If you’re an avid salad eater, this scenario has probably happened to you: you take a big bite of your delicious freshly prepared salad and you bit into a big ol’ cherry tomato which shoots its seeds and juices in one of three places: all over your desk, on yourself or worst of all, all over someone else. How embarrassing. This kind of salad shame can be avoided but it means taking the time to cut each little tomato in half.

You’re time is more valuable than that, I get it. That’s why I’m sharing this tomato hack for all you herbivores and veg heads out there. Here’s how to cut a bunch of cherry tomatoes in half in seconds: wash and dry your little red gems, then place them all together on a cutting board, not piled up but all together in a cluster. Take a round flat lid from a salad or sandwich container and hold it over top of all the tomatoes. Press down enough to hold the little guys in place but not so hard that you squash them. Take a serrated knife and cut through the center of the tomatoes with one big sawing motion. Lift the lid and voila! Perfectly halved in seconds. Your clothes and the people around you will thank you.
For the parents out there, this method can also be used to cut grapes in half to prevent your little humans from a potential choking hazard.

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