If you’re like me, Halloween is your favorite time of year. From homemade decorations to frightfully delicious candy treats—I go absolutely batty for DIY Halloween themed goodies like these. 

You’ll positively shreik for these six ghoulish and ghostly Halloween treats…


1. Monster Pops

They may be small and skewered, but don’t doubt these monsters’ ability to mash! Scary monsters—like Frankenstein, the Hulk, pumpkins, and black cats—get the edible treatment when gummy candy, black licorice whips, and sprinkles are mounted on lollipop sticks. They’re frightfully delicious!

monster pops

Source: MarthaStewart.com


2. Meringue Ghost Tartlets

Oh I’m sorry, did I scare you with these adorable meringue-topped ghostly tarts? No need to be frightened. In fact, the flavors of sinful chocolate ganache, sweet white meringue, and delicate graham cracker crust will have you positively screaming for seconds!


Source: CountryLiving.com

3. Halloween Candy Apples

Apples to pumpkins—these caramel-covered goodies get an eerie makeover—dressed up in their Halloween best. Mount juicy gala apples on craft sticks and cover in a caramel apple wrap, melted chocolate, and vanilla bark coating died with a splash of orange food coloring. Roll in chopped peanuts, and black, orange, red, and yellow sprinkles.


Source: SouthernLiving.com

4. Ogre-Eye Cookies

I dare you to scare up a tray of cookies that’s more hideous to see and tasty to gobble up. Make a dozen ogre-eyes by rolling dainty sugar cookies in green sprinkles. Give them the hairy eyeball by melting white chocolate and setting a dark chocolate M&M on top. Use licorice strings to make the eyelashes.


Source: AllYou.com

5. Bat Bites

Don’t fear a bite from these rather goofy looking bats. In fact, it’s the other way around—when you get wind that these Halloween treats are nothing but glazed doughnut holes, with mini marshmallow eyes, slivered almond fangs, and chocolate cookie wings.


Source: CommunityTable.Parade.com


6. Dark Chocolate Graveyard Pots de Crème

If you die for the taste of dark chocolate as black as night—then these Dark Chocolate Graveyard Pots de Crème will make your ghoulish dreams come true. Make with ease using melted semisweet chocolate, eggs, coffee-flavored liqueur, whipped cream, and mounted “tombstone” chocolate wafers.


Source: Sunset.com


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