During the winter holidays, kitchens come alive with the sounds and smells of delicious baking.  Baking holiday treats is a great way for families to spend quality time together, but the baking doesn’t have to stop at the merry cakes and cookies.

No, you can make edible holiday ornaments a new Christmas tradition by adding cheerful bites to your Christmas tree, your front door, and even to give as gifts.

Celebrate the season with these eight delectably festive Christmas decorations…

1. Gingerbread House

Gingerbread houses are always a huge hit among the little elves in our home. My little ones look forward to using their imaginations to incorporate new gingerbread designs, colorful candies and icing sugar to make doors, windows, paths, and even gingerbread family pets in the front garden. Just please give your gingerbread house at least 2 days for the icing to dry and set before displaying.

Source: BBC Good Food


2. Sugar Cookie Cutouts

These pretty little mittens sure are sweet—as sugar cookies that is! A traditional favorite on our holiday tree, these colorful cut out mittens go right from cookie sheet to the craft table, where we tie each pair with a festive color to string up on the tree.

Source: Betty Crocker

3. Gumdrop Christmas Garland

Not only are these gummie garlands a fun way to entertain kids, the stringing takes concentration so it will keep them occupied and quiet so mom can have a little time to catch up on other holiday chores. Simply provide an array of colorful, piercible candy, string, and needles to create sweet, gumdrop garlands for your festive tree and fireplace mantle.

Source: Martha Stewart

4. Candy Cane Tree Cones

Nothing is better than an edible cone brimming with sweet treats and chocolate awaiting you on Christmas morning. We create these fabric cones lined with parchment paper, and fill them to the top with nuts, chocolates, and mints. Hang them from the Christmas tree for each eager family member.

Source: HGTV.com

5. Chewy Penguins

These dapper, gumdrop penguins will enchant the winter pants off of your guests. Arrange them waddling across your holiday mantle for a funny, festive scene. They assemble easily using white gumdrops, jellybeans, icing, cookie wafers, halved, M&M’s, and toothpicks to hold everything together. Make a pair, like these, or create an entire penguin family.

Source: Spoonful.com


6. String of Christmas Pearls

Why not give a treat to the beauty of nature this holiday by decorating an “edible” Christmas tree for your neighborhood songbirds and squirrels. Show your children a wonders nature display by selecting a tree outside that’s situated within viewing of a window inside your home. Now you can enjoy your morning coffee and watch as your backyard comes alive with nature picking at these festive string of pearl (cranberry, raisin, and grape) garlands.

Source: MetroParent.com

7. Marzipan Cupcake Ornaments

Glitter, food coloring, marzipan—oh my! That’s what the little tots will be saying when they feast their eyes on these delightful holiday cake ornaments nestled under the Christmas tree.  Be creative and decorate each cake using fancy cutout and embossing tool patterns to represent the gift recipient.

Source: Channel4.com

8. Popcorn Door Wreath

There’s no better way to entice some little helpers than with popcorn. Simply cut out a cardboard circle and cut a hole in the middle. Use hot glue gun to arrange air popped or microwave popcorn onto the wreath. I like to add a big red ribbon along with some dried berries and acorns to add some bright color to my front door décor.

Source: Multiply Delicious


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