I always love cleaning hacks, not because I’m lazy of course, but because I have better things to do with my time (and I’m sure you do too) If you use your spice grinder (aka coffee grinder) a lot, you may start to notice that it becomes overrun with bits of leftover spices and aromas from all the fragrant things you’ve been buzzing up in there. In order to keep your spices from cross-contaminating as much as possible, you want to keep your little grinder as clean as possible, but this isn’t such an easy task, that is until now… One of the best ways to clean your spice grinder easily and quickly, is to throw in a handful of uncooked white rice and pulse it a few times to blitz it up. The rice will trap bits of spices and leftover aromas so once you empty it and give it a quick wipe, it will be ready to go for the next time you need to give some spices a good grind.

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