Chocolate is often associated with weight gain and gorging on special occasions. However, dark chocolate does have many health benefits due to the fact that it’s high in several vitamins and minerals. The darker the chocolate the better, but remember that it’s also still high in fat so it’s best consumed in moderation.

Here are ten sinful yet healthy benefits of dark chocolate…

1. Dark Chocolate Prevents Iron Deficiency

I bet you didn’t know that dark chocolate is high in iron? That means it prevents iron deficiency and anemia.

2. Dark Chocolate Prevents Diabetes

A rich source of magnesium, dark chocolate has been linked to lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes.

3. Dark Chocolate Protects your Ticker

While copper and potassium in the dark stuff can lower the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease, studies link a few squares of dark chocolate, a few times per week to reducing blood pressure and the instance of blood clots.

4. Dark Chocolate Boosts Brain Power

If you want to increase blood circulation, eating dark chocolate in moderation may boost cognitive function and memory.

5. Dark Chocolate Improves Mood

Only dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), the chemical your brain excretes when you fall in love, which has a very optimistic effect on your emotions.

6. Dark Chocolate is Energizing

The caffeine in dark chocolate acts as a mild stimulant, giving you a much-needed energy boost.

7. Dark Chocolate Strengthens Teeth

Dark chocolate contains theobromine (or xantheose), an alkaloid derived from the cacao plant. Not only does it strengthen tooth enamel, it prevents cavities!

8. Dark Chocolate Controls Blood Sugar

Dark chocolate can also keep your blood sugar within safe levels thanks to the flavonoids within, which lower insulin resistance and prevent spikes in blood sugar.

9. Dark Chocolate is Rich in Antioxidants

High in antioxidants prowess, dark chocolate aids the body’s elimination of free radicals, which in turn, slow the signs of aging.

10. Dark Chocolate Can Sooth a Cough

The xantheose in dark chocolate in similar to caffeine—it acts as a stimulant that can actually suppress a nasty, nagging cough.


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