Tummies understandably come home hungry after a day of learning. Fuel and encourage that brainpower with these six after school snacks that will get mom and dad A+ grades in the kitchen.

Your scholarly little students are sure to devour these top grade nibbles…


1. Apple Quesadillas

You’ll get A++ points for this sweet and savory after school snack—which brings the sweetness of apple, the creaminess of grated cheddar, and the saltiness of pan-grilled buttery pita to the after school program. It’s like a healthier grilled cheese, but still as tasty.

apple quesadillas

Source: FoodNetwork.com


2. Chewy Oat Squares

Jam-packed with the nutritious goodness of homemade rolled oats, sesame seeds, and dried fruits, these hearty square snacks are perfect for a quick breakfast, lunchtime treat, or after school nibble. Plus, despite their wholesome ingredients, the kids will love a touch of sweetness in dried dates, dried cherries, and chocolate chips!


Source: CookingLight.com

3. Guacamole Hummus

When you can’t decide between a creamy hummus and velvety guacamole to serve the kids after class is out, this blended dip, guacamole and hummus, wins every time. Give the kids a “eureka” moment by combining chickpeas, avocado, fresh cilantro, chopped garlic, and fresh lemon juice all in one bowl. Serve with toasty pita wedges and tortilla chips.


Source: MarthaStewart.com

4. Kitty Cat Rice Cakes

Extend a day of learning by getting the kids to help make their own after school snack! Not only are these not-so-furry snacks fun to make—they’re even more a-meow-sing to eat! Simply use 2 rice cakes for the cat faces, a smear of smooth peanut butter for fur, thinly sliced carrot triangles for ears, banana rounds for cheeks, coconut strings for whiskers, raisins for noses, and currants for eyes.


Source: KidSpot.com.au

5. Cucumber Boats with Spiced Yogurt

Set sail on an after school snacking adventure of epic proportions! Tap into your child’s imagination while tapping into their taste buds with cucumber boats filled with a lightly spiced yogurt dip. Simply half cucumbers and carve out the seeds. Blend plain yogurt with a pinch of cumin, sugar, and salt and fill into the cucumber berths.


Source: Parenting.com


6. Wise Owl Cracker Snacks

Put the cool back in after school snack time when you ask the question, “Who’s hungry?” These smart little owl snacks are simply whole grain crackers smeared with a bit of cream cheese, mini crackers and raisins for eyes, almond beaks and more almonds for feathery wings.


Source: Parents.com


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