We’re facing another polar vortex in certain portions of North America, which means it will be tough business rising and shining to a cold morning—without much needed help!

However, the following eight toe- to nose-warming oatmeal breakfasts will offer the comfort of a big, warm hug to start each blistery winter day…

1. Cranberry-Maple Oatmeal with Pears

Talk about a sweet start to your day! This deliciously hearty cranberry-maple oatmeal infuses the natural sweetness from dried berries, real maple syrup, and fresh pears encased in hearty and delicious hot and fluffy steel-cut oats.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens


2. Oatmeal Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Sometimes you crave oatmeal and hotcakes simultaneously. What are you to do? I have an idea—try these oatmeal infused pancakes mixed with creamy cottage cheese. They’ll fuel you up with a healthy does of complex carbs, fiber, and essential protein for an energetic day.

Source: AmbitiousKitchen.com

3. Oatmeal With Fried Egg and Avocado

I know, the decision between hot cereal and eggs in the morning can be a difficult one. Luckily, this oatmeal with fried egg and avocado lets you have it all—a nutritiously balanced breakfast of complex carbohydrates (oats), protein (egg), and healthy fats (avocado).

Source: Real Simple Food

4. Steel-Cut Oats in a Jar

It’s tough not to grab a donut and coffee on the way to work if you have little time in the mornings. However, these make-ahead steel-cut oats in a jar will give your mornings the boost they need. On Sunday, just assemble 5 Mason jars and add steel-cut oats, water, and if you like frozen fruit to sit overnight. All you need to do from Monday to Friday is microwave them at the office!

Source: TheKitchn.com

5. Baked Oats with Blueberries and Ginger

On cold Sunday mornings, all I want for breakfast is oatmeal. And this healthy version of comforting oatmeal provides a wholesome, nutritious alternative to pancakes or muffins. The only sugar it contains is from fruit—such as with bananas and berries—for a sweet yet satisfying kick-start to the day.

Source: Babble.com


6. Oatmeal Crème Brûlée

Sure, you can have dessert for breakfast, especially when it’s as healthy as this oatmeal crème brûlée recipe. Just combine old-fashioned oats, Splenda, skim milk, egg, vanilla, cinnamon, and brown sugar for a deliciously sinful breakfast that you can eat any time of the week—completely guilt-free!

Source: Spark People

7. Overnight Oatmeal

Early mornings are always the worst—particularly when you have to rise before the sun to a chilly house. One recipe that will get you out of bed in a jiff is a hearty bowl of oats that’s already hot and waiting for you.  Thankfully, this slow cooker oatmeal is pre-assembled so it cooks up overnight!

Source: Eating Well

8. Baked Banana Raisin Oatmeal Squares

This baked banana raisin oatmeal isn’t confined to a bowl—no it’s cut into squares! Filled with the love of mashed bananas, quick oats, milk, honey, raisins, cinnamon, and vanilla, these dessert bars are easy to make, cut into squares, and store individually. You can pull them out of the fridge as needed, heat them and drizzle with a bit of honey or maple syrup.

Source: MrBreakfast.com






Anna adores cooking, drinking wine, and listening to records, but she does a lot of yoga to balance things out ;) This explains the black bean brownie disaster of 2007 (don't bring that up). She's noshed in countries like Greece, Turkey, France, Ireland, Costa Rica, and numerous other weird, yummy places that will get her waxing all poetic about her favorite recipes.

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