No more pencils, no more books…because school is officially almost out for summer. And that means tassels will fly and outdoor parties will be thrown to honor the special graduate(s) in your family.

Celebrate success and show school pride with these eight recipes for your special scholar…

1. Vermont Burgers

Barbecue cookouts are ideal for a backyard celebration. Put on your smarty pants and grill up two varieties of burgers for your hungry guests. The first burger option is traditional grass-fed beef topped with classic garnishes—like mustard, pickles, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion. While the second burger selection is a blend of herbed white and dark meat turkey infused with creamy ricotta cheese, and fresh parsley, sage, and garlic.

vermont burgers

Source: Martha Stewart


2. Graduation Caps

Complete with cute yellow tassels and perfect for celebrating a graduation, these graduation treats really “cap” off the party essentials. You’ll get an A++ for this winning combination of sweetness—mini peanut butter cups, After Eight thin mints, chocolate M&M’s (choose your school colors), and colored frosting for the grad cap tassels.

grad caps

Source: Taste of Home

3. Chai Iced Tea

Treat your diploma-worthy guests to individualized servings of spicy, chilled chai tea. Sipping on a tea blend of infused with exotic ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, black peppercorns, and fennel is not just tasty, but jam-packed with brain-boosting antioxidants, according to the Indiana University School of Medicine. Add a slash of milk, vanilla, and cinnamon sticks to desired taste.

chai iced teas

Source: Betty Crocker

4. Mini Macaroni Pies

After 3 or 4-years away at university, chances are your son or daughter never wants to see a box of mac and cheese again for a long, long time! Good thing mom’s there to make things better with a home-cooked batch of macaroni and cheese mini pies. These creamy treats are made with comforting ingredients like milk, real cheddar cheese, butter, whole eggs, sour cream, and breadcrumbs (or crackers).


Source: Food Network

5. Cooler Corn-On-the-Cob

Even your neighborhood food nerds will be impressed by this genius method for cooking corn on the cob perfectly for a crowd-sized party. Simply shuck couple dozen ears of in-season corn on the cob and place in a clean, empty cooler. Pour 2 kettles-full of boiling water over the corn and close the cooler lid. In a mere 30-minutes your corn will be perfectly cooked!


Source: Bon Appetit


6. Barbecue Pulled Chicken Sliders

Almost as good as the sliders served at the campus pub—just kidding, they’re so much better—these easy, breezy barbecue pulled chicken sliders are a GPA-topping mix of shredded rotisserie chicken slathered in smoky homemade barbecue sauce. You’ll get extra credit for serving these on rustic, crusty buns, served with a pickle spear and a side of slaw.



7. Diploma Rolls

Big and little graduates will be honored to have these distinguished (and downright delicious) Rhodes Diploma Sandwich Rolls at their grad party. Celebrate by topping cold puff pastry rolls with deli turkey or ham slices and sliced cheddar cheese. Bake for 30-minutes until they reach a genius shade of golden brown.


Source: Rhodes Bread

8. Graduation Hat Cake

Hats certainly go off to you when you prepare this moist and velvety vanilla cake with scrumptious butter cream icing. Plus, the butter cream roses and fondant lettering can be made to match any school or college colors. Cap your winning cake off with an edible graduation cap (marshmallow) and a diploma (rice crispy treat).

grad hat cake



Anna adores cooking, drinking wine, and listening to records, but she does a lot of yoga to balance things out ;) This explains the black bean brownie disaster of 2007 (don't bring that up). She's noshed in countries like Greece, Turkey, France, Ireland, Costa Rica, and numerous other weird, yummy places that will get her waxing all poetic about her favorite recipes.

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