I have a secret to confess—I’m Canadian! And what kind of red and white, maple-leaf-sporting Canuck would I be without a full on salute to our classic dish: poutine (pronounced poo-teen)?

Traditional Canadian poutine depends upon a few simple ingredients—full fat white cheddar cheese curds that melt just to the point of perfection, crispy thick-cut French fries, and French-Canadian inspired gravy that’s 2/3 beef stock and 1/3 chicken stock, for lighter beef flavor because, after all, French-Canadians do know poutine best!

Without further adieu; oh Canada, let’s stand on guard to thee with these eight patriotic poutine-inspired recipes…


1. Breakfast Poutine

Let’s be perfectly honest here—this is far from Mom’s approved list of nutritional breakfasts. No, after eating this mouth-watering combination of crispy fries, white cheddar cheese curds gravy, quail eggs, and bacon, you’ll likely want to go directly back to dreamland. Just be sure to savor this on a weekend…oh, and be sure to have an extra cup of coffee so you don’t go into total food coma.


Source: IAmAFoodBlog.com

2. Curried Lentil Poutine

You wouldn’t necessarily think that red lentils, French fries, white cheddar, and gravy would go together—before you dug into this Canadian recipe with a hint of the exotic and healthy. It turns out that sautéed onions and garlic, curry paste, lentils, coconut milk, baby spinach, and sweet potato fries with shredded white cheddar on top is pure magic.

curried lentil

Source: MoreThanJustWaffles.com

3. Kimchi Poutine

Fresh from the hungry streets of Montreal, Quebec in Canada, this take on the traditional French fries, slightly melty cheese curds, and a chicken and heavy cream gravy gets the international treatment when kimchi is added. Kimchi is a spicy and sour mix of traditional Korean fermented vegetables (i.e., napa cabbage and daikon radish).

kimchi poutine

Source: HonestCooking.com

4. Mexican Poutine

This spicy riff on a Canadian classic will make you scream “ole” when you sample this Mexican poutine made with spicy, homemade chorizo. Brown your sausage until crisp than bake up a pan of frozen sweet potato fries. Cover in shredded queso blanco, your preferred range of salsa, sprinkle with chopped cilantro, and add a final dollop of sour cream.

mexican poutine

Source: FoodieWithFamily.com

5. Guinness and Corned Beef Poutine

Enjoy a taste of St Patrick’s Day all year long when juicy corned beef meets gravy infused with the popular Irish stout. You’ll consider yourself the luckiest leprechaun in the land when you’re presented with a hot plate of fries covered in cheese curds, savory corned beef, and hearty stout gravy made with caramelized onions, grainy mustard, and a splash of Worcestershire sauce.

Guinness and Corned Beef Poutine

Source: ClosetCooking.com

6. Pulled Pork Poutine

Ideal for a summer cookout, this pulled pork poutine combines two barbecue favorites—grilled potato wedges and pulled pork. Of course, you’ll keep the skin on your taders intact for added flavor. Plus the skins really soak up the olive oil, coarse salt, and pepper, and give your dish that golden, crispy texture. Simply use the pork pan drippings and some flour for your simple gravy. Layer roasted potato wedges, pulled pork, cheese curds and try to resist the urge to dig in before the cheese melts…I dare you!

pulled pork

Source: GatheringAroundTheGrillBlogspot.ca

7. Poutine for Dessert

Now you can enjoy one of the aforementioned savory poutines for dinner, and then cap off your meal with this apple-cinnamon poutine for dessert. Your fork will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth when you stab a sticky combination of crispy apple-cinnamon-vanilla-and-powdered sugar coated “fries”, sweet caramel gravy, and sinful no-bake cheesecake bites!

dessert poutine

Source: AKitchenHoor.com

8. Lobster Poutine

And now for a poutine that will knock the socks right off your classiest guests—lobster poutine is a stunning mess of tot crispy fries, tangy cheese curds, hearty gravy, and lobster claws. You can opt for frozen lobster (although fresh is always best) or use shrimp. The “gravy” is more of a sea-inspired cheese sauce—a combination of Gruyere and fontina cheeses with a dash of Old Bay seasoning.

lobster poutine

Source: ABeautifulBite.com



Anna adores cooking, drinking wine, and listening to records, but she does a lot of yoga to balance things out ;) This explains the black bean brownie disaster of 2007 (don't bring that up). She's noshed in countries like Greece, Turkey, France, Ireland, Costa Rica, and numerous other weird, yummy places that will get her waxing all poetic about her favorite recipes.

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