For many, this Labor Day (or Labour Day, for my Canadians) long weekend marks the final weekend of summer. As our focus moves to back to work or back to school, you likely want to end this fair season with a summer cookout or potluck of epic proportions.

Cheers to summer 2015 with these tasty and seasonal classics…


1. Old-Fashioned Macaroni Salad

What’s a summer potluck or barbecue without a classic macaroni salad? I always look forward to this savory and filling side dish. Pair it with a skewer of grilled meat and you’ve got a complete, and easy meal. This recipe harkens to grandma’s salad days—with elbow macaroni, jarred pimientos, pickle relish, chopped celery, carrot, onion, diced ham sour, plus, spinach and edamame beans. Toss your potluck favorite with a tangy sour cream dressing.

macaroni salad

Source: Eating Well


2. Corn on the Cob with Lemon-Pepper Butter Recipe

The scent of roasting corn over a barbecue—or even better, an open fire—is an end of summer tradition for my family. Grill corn right in the husks makes for the juiciest kernel munching around. Serve the roasted ears with a salt, pepper, and butter mixture.


Source: Taste of Home

3. Green Chile Summer Burger

Craft a better burger—using juicy ground chuck and seasoned to summer grilling perfection with salt, pepper, and a bit of crumbled Queso Fresco. Grill slowly over the orange glow of bright orange charcoal. Top with summer fresh favorites like creamy avocado, pickled red onions, homemade dill pickle spears, romaine, and a piquant green chile salsa.


4. Tomato-Beet Salad

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I just can’t seem to get enough summer beets! And this end of season salad is filled with the sweet, earthy flavor of my favorite crimson root veggie. Plus a colorful array of yellow and orange heirloom tomatoes, red cherry tomatoes, and fresh green cilantro sets the perfect potluck spectacle. The taste is even better with a sparkle of tangy feta and a light olive oil dressing.


Source: Martha Stewart

5. Grilled Baby Back Spare Ribs

The final long weekend of the summer calls for serious chillin’ and grillin’ and nothing quite captures the slow-sizzle of vacation like barbecuing some ribs! Rub your ribs with a Tex-Mex spice blend and the grill as you baste the brown sugar, garlic, and chile and sauce right into the meat.


Source: Foodie Crush


6. Grilled Peaches with Greek Yogurt and Hazelnut Praline

Late August into early September is always bursting with the sweet, juicy flavor of summer peaches. Look for a late-ripening peach (or freestone variety) for slow grilling. Brush with a mixture of fresh lemon, vanilla, olive oil, honey, kosher salt and ground pepper, and fresh thyme. Present your perfect peaches upon a pillow of creamy Greek yogurt and sprinkle with crunchy hazelnut praline.






Anna adores cooking, drinking wine, and listening to records, but she does a lot of yoga to balance things out ;) This explains the black bean brownie disaster of 2007 (don't bring that up). She's noshed in countries like Greece, Turkey, France, Ireland, Costa Rica, and numerous other weird, yummy places that will get her waxing all poetic about her favorite recipes.

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