With the Golden Globes leaving us utterly star-struck this past Sunday (January 11, 2015), film buffs are starry eyed for the upcoming Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) Awards on Sunday, January 25, and the 87th Academy Awards (Oscars) on Sunday, February 2015. Who can really blame us for demanding an A-list cast of appetizers for the party of the year?

So without further adieu, can I have the envelope, please…

1. Crab Salad Canapes

You’ll want to wear a wrist of sparkling jewels when you pop one of these creamy, crab-topped appetizers into your perfectly rouged pout. But once you do, it won’t matter if it smears your lipstick.

You’ll still be gasping “Ooo la, la” when you sample the combination of creamy lump crab meat salad matched with the veggie crunch of shredded celery and carrot, and the perfect tang of Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, olive oil, and spices atop a very thin-style French baguette (called ficelle, which translates to “string”).

crab salad canapes

Source: Martha Stewart


2. Bacon-Wrapped Apricots With Sage

To truly celebrate the understated charm of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s starring role in The Honorable Woman and Kevin Spacey’s audacious resolve in House of Cards you must serve an appetizer that’s simple yet bold.

These bacon-wrapped apricots call for a short list of ingredients—large dried apricots, sage leaves, bacon, and maple syrup. However, baked until golden crisp and mounted on dainty toothpicks they will score a standing ovation from your taste buds.


Source: Real Simple

3. Parmesan Tuiles with Heirloom Tomato Salad

For a tray of hors d’oeuvres that is big on show as well as taste—these vibrant parmesan tuiles are dressed to divine proportions.

Easy on the eyes is the colorful tomato salad topper—made with chopped red, orange, and green tomatoes tossed with fresh herbs and a delicate olive oil dressing. But like the designer shoes, the Parmesan tuile base ensures enviable designer support.

parmesaan tuiles

Source: Food and Wine

4. Sea-Salted Fudge

Lush and creamy and topped with an oh-so-delicate sprinkle of spice…just like Golden Globe Best Actress recipient Amy Adams (for Big Eyes)—these itty-biddy squares of decadent chocolate fudge are perfect for popping between gasping, “Oh, look at her dress!”

This fudge recipe is effortlessly put together—with a can of evaporated milk, vanilla, sugar, mini-marshmallows, toasted walnuts, bittersweet chocolate, and coarse sea salt.


Source: Pop Sugar

5. Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

Admit it; you’re quick to shun the devilled egg at parties for its lack of sex appeal? However, like Benedict Cumberbatch, once you sample the creamy deliciousness of a deviled egg, you’re hooked and you’ll bloody well pay special notice when a tray makes rounds at a party in the future.

After all, it’s all in how you dress the deviled egg up. Sure, when you slap on some run-of-the-mill mayo and paprika spice the deviled egg could be mistaken for any other, no-talent schlub. However, decked out in dapper smoked salmon, capers, and red onion garnish you’ll be swept off your feet.

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs (2)

Source: Arctic Garden Studio


6. Movie Montage Molasses Lime Meatballs

You’ll want front row access to these star-studded, slow-cooked meatballs. Sure, you’ll be able to get a whiff of these beauties from the far end of the red carpet, but you’ll demand a close-up!

Up close and personal these mini-meaty bites are even better—crafted from homemade ground turkey, the goodness of oats, and an unstoppable lime soy, and molasses sauce.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

7. Brie Cherry Pastry Cups

A snack that doubles as party appetizer and dessert is as versatile as Golden Globes Best Actress nominee, Julianne Moore (in Still Alice). These flaky puff pastry cups are equal parts savory (thanks to the tangy brie cheese) and sweet (a role stolen by warm cherry filling).

To make these effortless yet simple pastry cups, use frozen puff pastry and canned cherry preserves. Trust me, your guests will be swept away by the view of melted brie and skillfully minced chives


 Source: Taste of Home

8. Champagne and Strawberries Rimmed in Gold

A truly worthy awards show signature cocktail should be rimmed in gold! Luck be your lady (or gentleman, if it’s an Oscar party) tonight with these stunning champagne flutes, prepared with your choice of sparkling (champagne or Prosecco).

Each guest will be accompanied by their own version of dashing (no offence, Chris Evans) when you dress the rims of your Champagne flutes in gilded sugar and fill with bubbly and a teaspoon of strawberry puree!


Source: Sugar and Charm


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