Halloween is ripe for tricking. But let’s face it, what everyone really looks forward too are the treats.

These following ten might look frightfully delicious, but these Halloween nibbles are as sweet as can be…with just a little sprinkle of spooky—boo!

1. Spider web Florentines

Florentine cookies are usually celebrated for their delicate, intricate lace appearance. However, they lend the perfect spun spider web backdrop for Halloween.  In fact, these sweet, nutty cookies drizzled with just the right amount of chocolate are so simple to prepare; even your little witches and warlocks can brew up a batch in the kitchen.

Source: Martha Stewart


2. Hootin’ Halloween Fudge

Your yummy mummies will love this delicious, lip-smacking mixture of autumn flavors and colors! Made with a backdrop of white Baker’s chocolate base, this fudge is a magic potion of red, orange, and yellow Halloween sprinkles, plush an array of your favorite crushed mini chocolate bars—including Mr. Big, Wunderbar, Caramilk, Crispy Crunch, and more!

Source: Kraft.com

3. Forked Eyeballs

Donut holes might be scary when it comes to eating them on a daily basis, but once a year for Halloween won’t have you screaming when you step on the scale. The most ingenious aspect of these easy-to-prepare and even easier-to-eat treats is that you use the same (pitch)fork to arrange them, dip them in a coating of sweet white and dark chocolate frosting, and pop them into your mouth!

Source: Spoonful.com

4. Pecan-Caramel Spiders

Your little ghouls and goblins might normally shriek if they caught a spider out of the corner of their eye, but not in this case. These caramel-covered creepy crawlies are comprised of sweet clusters of nuts, chocolate, caramel—complete with long licorice legs.

Source: Food Network

5. Great Pumpkin Cookies

On the hunt for a festive treat that’s fearfully delicious? Well these classic orange pumpkin cookies are festive and fun to make. Using a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter, enlist your brood to help you roll and press out a few dozen sugar cookie and decorate with scary jack-o-lantern faces.

Source: BHG.com


6. Sweet & Scary Popcorn Balls

Sweet—definitely! Scary—not so much! But your trick or treaters will be so distracted by this chewy combination of dried raisins, and dried fruits (i.e., like cherries, dates, and figs), brown sugar and freshly popped corn that they might not even play a trick on you.

Source: CountryLiving.com

7. Slime Bug Cups

As an adult you might see a layer of chocolate biscuit crumbles, gummy worms and snails, and licorice strings all nestled in green jelly. However, your little ones won’t be able to resist a treat that’s spooky spiders, snakes, and worms encompassed in layers of dirt and slime—slurp!

Source: BBC Good Food

8. Creature Monstercakes

Your mini evil geniuses will be electrified by these creature cupcakes featuring the classic monster himself, Frankenstein. But how can you resist ooey-gooey chocolate cupcakes covered in sinful chocolate frosty, spicy Mike & Ike candies, and green marshmallows? Urgh!

Source: iVillage.ca


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