If you’re on a diet, Halloween is a scary holiday. Not only is it jam packed with sugary treats all day today, many of those fatty sweets will be sticking around the house to tempt us for weeks to come.

However, a happy Halloween for the health-conscious is possible—as long as you steer clear from these cleverly dangerous candies in your trick-or-treat bag…

1. Reese’s Pieces

Not only are these bite-sized candies little bits of fatty peanut butter encased in chocolate encased in candy coating; it’s easy to eat a lot without noticing. Plus, these sinfully sweet chocolate-peanut butter sweets are jam packed with hydrogenated vegetable oil (or trans fats) and loads of sugar.

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2. Candy Corn

It might be named after a vegetable, but there is nothing nutritious about candy corn. To give you a scary perspective on the situation, 22 pieces of this sweet stuff packs 140 calories and 28 grams of sugar that will have you reaching for way more than one handful.

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3. Whoppers

Sure these malted milk balls melt so sweetly in your mouth, but they’re not even real chocolate. Not to let the cat out of the Halloween treat bag, but these candies are a synthetic blend of crappy ingredients like corn syrup, malted milk, and barley for a “whopper” of a bad snack decision.

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4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Again, I love the combination of peanut butter and milk chocolate better than anyone. However, I know that the peanut butter used in these sweet treats is not the natural, healthy fat variety I use on my morning bagel. No, this peanut butter is high in fat (2 grams per cup), calories (88 calories each), and sugar (8 grams per cup).

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5. Smarties

As it turns out, there is not a smart thing about these mini boxed treats. One of those measly little boxes racks up a scary 37 grams of refined sugar, which isn’t doing your teeth nor your waistline any favors.

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6. Toffee

I dunno, some folks really love the waxy, chewy, gob-stopping goodness of toffees like Tootsie Rolls. However, what they might not know is that just one chew packs almost 155 calories, and it’s all from sugar. Oooo scary huh?

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7. Milk Duds

The thing about Milk Duds is that there is no milk, which, well, kind of makes them a dud in my books. Milk is a costly ingredient so to save on manufacturing costs; these bite-sized chocolate covered caramels are made with corn syrup, sugar, vegetable oil and milk chocolate coating.

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8. Skittles

These fruit-flavored treats might not seem like much in the way of calories, but they pack a frightful amount of sugar (47 grams). So in reality, you’re not “tasting the rainbow of fruit flavor”, but slowly giving yourself a cavity.

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9. Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream

This popular white chocolate sprinkled with dark chocolate crunchy cookie pieces is unique. However, don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s made with anything other than oil substitutes and sugar. It contains no actual white chocolate—just a whole lot of fat.

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10. Twix

These chocolate and caramel coated wafers make this mini candy bar an extremely bite-sized treat. But you can find a worthy chew that doesn’t pack almost 27 grams of sugar! That’s enough to make any ghoul on a diet scream in terror.

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