There’s nothing better than a sweet treat made for mom—especially when it’s made with love from her darling little ones. So this Mother’s Day, surprise mom by baking up a batch of her favorite flavor of cupcake by enlisting the kids to don their aprons to help out in the kitchen.

Here are eleven cupcake recipes that the kids can help you make…

1. Apple Cupcake

They almost look to good to eat, don’t they? The good news is that these delicious marzipan topped apple cupcakes are just as good as they look, spiced lightly with cinnamon and topped with cream-cheese frosting, and of course, marzipan apple leaves.

Source: Martha Stewart


2. Strawberry Cream Cupcakes

When plain old chocolate and vanilla just won’t do the trick, this delightful strawberry cream cupcake will definitely hit the spot. Bite into a sweet and juicy cupcake made with two heaping cups of sliced berries, and capped off with lip-smack-able butter-cream frosting.


3. Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes

With the warmer weather on hand, lemonade stands are popping up all over the neighborhood. So how about taking some of that sweet and tangy lemon-raspberry flavor and baking it up into a batch of cupcakes? With the tart lemon cake and pureed raspberry frosting—it’s like taking a bite out of summer!


4. Coconut Raspberry Cupcakes

Take the sweetness of icing sugar, butter, and raspberry fruit puree, spoon it overtop light and spongy angel food cupcakes, top with a thick butter cream frosting, and sprinkle with coconut—delish!

Source: BBC Good Food

5. Chocolate-Cherry Cupcakes

Kids will love baking these cupcakes, right up to placing a cherry on top of each super-rich chocolate mini cake. The moist chocolate cake mix, blended with sweet cherry flavor, and topped with reduced-fat cream cheese will make this batch taste just like cherry cheesecake—at almost half the calories.

Source: Eating Well


6. Angel Food Cupcakes with Berries

Whip up the most heavenly cupcakes known to mom when you bake her up a batch of pillowy angel food cupcakes. You can even get the kids involved to help you top them with fresh berries and vanilla bean whipped cream… divine!

Source: Betty Crocker

7. Cappuccino Cupcakes

Perfect for your favorite coffee fanatic, these fancy mini cappuccino cupcakes will bring an instant smile to mom’s face—and even give her an excuse to eat a cupcake in the morning. This recipe is easy to make with delicious sweet and savory chocolate covered pretzels as the handles to your edible mugs.

Source: Ladies Home Journal

8. Flutter Delight Cupcakes

These delightful little cupcakes will send mom’s heart a flutter when she lays her eyes on these whimsical, edible creations, made special by her little darlings, and decorated with colorful fruit jellies.


9. Cute Carrot Cupcakes

Not everyone loves carrot cake, but those who do crave the spicy cake mix and sweet cream cheese frosting. So get your little bunnies in the kitchen, hip-pity-hop, to bake up a batch of mom’s favorites!



10. Candy Store Cupcakes

The kids won’t need convincing to take a trip to the candy store to decorate these brightly-colored and striped old-fashioned candy store cupcakes.  You can choose whatever colors suit your Willy Wonka and top each with a few juicy gumdrop caps.

Source: Canadian Living

11. Chocolate Crispy Cakes

These chocolate-crispy cupcakes are not actually cupcakes at all. This is technically a no-bake recipe, using puffed rice cereal, milk chocolate, and assorted candy. They’re obviously a hit with big and little kids alike!

Source: Baking Mad


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