious sweet tooth craving. This Greek yogurt chocolate mousse is chocolatey, creamy and irresistible!

Ditch the sugary prepackaged mousse packets from the store because this homemade version is just as tasty but a lot healthier. It’s made from Greek yogurt, milk and dark chocolate. Add a dash of maple syrup and vanilla for an additional sweet and delicious flavor.

https://www.myfussyeater.com/healthy-greek-yogurt-chocolate-mousse/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: MY FUSSY EATER

15. Mediterranean Inspired Brownies

Following the sweet tooth cravings, another great snack option would be these Mediterranean inspired brownies. They’re just like your favorite ooey-gooey brownie but a little bit healthier.

A few ingredients such as Greek yogurt and olive oil help to give a traditional brownie recipe a healthy makeover. They do, however, still contain sugar so you might not want to indulge in this snack every day. However, we are human and a delicious indulgence is good in moderation.

https://www.olivetomato.com/mediterranean-inspired-brownies-made-with-greek-yogurt-and-olive-oil/ PHOTOS AND RECIPE HERE: OLIVE TOMATO

Clarissa Vanner

Clarissa loves experimenting with food of all cultures to make unique healthy dishes. When she’s not browsing Pinterest for new recipe inspiration she likes to pick up a DIY project and use her creative hands to make art or crafts. In her down time you can find her watching the latest documentaries on Netflix or going for nature walks.

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