This might show my true food geek colors but there have actually been times in my life where I was left wishing I had some whipped cream, but lacked the necessary tools to make it (because who doesn’t wish for whipped cream while camping right?) Unfortunately I didn’t know about this crafty food hack at those times, but I’m sharing it with you today so you won’t have to be sad and cream-less like I was.

You can make perfect, delicious whipped cream with nothing more than 35% cream and a glass mason jar with a lid. All you have to do is fill the jar about half full of cream (add a sweetener like sugar or maple syrup if you like) screw the lid on tightly and shake, shake, shake! When I tried this it took about three minutes of shaking for a reasonably whipped consistency. Your arms will get a pretty good workout (I never said it would be easier than beaters, nothing is easier than those things) but just consider this your cardio and arm workout for the day.

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